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  1. Wow!! Very sharp and beautiful......! I would like to buy Sigma 15mm now!
  2. Sorry for late reply. port size is 45mm X 118mm. Cheers,
  3. Thank you Gee13. I used Anthis fisheye port.
  4. Hello Jeff, Yes, it has some vignetting in edge as there is a hood on my lens. I have to zoom back ( 11.5mm ) a little but sometimes it is still not enough. And some images has bigger dark area as i only used low power strobe to light up main subject. I wouldn't like to light up the edge of corals or rocks, the results will be softer in the edge. So i tried to light and focus on 60~70% central area. I think the quality of this lens ( 10-17mm with 1.4xTC ) is not the best for D800. Will try to use 16-35mm and 10-17mm DX mode directly with D800 in Maldives next week. Cheers,
  5. thank you John and Tim. HI Tim, I used FX mode with 1.4xTC.
  6. Dear all, These are some of my wide angle images with D800 from Tulamben. Thanks for your viewing and comments. ( All images were taken with Tokina 10-17mm + 1.4xTC ) http://www.flickr.com/photos/diverslog/sets/72157631104446000/show/ Cheers, Jenny
  7. Thank you everyone for the great words on my images. Cheers,
  8. yeah. i took w/a with it. will upload images later.
  9. Thank you Lee, Jeff and Steve for the great words.
  10. Dear all, This is some of my macro images with new camera D800 from Tulamben. All images were taken by D800 + 105mmvr + 1.4xTC ( most are in FX mode, a few are in 1.5x DX mode) Compare to my D700, I love the focus speed, focus function, color space, dynamic range of this new camera. Thanks for your viewing and comments. Jenny
  11. thank you Gina. Minkes are much more curious than humpback whale. They swim around us and got closer to have eye to eye contact for more than 3 hours. And They are group animals. We had 5 whales in one time for two days. They love to watch snorkelers and our reflection of dome port.
  12. Hi Alastair, Thank you. I joined Tony Wu 's trip with friends ( including Julia Sumerling ) on Liveaboard. http://www.marineencounters.com.au/ We did snorkeling from Port Douglas to Lizard island. Minke whales are there from June to July. Cheers,
  13. thank you Colin. Have a great trip to Alaska! ( Hope you can take whales opening their big mouth!)
  14. Hello dear partner, Thank you Phil. They like me more.
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