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    The underwater world, wildlife photography and mechanical engineering

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    Canon 5dMKii
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    ikelite with Nauticam 45degree viewfinder
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    2 x DS160 with dome diffusers
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    ULCS arms/clamps, vacuum valve, aquatica surveyor,

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  1. Still looking for one of these, if you have one in any condition please let me know thanks
  2. Check out Matty Smith Photo website and there is great video on water droplets in split photography
  3. Chris, I have a non-flooded Ikelite housing for the 5D Mkiii. I am no longer using it. It also has a vacuum port. Let me know if you’d like it and at what price.

    1. Chris Kippax

      Chris Kippax

      Hi Jack

      Is it the 6871.03 model?

    2. Chris Kippax

      Chris Kippax

      Hi Jack

      any update on this?? 

  4. Hi All If anyone has a flooded or damaged 6871.03 Ikelite 5dmkIII Housing that would like to part with please let me know!! Thanks,
  5. Thanks Cfults but my pelican case is over 5kg empty.
  6. Thanks for the reply I will check out the Nauticam offerings
  7. Even scarier than the housing will be the Zen 230 dome. For that I have Tupperware cake container padded with acoustic foam
  8. I wish it was that easy. See below for carry on baggage policy
  9. Going to Fakarava. I have never had an issue in Indonesia either but apparently Air Tahiti are super strict.
  10. Hi All I just want to pick some of your brains on how you travel with your housing. My thoughts for packing it are in a corrugated heavy duty mailer cardboard box that I will line with some foam. This will be inside a samsonite hard case roller bag. What are everyones thoughts on this?
  11. did you ever locate your extension i believe i have a spare

  12. Thanks Brandon please let me know once you are home !
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