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  1. Hi All If anyone has a 5510.24 port they no longer want please let me know as I will buy it. Prompt payment via paypal and postage to Australia at my expense Thanks,
  2. No takers? was it the way I linked the image.?
  3. HI All How would you recommend I improve this image? In camera and in post. I feel it has most of the elements for a good image but lacking something. Strobes were at 10 & 2 around 150mm higher than the handles. Viz was around 10M and water was a touch milky. Processed in LR5. 2 x ikelite ds160's 8" dome https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4421721#forum-post-63045315
  4. Hi Martin What is the housing Part number?
  5. Hi Kokopedal The item title states Nikon D500 and photo 2 shows D500 on the rear plate.
  6. Bad idea IMHO. I would consider pressurising my housing and using soapy water to find a bad o-ring but not routinely for cleaning. I do a bit of pressure testing at work and a couple of PSI would be sufficient (2/3 psi) and too much pressure could damage it catastrophically. The housing is not designed to withstand internal pressure only external. I think if you follow the above tips your housing should enjoy a long trouble free life.
  7. Try the subsee +5 before the +10 or smc. I use both the subsees and the learning curve on the +5 is very minimal compared to the +10. The +5 is very handy and has great image quality
  8. Hover your cursor over a post and the report function is in the top right hand corner of the post
  9. Refer to Scubaboard for a thorough conversation on the above.
  10. Like a relaxing tropical hot tub for your housing
  11. Yep, echoing Tim's comments new format is definitely more 21st century. Easy on the eyes with nice contrast and clean lines.
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