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  1. A few images I shot on a short break at Heron Island Qld Australia It was great to see this anemone all balled up, it was a shame I couldn't hang around for the peak of action when both fish were out but it was a led dive and they left me behind as it was. Canon 5dmkiv with 8-15mm fisheye If I had my time again I would of dropped the power down a touch on the lower strobe. Blacktip reef shark, this was shot from above the water whilst standing on a jetty Canon 5dmkiv with 135mm f2 Green sea turtle from the Heron Bommie, If I had my time again I would of put my strobe in full rabbit ears position to get some flash on the turtle. This was shot freediving so a tad tricky to make too many adjustments Canon 5dmkiv with 8-15mm fisheye
  2. Fair call Massimo, I will give it a test sans TC when I get a chance.
  3. Thanks Chris appreciate your input, Bill appears to have put a considerable effort into matching the dome port lengths. I concur about the 180 degree dome similarity but the unknown would be where the camera is situated in the housing? I presume some are further forward/back depending on manufacturer? I am away from my gear but from memory the port length was quite a bit more than 50mm I am not too concerned about corner sharpness as I only intend to use it for CFWA and would always try and frame most things against a dark or blue BG.
  4. Closest I have found yet is Anthothoe albocincta The critter I found may be a different color morph
  5. Yes I tend to spend more time in the wildlife & people sub forum as they get a bit more traffic than the underwater photography sub forum
  7. Thanks for the feedback, its good to hear the opinions of other members. Check out the images at original size in this DPR thread. I used the port configuration specified at underwater camera stuff who makes the dome but I am no expert by any means. http://uwcamerastuff.com/precision_5_dome.htm I will keep going and see if I can get some decent results.
  8. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4534175#forum-post-64575727
  9. Hi All I hope you are well and getting some diving in! I Had a test out in the pool with the Canon 8-15mm and kenko 1.4 TC on a full frame camera. I was a bit concerned the image quality would be rubbish. For my level of photography the image quality seems ok and I am looking forward to getting it in the ocean. I have some Nudibranch shots in mind at my local site , so hopefully I can bring those ideas to fruition. Finding any info on this exact setup is not easy, if anyone else has some pertinent info to share please do. I hope to update this thread with some shots when the water clarity allows.
  10. Not really, Every additional day I am on-site I get a day in lieu, I will take about 3 months off after this stint. I have the offer to go to Perth when ever I want but have no family there so not overly interested. Some guys have been on-site since March. Yes quite a steam to Scott, I imagine it would be 24 hours at least.
  11. My current location is a bit sad in the diving department Tim's looks a little bit more inviting
  12. I would love to but dive gear and camera are in Qld. Google Scott reef WA. Would love to put a charter together for a trip there.
  13. You are doing better than me mate, I am in the Western Australian desert thousands of kilometers from home. Will hopefully get to go home after Christmas, could be worse though at least I have a job.
  14. Nice work Tim Its good to hear a positive story, diving looks pretty good too
  15. I use the double flip adaptor from onderwaterhuis.NL. I think they have a single for Subal. I mount a subsee +5 and +10 on it. It is 3d printed and solid enough that I have no fear of losing my lenses. I never liked the look of the subsee one but have zero experience with it.
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