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  1. No takers? was it the way I linked the image.?
  2. HI All How would you recommend I improve this image? In camera and in post. I feel it has most of the elements for a good image but lacking something. Strobes were at 10 & 2 around 150mm higher than the handles. Viz was around 10M and water was a touch milky. Processed in LR5. 2 x ikelite ds160's 8" dome https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4421721#forum-post-63045315
  3. Hi Martin What is the housing Part number?
  4. Hi Kokopedal The item title states Nikon D500 and photo 2 shows D500 on the rear plate.
  5. Bad idea IMHO. I would consider pressurising my housing and using soapy water to find a bad o-ring but not routinely for cleaning. I do a bit of pressure testing at work and a couple of PSI would be sufficient (2/3 psi) and too much pressure could damage it catastrophically. The housing is not designed to withstand internal pressure only external. I think if you follow the above tips your housing should enjoy a long trouble free life.
  6. Try the subsee +5 before the +10 or smc. I use both the subsees and the learning curve on the +5 is very minimal compared to the +10. The +5 is very handy and has great image quality
  7. Hover your cursor over a post and the report function is in the top right hand corner of the post
  8. Refer to Scubaboard for a thorough conversation on the above.
  9. Like a relaxing tropical hot tub for your housing
  10. Yep, echoing Tim's comments new format is definitely more 21st century. Easy on the eyes with nice contrast and clean lines.
  11. Warm water around 40/45 degrees celsius is supposed to help breakdown salt as well. How about warm distilled water
  12. The water clarity has been excellent on The Sunshine Coast this past week. I took out the Canon 24MM F1.4 II with the sea & sea internal correction lens for the first time. I found a nice school of rabbit fish and freedived down to get a few shots of them. I am hoping the water stays clear a bit longer so I can get out with a wide angle rig a few more times as the practice is definitely needed . The water is predominately dirty so it is a rare occasion when I reach for the wide gear.
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