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  1. Don't use electrical tape, it will leave a nasty residue. Use cloth tape or an adhesive residue free tape, it is much better.
  2. With the invention of vacuum systems DIY service has never been easier
  3. If half of it was labour what was the other half? Where any parts other than o-rings replaced? People put crap on Ikleite housing's but at least I can service a housing my self for around $75 AUD
  4. No mate, just a single DS160 at 12 o'clock facing inwards using edge lighting
  5. I used a butter knife on its backside to remove the original Ikelite viewfinder. Be careful it is tight. Don't forget to order the Nauticam adaptor aswell! The other thing I did was replace the original tray with an ULCS tray with quick release handles. That improved the housing ergonomics %100 Happy shooting Unidentia Sp
  6. Well spotted mate The VF fouls if the rotary dials are not all the way in!
  7. Hi Mate I have a different housing, mine is the older style 6871.03 updated to house a Canon 5dmkiv. It is tight but fits and works fine. If Ikelite can confirm your rear door is similar in dimensions to my housing I would say you are good to go.
  8. Do yourself a favour and buy a vacuum valve kit. It will be the best investment you can make
  9. The Nauticam is an excellent design and it would take a phenomenal effort to pull it from the housing. I dive in a river quite often and it is extremely mucky, when removing the viewfinder to check the o-rings they are always spotless. From memory the Ikelite is a Inon. The below from https://www.uwcamerastore.com may suit your needs.
  10. I use a Nauticam 45 on an ikelite housing, cost $500 used and around $100 for the adaptor. Works perfectly
  11. Try 15 more pumps once the light goes blinking green and let us know what happens. My surveyor is a sort of hybrid, I use the surveyor electronics with an ikelite valve & pump. It is somewhat unreliable at around -5 in/hg but much more reliable at -10 in/hg
  12. Hi All Any ideas on this one? Found in Saltwater Mooloolah River QLD Australia 10mm 5.0M Depth 19 degrees C
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