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  1. thank you all so much for taking the time to help and reply.


    i figured I am already at a disadvantage being new to all this, why try to take good pictures with less than perfect equipment and make the learning curve even longer. With the best equipment I have a better chance at learning this right and getting the right pictures. So I went with two DS160 strobes, a d7200 and an ikelite housing.


    i had already ordered the housing so thought it is best to get the strobes from the same guys. i fly to dive, so it will be some heavy carrying, but I guess I will have to get used to it at some point anyway.


    now looking at all the strobes, arms, and o-rings, lens covers (i got a wide angle and macro), I ask myself what I have gotten myself into:). i hope those youtube assembly videos are helpful.


    next stop: maldives.

  2. Hi,


    This is my first post and as such I am sure many things here have been said here before. Please forgive and excuse me if I am being repetitive.


    I have started diving after 15 years, did a Maldives trip and I was hooked again. I am very comfortable underwater, been around water all my life, never felt unsafe under. I got my advanced underwater and enriched while in Maldives and did about 10 dives. I probably had 100 dives when I was diving 15 years ago. I used a gopro camera during these dives with the filters and dive housing and a constant light source, and while the video was good the pictures were terrible.


    I am a pretty good photographer, have a nikon 7200 with lots of wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses, as well as a d750 and sony a 7 ii.


    Now I want to get the kinds of shots I can get above the water underwater, but I feel crazy spending the amounts of money I need to spend with this much experience.


    I am committed, and I have the means, but is it just crazy for a guy with almost 0 underwater photography experience to start of with ikelite d7200 housing, 2 ds160 strobes and all the extras. I felt good with strong currents on my dives, but doing challenging dives with so much equipment seems a bit crazy. Is this as hard as it looks? Is it crazy to spend all this money so early? I am reading and learned everything in theory but practice is not the same and I am wondering if I should wait around. I just know a point and shoot underwater kit will not satisfy me artistically.


    All comments from anyone who went through the same process is welcome.





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