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  1. Hello Wetpix-Members, i wonder if anyone of you could help me. I am based in the North West of England (near Manchester) and have organisied an underwater shoot in my pool with models etc. As i have just bought my new Nikon 5D and an aquatech housing (as i don't use this camera for diving) I completely forgot to think about that my sealife lights won't work on it. Now with the bankholiday coming up I am a bit in a pickle. I need to buy or rent a housing for my SB900 or find someone who could rent me 2 strobes for the aquatech housing with the proper cabelling etc. PLEASE HELP!!! You can see some of my work under www.eroticmeetsart.com - porfolios- underwater thanks in advance, Patricia
  2. Hello, i am also a new member now. Looking forward to tips and tricks. Im based near Manchester UK and looking to do more indoor underwater portraiture. Looking for a place where to rent Aquatech strobes- would be great if you all could brainstorm and let me know. best, patricia
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