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  1. Wow really nice pics mate! I had a look on this thread as I am considering getting this lens for my next setup. The detail is very sharp and is cementing my inclination to get it.
  2. "Sony has announced the FE 50mm F2.8 Macro, a full-frame lens with true 1:1 macro magnification. It provides a minimum focus distance of 16cm/6.3in" So let me get this straight, 16cm is as close as you can get and still focus??
  3. Hey all, I am brand new to this forum and joined to get some new gear advice initially and hopefully to contribute some pics and I.D skills! I am going on my honeymoon to Mexico this Christmas and I would like to get myself a new mirrorless setup for easy carriage. I dont have a huge budget but I would like to get myself a decent setup that I wont have to upgrade for a while, I have £2700 at the moment for it and was hoping to get some macro and wide angle gear but I am willing to just go for macro just now to secure the better gear. I have been reading around a lot and although the 4/3 thirds systems seem to be very popular with the olypus OMD series coming up repeatedly, I think I would prefer a Sony a6000 setup. It seems to me that for the cost you get a way better sensor which for me trumps things like view finder or built in image stabilization. I would like to sell my terrestrial SLR system and have this setup used for everything and as I am into my wildlife photography, the auto focus system in very appealing to me. I have looked at the port chart for the Ikelite housing and it seems as though I should be able to use nice Canon 60mm 2.8 macro lens with the Metabones adapter. However on the metabones adapter page it does not list the 60mm as being compatible. I have read in forums that people have had that setup with focus difficulties. I am just wondering if someone could please pint me in the right direction to get official statement saying that I could get these to work together before I go buying them, then maybe if anyone has any opinions on this setup I would appreciate any advice. Looking around now I see that there has been a recent release of a Sony FE 50mm F2.8 Macro Lens which might save me the bother of getting an adapter a faffing around with another developers gear. Has anyone used this underwater before and could comment on its capabilities? Seems as though google is lacking underwater results for this lens. I am then thinking that I may just get annoyed with the 50mm focal length and could maybe stretch to the 90mm 2.8 macro.... could anyone comment on this difference in focal length? Although the a6000 looks like a good option for me I have yet to make up my mind fully. I would be open to suggestions on other mirrorless systems around the middle price range which are good for macro and terrestrial action. Thanks for any advice in advance
  4. Hi there everyone, My name is Kieran and I am a PADI Divemaster Marine Biologist doing postgraduate studies in Aberdeen Scotland. I have used a range of different underwater cameras (mostly for my university research dive team) and recently owned an old canon 450D setup which I quickly passed on due to the size of the gear. In christmas I am going on my honeymoon to Mexico and I am looking to put together a nice mirrorless setup to take in my hand luggage. I joined this forum to share ideas, pictures and to get some experienced advice on my new gear. I hope to engage in many interesting underwater camera topics!
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