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  1. I just got a USVH MiniDV for my sony trv950. Problem is, the person I got it from had lost the manual. I want to read up on it before I screw it up. Anyone have a link or a digital copy they could email me?
  2. This is one of the first videos I ever made. This is the wreck of The Hebe, a Danish Freighter sunk off the coast of South Carolina. It sank after running into the St. Cathan, a British sub-chaser during maneuvers in blackout conditions during WWII. Everyone on the Hebe survived, but all hands on the St. Cathan were lost. It is by far the most powerful wreck dive I've ever done. There is definitely a difference between a wreck and an artificial reef.
  3. I'm mostly concerned with the low light performance. Since they were comparing that to the hc-3, it seems like they knew what they were talking about. I hope I'm wrong, I'd love to be wrong, that way i can go buy the hc-7!
  4. wow, that's dissapointing. guess it'll be at least another year of my ancient cam (and another year to keep saving!).
  5. You might want to check out ikelite. My current housing is three years old and I've had no problems. When I upgrade to the HC-7, I'm pretty sure I'm staying with Ike!
  6. I realize this is only after one test, but which did you like better, these or the Fisheyes?
  7. I post on digitaldiver and on d2d and I get excellent advice there, but I'm always looking to see other video and get advice from as many sources as possible. I'm new to the video thing and have been striving to get my videos as professional looking as possible. In reading the posts here, it seems there are a lot of people who post here that are "in the biz" so to speak. I'll check out the scubaboard thread. Thanks.
  8. I like to look at lots of videos as well as post mine to be critiqued. I've noticed there is a lot of this for the stills, I used search to find if there is one place where people put video links, but I had no luck. Just wondering.
  9. Thanks Scubadru, didn't see that option at the bottom.
  10. By saying "adequate for night" are you saying it's not adequate to bring color back during the day? Also, my current setup does not allow for manual white balance.
  11. At only $189.00 each, they seem like a nice solution. Things I don't know though are if they are bright enough and if the color temperature are correct for video. I usually dive the green waters offshore Jacksonville and the blue water in West Palm, Jupiter. I have an interest is doing much more night diving w/video. http://www.reefphoto.com/index.php?main_pa...products_id=211
  12. I ask because the posts here have been very enjoyable and informative, but there are not very many...only two pages. I guess I'm saying, I want more... I've still got lots to learn but it always seems like the video section of u/w forums are the least populated. Are we just the "elite few"? B) As far as the new Sony HD camera, I was reading the other posts, particularly paying attention to the manual WB discussion and I got interested in the HC-1 vs. HVR-A1 discussion. Can anyone explain the other differences in english? I guess I'm novice enough that I didn't understand the extras the A1 has and why the would be worth $700. Thanks and I look forward to spending time here.
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