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  1. Anyone have some feedback on how well underwater white balance works with Fuji cameras?
  2. Is it possible for this forum to default to and support the use of https for a secure connection? Right now we login via clear text and a percentage users here do engage in classified transactions which of course is generally still not an insignificant amount of money as well as potentially exposing mailing locations etc.
  3. Meikon stuff sucks and the company will refuse to offer you any support. That was my experience. Don't waste your money, get a Fantasea housing.
  4. I have this lens but use it with a Sony a5100. The issue I run into is that the sensor is totally exposed in the housing and I've had instances where tiny bits of dust inside my housing would get on the sensor.
  5. I'm not using that exact setup but I have the ASPC version of what you're asking about. I use the Sony 16mm f2.8 with Fisheye Converter, which also has a petal hood, in a Nauticam housing and dome that also has a hood. I haven't seen any issues from the hood behind my dome port. My Fisheye converter has pretty poor corners but that has a lot to do with the Sony 16mm lens not being very good. The petal hood doesn't seem to be an issue. I would imagine the 28mm full frame version you're asking about has better image quality than my 16mm. I have seen Brent Durand use the lens setup you're talking about and his photos looks great. You can see some on his instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brentdurand/ Good luck and if you get the setup I'd be curious about how you feel the performance is.
  6. The Olympus TG-4 and TG-5 will allow you to do some nice macro work without diopters. They have a "microsocope" mode which has a minimum focal distance of 10 mm. Here's a link to a review on the TG-4.
  7. I have the sony 16mm f2.8 and fisheye adapter along with the nauticam 4.33" dome. I know it's not a dome you're really considering but I thought I'd chime anyway since that's what I've got. I'd say the lens performance is not really that great at bigger apertures. In my opinion f2.8 is totally useless. f5.6 still has a significant amount of corner distortion. I pretty much have to shoot at f11 to get shots that are alright. I think this is because the 16mm f2.8 lens just isn't that great to begin with and the small 4.33" dome makes it difficult to get sharp corners. I think going with a bigger dome may help but the lens itself isn't up to par with the tokina 10-17. Hopefully some of the more experienced people here chime in, I'm a bit of a noob. I've included some example photos from my Sony a5100 with 16mm F2.8 + Fisheye adatper at f2.8, f5.6, f8 and f11 so you can see the difference. F2.8 -- horrible distortion, pretty much unusable. F5.6 -- still has corner distortion F8 -- Much improved but corners are still not sharp F11 -- I think this is the best that this lens can do in terms of sharpness.
  8. I have a similar issue with my sony a5100 and the 16mm F2.8 + Fisheye adapter. The photos are hardly useable at F2.8. So far I stop down to to F11 to get the best corner sharpness, but even then there's still distortion. I am using a small nauticam 4.33" dome though. Also I'm kinda new to underwater photos, but that's what I've done so far.
  9. I picked up a Sony Sony 16mm F2.8 with VCL-ECF2 Fisheye Converter to go with my a5100. I have seen some sources like Bluewater Photo's articles and videos recommend this setup. However the corners of every photos looks very out of focus for anything below F8. Even at F8 the corner performance is poor. At F11 the corner are better but still not at all sharp. Has anyone else had this experience? Did I get a 16mm lens? I've heard the wide angle converter (VCL-ECU2) performs better than the fisheye but that doesn't seem to be saying much.
  10. I am selling a barely used Ikelite housing for the Canon S95. It is in excellent condition as it has only ever been on 2 dives. On those two dives it was well maintained and looked after. Of the 2 dives, the last dive was in July 2016 and it was fine, did not flood. The O-ring is fine and it comes with the gear ring. The flash diffuser is missing. Camera S95 is not included. I am asking for $80 including shipping to the lower 48 of the United States. Any other location will have shipping costs based on the location. If this is not marked as sold then the item is still available, feel free to PM me.
  11. Definitely planning to do some penetration in wrecks so a big rig is out. Right now I'm considering just using my old s95 in ikelite housing and maybe one video light for inside. I'm also considering the Recsea a6000 housing with the Sony fisheye converter lens because the housing seems to be barely bigger than a point and shoot housing. I don't see a lot of information on the Recsea housing or their port compatibility though.
  12. Regarding the 16mm + Fisheye converter being out of focus on the edges, do you know what aperture you were using? If made the aperture smaller would the edges come into focus at all? I wouldn't have even noticed the edges unless you mentioned it.
  13. Are fisheye lenses recommended for wrecks? If so, how much curvature is there in the water? Also, if not fisheye, then is a wide angle with..... 120 degrees what's recommended? That's a 15mm lens?
  14. simonK, wow, those are very nice! I was surprise when I looked up your camera to see it was a compact with a 1/1.6 sized sensor. I do have a similar compact camera, a canon s95, though the lens on the canon is not as fast as your olympus. Perhaps the old s95 paired with a gopro is enough. thetrickster, I'll have to double check the a6000 WB settings later but I thought to get a proper white balance underwater 55000 K is needed. 9-10k is enough? By 'shade' white balance do you mean setting the temperature manually?
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