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  1. The stuff you want is imaginatively called blue grease, and guess what..it's blue grease. they use it on car engines to stop the metal part seizing and galvanising together. I learnt this after i didn't take my sync cord out for 6 months and went diving every day and then had to buy a new sync cord and port as they were now one. Silicon works but not for long, i am a lazy so and so and only remove my sync every 2-3 months, I guess it's an improvement on 6 months though, good luck try your local garage, they gave me some for free in a film canister, still got it, you hardly use any, good for your handle screws as well, cheers Jez
  2. James, i have been using the kowalski 50W wide beam torch with the 5d mkII for a few weeks now shooting macro video using manual settings but of 1/60 and f11 and an automatic iso that adjusts up or down for the ambient light and i have been getting some great results with my 50mm macro lens. The noise levels on the new 5d are so low even in the 1600 iso range that it is barely noticable and it enables me to shoot video of the subjecrt and then quickly take a few shots of it without readjusting my equipment, works pretty well when i a subject starts doing something unusual and you want photos and video without disturbing your subject anymore than you have already. To be honest the iso rarely dips below the 800 mark on macro so the shots stay very sharp and noise free. I tried using 2 kowalskis but it's too much for both the subject and me. i agree with the strobe quick flash against the long torch beam being less intrusive also and if there was a way to get the shots without light at all i would.
  3. Thanks guys that was exactly the information i was looking for, appreciate it, cheers Jez
  4. my thinking has always been if you can possibly afford it to get the best one when you buy as you may only regret it later (talking from experience), on the other side you could always say you then take longer regretting that large credit card bill that is not dissapearing...hmmm, nice dilemma to have though
  5. has anyone got a release date for south east Asia, yeah a bit random but i work over here/there and i can't seem to find out when it is expected in the shops in Malaysia and singapore, thanks in advance Jez
  6. thats very cool, i agree, apparently the new 5d has the same function and i think i have a candidate for it already, thanks Stephen
  7. i am so jealous, i have a 10d and when the 30D came out i spent ages trying to figure how to get it to work in my old housing, nice when they just fit like that, i guess its the 5d for me, would be nice if the old housing worked with that one also!!
  8. if you could let us know the manufacturer of the housing when you try it, well if it works, i suppose if it doesn't it won't mastter, good luck, Jez
  9. Hi, I hope I haven't excited anyone too much by the title of this post but I don't know anything about the possiblility of a Sea and sea housing for the new Canon 5D mrkII, sorry, I am looking for any information about an upcoming housing for this camera. I currently use sea and sea and really want to buy the new 5D but i'm not sure if sea and sea are making a housing for it, I don't want to blow 2500 Euro on a camera that I can't house without buying an entirely new brand of system. so if if you have any information about sea and seas plans to make a housing for the Canon 5D mk2 please let me know, i am sure i am not the only one waiting to find out, many thanks in advance Jez
  10. Hi, i am in love with my Tokina 10-17mm lens and have been using 3 strobes with it for over a year now and it absolutly fantastic especially for close up wide angle shots, you can use the middle strobe to light, say a frogfish, and the 2 wide ones to light the background to your liking on their long arms where their light doesn't interfere with your main subject, it makes adjusting the light on yor subject more easy than hard, fantastic for anenome fish, scorpionfish or... well you get the idea, have a look at some of my shots i took with it this way at http://www.jeztryner.com/Asian_diver_portfolio.htm plus you don't get that nasty hole i the middle where you light dies off and more power hence some awesome reef shots i hope this helps, Jez
  11. hmm..i disagree, but i have a thing about ikelites, don't like their batteries ,functions and weight. i would stick them on ebay and buy 2xinon z-240's. i just did and i adore them, fast, powerful,light and liable to increase in power as battery power increases, but in the end it's personnal preference and if you have 2 working strobes that you know already..... Jez
  12. Hi Hal, go for the external focus light, i have 2 x z-240 strobes with their own focus lights but never use them as if i point the focus light at the subject it compromises the place i want to aim my strobe to reduce backscatter, cheers Jez
  13. i agree, personally i would go for the inon though, it does pack a punch has a fcus light and does'n't involve messing around with other ttl system attachments as theírs works great. plus when or if you go to tethered ir larger system there no upgrade needed have fun on your trip Jez
  14. i have to admit i had the same issue and was reluctant to use them and have since used them ,not used them and now am using them again. yes you lose power but to be honest for macro the benefits far outweigh the cons. the light is alot more forgiving and softer, can't realy describe how but i think you already know, it's not so harsh and generally you seem to have more usable distance, as in not having to change the strobe settings so much, hence the alot more forgiving part. for wide angle i use them for the wider spread and softer light also, without them you have to be spot on with your exposure. all in all i would say use them, hope this helps Jez
  15. i am using manual but am moving to ttl because i am sick of missing the quick shot (grab shot) because my strobes have the wrong power and the other reason is because it makes stalking an animal easier, if your flash power doesn''t adjust as you stalk something,creep closer, by the time you are at the optimum distance your strobe are wrong and tweaking them will spook the subject. regards Jez basically get ttl, if you don''t like it you swsitch to manual,easy
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