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  1. Hey DeepDiscovery. I would like to convert an aquatica housing for my 5div like you did. Can you tell me what conversion kit you bought and where ?
  2. Hi Kris, I could fix the connectors for about 200 euros here in Belgium. The offer is really interesting unfortunately I just lost my job so I cannot allow me to spend this money right now. If I find a new job quickly and you didn't sale the housing in the meantime I might come back to you. Richard
  3. Hello, I didn't check Internet for a few day but still looking for an housing for my 7D so if Amadeo doesn't take it I am on Sincerly, Richard
  4. Hello, Do you have a link of the E-Bay auction ? Could not find it. Richard
  5. Hello Kcarner, I am really interested. I live in Belgium, would you send it here ? Otherwise I have friends in Canada if it's easier for you. Richard
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