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  1. Hello,


    I shoot with a6500 and previously with a6000, both nauticam.


    In my opinion since you have a mirrorless, I'd stay away from wet lenses.


    All the rest you wrote make sense, about macro setup I'd go for a 50mm, the diopter is not really needed. About fisheye/wa, I have a 16mm with fisheye converter and a carl zeiss f4 wa, once again, you're right there is an abyss in price difference and of course the carl zeiss produce sharper images.


    If you want to practice wa shots, which is challenging I would begin with the 16mm with fisheye or wa converter.



  2. Hi everybody,


    I'd like to buy a Nikon D800 setup, if you have full setup or bits of it please get in touch with me.


    You can send pics and get in touch with me at riccifrancesco1989@gmail.com


    The gear must be shipped to Australia.


    PayPal payment.




  3. 4500AUD the whole setup


    Selling sony alpha6000 in Nauticam housing plus 3 lenses (macro, rectilinear, fisheye) and relative ports/domes. Everything in perfect conditions. All the ports and lenses in immaculate conditions.


    List with prices (price brand new in bracket):


    400AUD (650AUD) Sony alpha6000


    1500AUD(2450AUD) Nauticam housing + left & right handles


    400AUD(550AUD) Sony pancake fisheye


    450AUD(650AUD) Nauticam 4.33 acrylic dome port for above lens


    280(330AUD) Sony E 30mm f3.5 macro lens


    550AUD(612AUD) Nauticam 45 macro port with knob for above lens


    800AUD(1000AUD) Sony SEL1018 Wide-angle zoom lens - 10 mm - 18 mm - F/4.0


    480AUD(585AUD) Nauticam 6” Acrylic wide-angle dome port for above lens


    420AUD(517AUD) Nauticam N85 to N120 60mm Port Adaptor 36204


    800AUD(1020AUD) 2x Sea & Sea YS01 Strobe









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