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  1. Lowering price to $100 USD + Shipping. DM me if you are interested.
  2. I haven't used my Sola 800 Photo light in awhile so I figured it's time for someone else to enjoy it. I just charged it and everything is working fine. Includes ball mount, charging cable, and pouch. $125 USD + Shipping, send me a DM if you are interested.
  3. Looking for either Nauticam N120 60 or 90 Extension Ring. Send me a message if you have one you are willing to sell.
  4. I have 1 remaining space on a small group photo trip to La Paz, Mexico in November 19 - 24, 2019. I have a private panga (limited to 4 divers) reserved for 3 days (November 20, 21, & 22) of diving and we will do 1 day of whale shark snorkeling (November 22). Fall is the best time of year for photographing the sea lions at the famous Los Islotes Sea Lion Colony so we will plan to do that for a majority of the dives. Los Islotes (and other dive sites) also have great macro subjects including blennies, jawfish, and nudibranchs. Since I have reserved a private panga we have flexibility to go where the group wants to go. La Paz is somewhat difficult to fly to from outside of Mexico but others coming on this trip are flying to/from Cabo San Lucas so that is an option. Here is a blog I wrote after a trip I took to La Paz last December: https://www.jonandersonphoto.com/Blog/La-Paz Here are some examples of subject we might see: https://www.jonandersonphoto.com/LA-PAZ Send me a message if you are interested in the trip details and cost. Thanks, Jon Anderson
  5. Is this extension ring still available?
  6. Hi Joss, Interesting that you noticed that! I designed and fabricated the computer holder myself. Send me a DM if you want to discuss more. - Jon
  7. Finally got around to building a USB charger for my upcoming trip! Thanks for the idea and great documentation Interceptor121! Here is a picture of mine: https://www.jonandersonphoto.com/Misc/i-J57SRsF/A I used corrugated plastic for the base and dual lock velcro to hold everything to it. It charges 2 Nikon batteries (same model charger is available for all major cameras), 8 AA strobe batteries, 2 18650 batteries, my Shearwater Teric, and still has 1 USB port left. The whole thing weighs 650 grams (without batteries, Shearwater dock, and computer). Not sure if this is substantially lighter than my old chargers charger/powerstrip/etc but it is definitely much neater and more compact which will be especially nice for liveaboards trips with limited space and outlets for charging. Happy to share more specifics if anyone wants them. Excited to try this on my upcoming Sea of Cortez liveaboard trip in about a week!
  8. Interesting. I have a Nauticam D-850 housing with the built-in optical trigger that uses two CR2450s. I will have to look around for some extra CR2450 batteries. In the meantime I just did a the following test with my strobes mounted to the housing and facing a white wall (diffusers removed). 1) Fully charged all my AA batteries and installed them in the strobes. 2) Verified that all the settings on the strobes match and set them both to the same power (Manual -6EV) 3) Turned off the right strobe and took an image of the wall with only the left strobe (suspect strobe) firing. 4) Turned off the left strobe, turned on the right strobe and took another image with only the right strobe firing. 5) Turned the left strobe back on and took an image with both strobes firing. 6) Swapped the fibers going into the strobes to test each strobe with the opposite trigger/fiber. Repeated steps 3-5. 7) Adjusted the power on the left strobe up 2 clicks (now on Manual -5EV setting) to visually match the right strobe. Repeated steps 3-5. The images taken during these tests can be viewed here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/raa17deyd0tryfb/AAB3sLL8hrlqL5BAdhjrdSUKa?dl=0 From these tests it seems the suspect strobe is firing approximately at approximately 1EV lower power (2 clicks) than the other one. After swapping triggers/fibers without any noticeable difference I still believe the issue is with the strobe itself rather than the triggers or fibers. I will try to reach out to Pavel Kolpakov to see if he has any theories.
  9. Thanks Interceptor121 & makar0n for the tips. My AA batteries are on the charger now and I will run some experiments tomorrow to see if I can resolve it. I only use the strobes in manual power model with fiber optic triggering so I am not sure why the trigger batteries would effect the strobe power output but I will try new ones just to see. I still am interested in picking up a "spare" if anyone has one available.
  10. Looking for a single Inon Z-240 Type 4 that is in good condition. Send me a PM if you have one you're willing to part with for a price that is fair. I recently noticed that one of mine has a much lower output than the other while shooting a large ball of Jacks. Initially I though one of the two flash tubes might be dead but later I confirmed that is not the case by taking photos of the strobe in set to a low power with my lens stopped all the way down. Not sure what is going on with it because it still works fine but the output is significantly lower than my other Inon Z-240, I am fairly sure this wasn't previously the case as I never noticed it.
  11. I know this lens just came out but I was curious if anyone has tried one in the water yet or plans to soon. It seems like it could potentially be a cost effective alternative to the popular Nikon 16-35mm f/4. The Nikon minimum focus distance is 0.29m, the Tamron website says this lenses minimum focus distance is 0.28m. Has anyone figured out how much extension ring would be needed on a Nauticam housing with this lens yet? I might try to rent one soon if Borrow Lenses or Lens Rentals gets one in their fleet.
  12. Canon G7X + Nauticam NA-G7X Housing + Accessories I am a little sad to part with this camera as I have made many great images (a majority of the shots on https://uw.jonjake.com/) with it but I just upgraded to a DSLR and it no longer gets used. I hope it can find a new owner who loves it as much as I have the last 2 years! This camera/housing has been in the water quite a few times but it still works great and takes great images. The ports have some very minor scratches and staining but I have never noticed either in any images. The window for viewing the camera LCD has some scratches on it, Backscatter is quoting a replacement right now and I would happily split the cost of the replacement with the buyer if they want it. Here is what is included: Canon G7X Camera 2x Extra Canon NB-13L Batteries (3 batteries total) Nauticam NA-G7X Housing (including N50 standard port, spare o-rings, flash plugs, grease) Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve (and pump) Nauticam Flexitray II (Left Handle + Right Handle + Tray + Remote Shutter Release) 2x Naticam Strobe Ball for Flexitray Nauticam N50 Short Port I have all the original boxes and will include those if you want them. $1300 USD + Shipping (or local pickup). Payment via PayPal. Everything was ~$2500 new less than 2 years ago. Please let me know if you have questions or want to see additional pictures.
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