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  1. Hi, 1200 usd is for the 2 strobes etc?
  2. Pratice first above water. I test my setup often on the kitchen table.
  3. Welcome to the club Wolfgang I also had a strobe with an exploded flashtube and 1 strobe with exactly the same problems you described. They told me that the strobe was total loss and it was an users fault. There was water inbreak to the magnetic on/off switch compartment,it was not covered under warrenty. I cleaned the switch and it works again! I will never buy a Sea&Sea product again and especially nothing by those idiots that declared the strobe total loss. (Sea&Sea Netherlands and Onderwaterhuis who did a second opinion)
  4. What is the best lens for photographing tresher sharks at Malapascua. (No strobes or lights) I have a Canon 7Dm2
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