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  1. Hi, I wonder do you sell zoom ring for Nikkor 16-35f4? If so, what is the price? I'm located in Croatia. Thank you and kind regards, Marko
  2. I have DS51 and DS 125. But I’m in Europe...
  3. Hi, is it available zoom gear for Nikon Nikkor 14-24 2.8G? (i see you wrote 12-24...) thanks! Regards, marko
  4. Hi Rod, is it for sale WP (Wide port) or Fisheye dome port? I think this one on photo is WP (suitable for rectilinear lens, not fisheye). Did you use it with Nikkor 16-35 VR? I have Nikkor 16-35 lens and I might be interested in 16-35 zoom gear, WP and 30 mm extension ring. Please let me know prices for those items. Thanks! Marko
  5. Hi, where are you located, for eventual shipping...? Thanks!
  6. Hi Rod, 4th photo, is it Wide Port or FP? It looks to me like WP, but just to check. Regards! Marko
  7. Dont know if Seaflash 60d diffuser can fit on 100d strobes?
  8. Hi, Im looking for pair of diffusors for Seacam Seaflash 100D strobes. Please send me PM. Thanks and kind regards, Marko
  9. Hi, check: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263318410106 I purchase recently one from them, and works fine. Regards, Marko
  10. Feedback on purchase from Brandon Cole: I purchase some Seacam zoom gear, it arrived well packed, like brand new condition, together with beautiful postcard Humpback whale breaching (Brandons photo). Pleasure to do business with Brandon! Regards, Marko
  11. Hi, I have Subal macro port with Focus for sale. Dont have focus ring for lense. It is in used but excelent condition. I bought it year ago but never used it because didnt purchase Subal housing (I decided for Seacam at the end). It is for Nikon 105 mm. I will post pictures on Monday/Tuesday, because Im currently on dive trip. Asking 250 Eur + shipping (preffered within EU) or change for Seacam P90 + PVL30 (combination to support Nikon 105VR). Any combination + additional partial payment (mine or yours) is option. Other items suitable for exchange: - MIP micro port - PVL25 - Seacam viewfinder, - Seacam FP, - Seacam zoomgear for Tokina 10-17 - Focusgear for Nikon Nikkor 105 VR - Pelicase in good condition big enough to accomodate Seacam housing, two strobes, arms and ports. If interested in any, please send me PM. Im locaed in Croatia. Regards, Marko
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