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  1. Not sure if anyone is interested but I just tapped a 3/8 Unf thread in the top of the housing and mounted an Ikelite 3/8 vacuum valve, seemed to be the most robust way to do it with adding minimal failure points. Tested it today, held 5 in/hg for 24 hours and survived a swim in the pool.
  2. Yep aquatech surf housing Might be best to get a M16 and enlarge the hole if required.
  3. Thanks Chris Appreciate the considerations. I think I could make most brands of valves work with a trip to Pirtek, but I was hoping something may be available off the shelf. This unit from Mangrove looks like a possibility. Not sure of the quality though https://www.aditech-uw.com/en/shop/4396-mangrove-m14-vacuum-valve-pld-m14.html
  4. What would the best vacuum valve be for a 16mm unthreaded hole. It will need A seal on the outside that is clamped on between the valve and outer housing Needs about 15mm of thread to protrude through the housing Needs a jam nut Preferably would have a gauge on the hand pump Thanks for the help
  5. I recently took this shot on a trip to the Souther Great Barrier Reef. It is my best example of balancing flash & ambient so far. I put my lower strobe on a very low power setting tucked in close to the left handle and had the upper strobe on a high power at full rabbit ear position. Hope you enjoy looking as much as I did making it Thanks,
  6. Fair points mate and I greatly appreciate the info. If I had of looked a bit harder to begin with I could have saved some time. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4379406
  7. Hi All Has anyone tried the Canon 1.4 III EXTENDER on 8-15mm fish eye lens with a 12mm EXT Tube on a FF camera? (the extension tube is required due to the Canon extender protrudes quite a way out on the front element and the 8-15mm's rear element is almost flush) Quite a mouthful but I was hoping it would yield better results than the KENKO 1.4 TC on the same setup. I am looking to pick up a Canon 12mm tube and I will give it a go and see what happens. Concerns will be maximum focus distance but hopefully IQ is improved over the KENKO. My goal is a portable rig so I can travel with both a CFWA option and a dedicated macro port option for places like Lembeh or Anilao (travelling with a 230mm dome and macro gear seems a bridge too far). WAM in lower viz conditions so black or negative space backgrounds will be what I am looking for when possible. Thanks,
  8. A few images I shot on a short break at Heron Island Qld Australia It was great to see this anemone all balled up, it was a shame I couldn't hang around for the peak of action when both fish were out but it was a led dive and they left me behind as it was. Canon 5dmkiv with 8-15mm fisheye If I had my time again I would of dropped the power down a touch on the lower strobe. Blacktip reef shark, this was shot from above the water whilst standing on a jetty Canon 5dmkiv with 135mm f2 Green sea turtle from the Heron Bommie, If I had my time again I would of put my strobe in full rabbit ears position to get some flash on the turtle. This was shot freediving so a tad tricky to make too many adjustments Canon 5dmkiv with 8-15mm fisheye
  9. Fair call Massimo, I will give it a test sans TC when I get a chance.
  10. Thanks Chris appreciate your input, Bill appears to have put a considerable effort into matching the dome port lengths. I concur about the 180 degree dome similarity but the unknown would be where the camera is situated in the housing? I presume some are further forward/back depending on manufacturer? I am away from my gear but from memory the port length was quite a bit more than 50mm I am not too concerned about corner sharpness as I only intend to use it for CFWA and would always try and frame most things against a dark or blue BG.
  11. Closest I have found yet is Anthothoe albocincta The critter I found may be a different color morph
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