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  1. Ah. I've looked at the Zen ports, and I like the 170mm dome, but I have a question--for the Oly 7-14 2.8, the zen chart says I can use a 170mm dome, but I need the "Nauticam N85 to N120 60mm Port Adaptor"; so, the 170mm dome that is compatible with the 8mm FE is different from the 170mm dome that requires the port adaptor? Or does that just have to do with the size of the 7-14 fitting through the housing? This may be a stupid question...
  2. Thanks for the advice! What kind of housing do you have? Do you know anything about the 140mm nauticam glass dome that fits the 8mm?
  3. I'm having a real doozie of a time trying to decide which wide angle option to go with on an OMD EM1 Mark 2 in a nauticam housing; any and all opinions are most welcome! I have a 60mm macro I'll be using for macro, but I do not own the 8mm or the 7-14 pro yet, so my decision includes topside factors to some degree, although I do own the M. Zuiko 12-100 Pro and it's good for most things. Not sure I like the barrel distortion of the FE, especially above water, but if there was a discernible advantage underwater, I might be swayed (and it's cheaper). I understand I would need to insert the lens through and attach the camera in the housing for the 7-14 2.8, which doesn't really bother me. Which do you think is a better option for over-unders--assuming the 8mm in a glass zen dome (4.33 in I think) and the 7-14 in a 180mm glass nauticam dome? How does the 7-14 perform in the glass 180 dome? I also shoot astrophotography a fair amount, and although I believe both of these lenses are capable in that department, does anyone have any hands on experience, or with defishing the FE? Thanks for any input to any of that disjointed paragraph above! Cheers, Morgan
  4. Hey I'm Morgan Bennett-Smith from Los Angeles, CA. I'm a senior marine science major at Occidental College; I've worked with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for the past two years. I'm interested in coral reef genomics and eDNA, and excited to start ramping up my underwater photography during breaks in the field work!
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