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  1. Just to clarify pricing: All AQUATICA housings ship with the moisture sensor, vacuum valve, pump and your choice of dual Nikonos connectors, single Ikelite connector or dual Optical ports; for our Optical option, the flash trigger is included in the housing price. As an example our Canon AR5 housing is priced at $3,199 USD From Backscatter or Bluewater websites the Isotta housing would be $ 3,574 USD when you add a vacuum system and their manual optical flash trigger, so an increase of $644USD from their base price. For Nauticam, when adding their vacuum valve and manual flash would now be $5,821 USD so an increase of $ 662 USD
  2. Hi rbw 500 What camera model housing do you have? The screws used to attach the handles to our housings are made of Stainless Steel. They do not screw directly into the aluminum housing, all our housings have Stainless Steel Heli coil inserts at the grip mounting point location. A Zinc O lube product can be used on the end of each screw, but the best maintenance is to remove the grips as much as possible and if you notice a small buildup of salt crystals these can be removed with fresh water and a soft tooth brush. Good maintenance goes a long way. Hope this helps
  3. Hi Dreifish, Our current production for Sony housings(front and rear shell), is the one that has the extra hole on the top left off the front shell, can be assembled to make A1, A7SIII or A7RIV models,and most likely our new A7IV. Each camera model will need it’s own unique saddle/camera tray and a few other internal parts to make it work in this housing model. Our original A7RIV housing model can also be used for the A7SIII but not for the A1 because it does not have the extra hole on top. Hope this helps
  4. Hi Dreifish, Let me speak to engineering and I will get back to you. Carolina
  5. Hi Aussie bubbles, That is a blanking plug. We currently use the same housing body (front and back) for our A7RIV, A7SIII, A1 and our soon to be released A7IV. This hole on the top of the housing is used for the top dial on the A1 camera. Thank you!
  6. We are looking at all options and will make what engineering allows
  7. Hi Mike, Please send an email to techsupport@aquatica.ca and someone will get back to you with the best solution for your dome. Thank you!
  8. Hi Mike, Just to clarify, do you have our 9.25 inch glass dome (18407) or our 8" acrylic dome port (18405)? Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  9. Sorry for the late response, I was away last week The thread of the holes under all the Aquatica housings is 1/4-20
  10. Hi Barry, Let me check with engineering and I will get back to you. Thanks, Carolina
  11. Hello, in the next few weeks engineering will be working on adapting an external battery that can be installed on the inside of our A7rII housing.
  12. Hi Blueline, I just want to clarify something about the paint used on our Aquatica housings, it is a electro static (powder coat) and yes it does have a wrinkled texture to it. Please note that the push buttons and all sealing surfaces are masked off before painting. What you might see as black on the port opening is actually the black anodize that is done to all our housings prior to the top paint coat. With the extra paint on top of the anodizing, our housings will last a lifetime. This extra protection makes them very robust, and this is why they are very popular with rental houses. The latch system comes from our Amphibico line and has been used on thousands of Amphibico and Aquatica housings, they have proven to be very reliable. Thank you, Carolina
  13. Hi Everyone, Here are some pictures taken by Andrew Sallmon at San Miguel Island, in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary off of Santa Barbara, California with the new Canon 5DMk4 camera in a modified A5DMKIII S/R housing! The wide angle image is a Ling Cod in the foreground with a diver silhouette and kelp forest in the background and was taken with a Canon 8-15 f4L Fisheye Zoom lens behind an Aquatica 4” Mini Dome Port. The two macro images are both taken in the same waters around San Miguel Island, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary with a Canon 100 f2.8L IS macro lens behind an Aquatica Mini Macro Port with an ACU5 close up lens and flip holder system. We can't wait to have the final Upgrade kit and the new A5DMKIV housing available to you! I'll update you on availability as it becomes available
  14. Hi Everyone, We've had the Canon 5D MKIV camera since last week and are currently working on a new housing for it. The good news is that the camera is very close in size to the 5DMKIII, and last week for 3 days in the Channel Islands we did some testing with the MKIV camera in our A5DMKIII SR housing. Everything worked great, our tester was really impressed with the 5DMKIV camera. That being said, we will have an upgrade kit available for the Aquatica 5DMKIII housing owners In the next few days we will post some images from our field testing in the Channel Islands
  15. Hi everyone! I'm a new member here. I work for Aquatica. Can't wait to get familiar with the site and hopefully answer any questions you might have!
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