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  1. Still insane to me that Nikon do not make a full fledged pro body DX camera. So many places where it's a better option, just don't get it.
  2. Very often, iconic images make a leap that goes beyond artistic, in fact the artistic part may become quite secondary, and the artistic part may even be absent. Not to say the artistic part does not help, but some iconic images are not really special from this artistic standpoint, or when captured just a second later may be quite ordinary from an artistic standpoint. This is when capturing the moment trumps everything; many iconic images do this - images that come to mind are Eric Cheng's turtle image.
  3. So this appears to be Aquatica - not good PR for them.
  4. I always like to put a shout out for my buddy Mauricio Handler, the 'assistant' in the image. He never gets any credit. A great photographer in his own right, and responsible for helping set up any number of the great Skerry and Doubilet images
  5. Bet you can't tell whether it's a male or female, person that is......
  6. They will see them on occasion throughout the year, but of course not the major aggregation like in the summer.
  7. A whaleshark image from last week in Isla Mujeres. D800E and 15mm Sigma. Just astounded at the resolution of the 100% crop
  8. Nice Jack, You have to be pleased with the sharpness and resolution of the D800. I certainly am.
  9. Overall not a very productive week in Isla Mujeres due to weather, but we did hit a bait ball being torn up by some bottlenose dolphin. They sure tear things up more than the sailfish do. Not the best image, but the water was just a mess of scales and turbulence, so this pic tells the story.
  10. A pipe thread teflon paste is also cheap and easy. Ryan from Reef Photo advised it. Maybe not essential, but can't hurt. I started using it when I had some problems with seizing of the lock nut on Nikonos strobe cables. Now any part of my equipment that has a thread gets a layer of the stuff about once a year.
  11. Have you changed cards? There are some card issues particularly with Nikon Software. Nikon software sucks. I have not had a single issue with downloads on Aperture, and have not heard of any with Lightroom. Even just using Bridge is probably a better alternative to Nikon Software. Niko Capture on the other hand seems to work fine, but even then capturing directly into Aperture works even better, as I am sure is the case with Lightroom.
  12. I think it also would have been better if the diver were swimming into the frame. I think the fact she is swimming out of the frame adds to the confusion of the bubbles and fish as the eye does not really focus on the diver.
  13. The 15mm Sigma or Nikon 16mm will be your best option; they should both work well with a 1.4TC as well, you will get better corners most likely in the 8" dome.
  14. Very nice; I'm sure my screen does not do justice to the quality of the images. I think some of those images with coral detail backgrounds will be quite spectacular in a large print.
  15. He, he - and give up all that quality and dynamic range? But seriously what does the size of the file have to do with the problem. Any drive will eventually fill up with any size file if there are enough of them, of course fewer files required - but it seems this is a drive or software problem not related to the size of the files.
  16. How did you download the files? Using the same Mac Book Pro? I have never seen this problem, but I guess whatever the reason, you could do it by overloading with any file, not just D800 files. Have you tried seeing if the drive will mount on other Macs?
  17. I think that was the link from CNN or whatever site I was reading. No idea what TMZ is.
  18. I remember when this incident happened, I commented on this forum that I thought the Ady Gil incident was an irresponsible scam http://www.tmz.com/2013/01/08/whale-wars-lawsuit-ady-gil-paul-watson-crash-japanese-sea-shepherd-society/
  19. Great Image Darren; really creative use of the 8-15. Definitely have to get in the water more this year!!!
  20. This issue of bubbles in pool studio images comes up often when I show my pool images. I don't think there is necessarily a right or a wrong answer, rather the photographer's intent is important. First question to ask is whether the idea is to convey that the images are underwater, or to try to hide the fact. In the series above - these are water polo players so it would seem that one wants to convey that these are 'water' people.
  21. I like it; what shutter speed here?
  22. I like it - simple water elements always fascinate me
  23. Not just a favorite image also a favorite first time underwater experience for 2012; the sheer chaos and excitement of sailfish in a bait ball. Hopefully I will get to experience it again next month.
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