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  1. Talk to Ryan Cannon at Reef Photo video - sponsor in sidebar. They helped me set up my Subal D200 rig. Unlike you, I just went nuts with 2 Subtronic Midi strobes and two ports. I have only used it once so far, getting some surfing shots of my kids (no strobes of course), but I already love it. Tomorrow I get to do some wreck diving to try out the full rig. I had a 12-24 and 105 Macro from before, and just added a 10.5mm after reading some of the posts on wetpixel. I may be wrong but I do not think the dome port is ideal for the 60mm. But Ryan and his crew are very knowledgeable and can set you up the way you want. Jeff
  2. Not sure what your schedule is, but our dive shop (Orlando area) is doing a three tank dive in West Palm Beach on Tuesday if you're interested. Unfortunately I have to work.
  3. After reading this I had to order my 10.5 last night. I'm diving the Oriskany in Pensacola on Saturday, so sounded like it's a 'must have.' Hope it gets here by tomorrow!!!
  4. Anyone try Graphic Convertor from Lemke software. I have not used it for a while but it was a great utility when I used it years ago. http://www.lemkesoft.de/en/graphcon.htm
  5. Nikon 2DX, Canon 1D are probably the more appropriate comparisons. Yes, I know they cost more, but if you're only going to be satisfied with the very best even though it will not be evident in more than 90% of your picture taking activities, then maybe shelling out yet another $1500 or so more, is the way to go, and your equipment envy problems will be over till the new models come out.
  6. This seems like such a weird discussion to me. You are comparing two cameras with two very significant pricepoints. One would expect the 5D to be better quality at almost twice the price. It seems to me the main consideration should be how much you want to spend, and if you are prepared to spend the amount of the 5D, is it worth the difference. If you are prepared to spend the money, then it seems that the 5D should be compared with the full frame Nikons. I love my D200 so far, and frankly with about $13,000 invested in cameras, lenses, housings, strobes etc, that's enough money for me.
  7. I have a trip planned for next year (2007) with Mauricio. My wife is very uncertain about the cold. What about the 4mm Apollo drysuits? Anybody know anything about them? Jeff
  8. Question. If you are about to board, and your girlfriend looks at it and decides not to get on because it is not comfortable enough, will you get on? I stayed at the Hilton in Taba (right over the border from Eilat) and did some decent diving from there last year. Not as good as the liveaboards or Sharm though. Jeff
  9. You may want to follow the thread at MBT dive shop's chat forum; some folks have already dived it today. http://pub9.bravenet.com/forum/737693202
  10. I beleive the superstructure starts at about 65-70 feet, with the ocean floor at 200+ feet. I am scheduled to dive the first weekend in June. Have to get the new D200 / Subal / Subtronics in the water!
  11. Thanks for your input guys; from the dive logs it looks like a great trip even in February; I'm thinking of a Stan Waterman trip then. Jeff
  12. I am thinking of a dive trip to Cocos in February '07. A competing dive operator told me that February is not a good time for Cocos. Anyone have any experience or thoughts? Jeff
  13. Anybody have any recommendations for a 'family friendly' dive operation in Cairns. Some friends are planning a few days there with their two newly PADI certified children who are 12 and 14. Thanks Jeff
  14. Thanks Ryan, I get down your way on the way to the keys frequently, and plan to do the Miami Boat Show later this month. I will stop in. Jeff
  15. Thanks guys, I think I'm just going to have to be patient, though I am itching to get the D200 in the water Jeff
  16. I have been shooting with Sea & Sea digitals, most recently the 8000g. I have just purchased a Nikon D200 and I am waiting anxiously for housings to become available. Unfortunately it is difficult to get hands on evaluation of the different housings before purchasing. Is anyone aware of any type of report anywhere comparing different housing types, brands, construction materials, pros and cons etc, etc. I would like to make the most informed decision possible before buying and then just buy the one that suits me best irrespective of price.
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