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  1. Saw this reported elsewhere, this is a bad balls up. You would of thought maratime navigation around Socorro would be fairly basic compared to other locations.
  2. Don Silcock from indopacific images is using them. If you have not already found this info I have attached a link below. You can see his results on his instagram indopacific_images ONEUW One160X Strobe Review - First Impressions | Indopacificimages
  3. DIY service is very important to me. Don’t want or need to be sending my housing thousands of miles for a somewhat basic exercise of service. ask Isotta if the supply a service kit. If not let us know as others will be interested to know. a vacuum valve is an important part of DIY service in my opinion.
  4. What is the housing Part Number? i just removed the mode dial on my Ikelite FL DSLR housing but on my Aquatech housing I drilled and tapped in an Ikelite 3/8 vacuum valve, works perfectly. The plastic on the Aquatech housing actually tapped quite well. The thread pitch was 3/8 UNF and it torqued down nicely.
  5. Is the camera in macro mode. That's how I always used my Dyron wide angle port with my G12 years ago.
  6. Not sure if anyone is interested but I just tapped a 3/8 Unf thread in the top of the housing and mounted an Ikelite 3/8 vacuum valve, seemed to be the most robust way to do it with adding minimal failure points. Tested it today, held 5 in/hg for 24 hours and survived a swim in the pool.
  7. Yep aquatech surf housing Might be best to get a M16 and enlarge the hole if required.
  8. Thanks Chris Appreciate the considerations. I think I could make most brands of valves work with a trip to Pirtek, but I was hoping something may be available off the shelf. This unit from Mangrove looks like a possibility. Not sure of the quality though https://www.aditech-uw.com/en/shop/4396-mangrove-m14-vacuum-valve-pld-m14.html
  9. What would the best vacuum valve be for a 16mm unthreaded hole. It will need A seal on the outside that is clamped on between the valve and outer housing Needs about 15mm of thread to protrude through the housing Needs a jam nut Preferably would have a gauge on the hand pump Thanks for the help
  10. I recently took this shot on a trip to the Souther Great Barrier Reef. It is my best example of balancing flash & ambient so far. I put my lower strobe on a very low power setting tucked in close to the left handle and had the upper strobe on a high power at full rabbit ear position. Hope you enjoy looking as much as I did making it Thanks,
  11. Fair points mate and I greatly appreciate the info. If I had of looked a bit harder to begin with I could have saved some time. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4379406
  12. Hi All Has anyone tried the Canon 1.4 III EXTENDER on 8-15mm fish eye lens with a 12mm EXT Tube on a FF camera? (the extension tube is required due to the Canon extender protrudes quite a way out on the front element and the 8-15mm's rear element is almost flush) Quite a mouthful but I was hoping it would yield better results than the KENKO 1.4 TC on the same setup. I am looking to pick up a Canon 12mm tube and I will give it a go and see what happens. Concerns will be maximum focus distance but hopefully IQ is improved over the KENKO. My goal is a portable rig so I can travel with both a CFWA option and a dedicated macro port option for places like Lembeh or Anilao (travelling with a 230mm dome and macro gear seems a bridge too far). WAM in lower viz conditions so black or negative space backgrounds will be what I am looking for when possible. Thanks,
  13. A few images I shot on a short break at Heron Island Qld Australia It was great to see this anemone all balled up, it was a shame I couldn't hang around for the peak of action when both fish were out but it was a led dive and they left me behind as it was. Canon 5dmkiv with 8-15mm fisheye If I had my time again I would of dropped the power down a touch on the lower strobe. Blacktip reef shark, this was shot from above the water whilst standing on a jetty Canon 5dmkiv with 135mm f2 Green sea turtle from the Heron Bommie, If I had my time again I would of put my strobe in full rabbit ears position to get some flash on the turtle. This was shot freediving so a tad tricky to make too many adjustments Canon 5dmkiv with 8-15mm fisheye
  14. Fair call Massimo, I will give it a test sans TC when I get a chance.
  15. Thanks Chris appreciate your input, Bill appears to have put a considerable effort into matching the dome port lengths. I concur about the 180 degree dome similarity but the unknown would be where the camera is situated in the housing? I presume some are further forward/back depending on manufacturer? I am away from my gear but from memory the port length was quite a bit more than 50mm I am not too concerned about corner sharpness as I only intend to use it for CFWA and would always try and frame most things against a dark or blue BG.
  16. Closest I have found yet is Anthothoe albocincta The critter I found may be a different color morph
  17. Yes I tend to spend more time in the wildlife & people sub forum as they get a bit more traffic than the underwater photography sub forum
  19. Thanks for the feedback, its good to hear the opinions of other members. Check out the images at original size in this DPR thread. I used the port configuration specified at underwater camera stuff who makes the dome but I am no expert by any means. http://uwcamerastuff.com/precision_5_dome.htm I will keep going and see if I can get some decent results.
  20. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4534175#forum-post-64575727
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