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  1. So if i wanted to get nice photos of my diving buddy i will face dificulties with the Ds51 ?!! so situations like the attached photo must have ds125 or ds160 to get it right ?
  2. i am planning on wide angle shoot with tokina 10-17mm and wonder about ikelite housing for those who used them they are offering different arms for the DS51 one of them is flex arm and the other is double 7" arms ? is there a difference when using tokina 10-17mm or the flex arm will work great with it ? or i have to get the double arm ?
  3. Hello Guys ... i am planning to get a D7200 with Ikelite housing but i came into stunning photos Of Sony Rx100 ?!!! where i saw Macro Photos along with normal photos kind of similar to 105mm macro and 10-17mm tokina i am reconsidering the Options here as a tremendous drop in ikelite housing prices $1800 for D7200 to around $475 for Sony Cypershot ? What are the pros and Cons for choosing a D7200 Over a Compact Sony RX100 ?
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