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  1. Real quick because I have no time now but I had the exact same problem than Sam with FP 170. Bought the D300 M6 housing, no M6 port were available at the time, they sent me the adapter and an M5 170, I received 2 days before leaving for Cocos, once in Cocos when I put it together (as no time before departure), it was not a leak but a flood, thank god in the fresh water tank with no camera (I have learned a few things from reading wetpixel, LOL :-)). Was told by Marine Camera that Nexus had not told them about the problem. Do they have a new adaptor now? or does it depend of the M5 serie port? or something else? It would be nice if there is a new adaptor now because I would love to put on a bigger diameter glass port. We shall see. I feel your pain Sam :-) Sylvie
  2. Scott, Check the previous wetpixel thread http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...n+Z240+type+III My understanding (somebody else can confirm) is that you could if you never ever use the focus light. Too much of a chance that that button will be pushed and you won't realize it for a while. The eneloop are not very expensive compare to the strobe. I bought mine online at thomas distribution I think. I'd say get new batteries, don't gamble that the focus light will never get turned on. Sylvie
  3. Well Loftus, don't you worry if you are still going to Alex's workshop next week, you will get at least one french in your group, I know . I just have a mere D300 so all I can do is read posts from "guys discussing sensors" As Loftus said "I could not resist" The bad part is, I'm reading and enjoying it, I don't know what that makes me besides french, Looking forward meeting you and Alex and anybody else reading this post going to Alex's workshop next week. Sylvie
  4. Hi everybody, This is my third attempt to attend Antibes, hopefully 2008 will be the charm. I'd love to see the program, is it posted? Thank you very much Sylvie
  5. Hi Basim, Me and my friend Reini are the other buddy team of the second week. I hope by then I'll have a functional nexus housing for my D300, on the first round it came with the wrong port (long story) no pictures in Cocos :-( I'm looking forward meeting you and Lisa and apparently also Jeff. Alex, I'm sorry to hear that you will not be able to do the manatees as a result as I intend to do that myself after the workshop. Once you've done it, it becomes an addiction. It is one of the most amazing experience to snorkel with those gentle creatures (thank you Carol :-) ). Sylvie
  6. I guess I will laugh in my sleep tonight :-) so very funny Sylvie
  7. Hi all, I''m heading to cocos and malpelo in a couple weeks. I need to buy a wide angle lens, should I get the 10-17 (I like what people have done with it),or buy the 12-24 (more versatile, land use) or should I rather go for a zoom 17-70 (if I recall correctly)? It is OK if I miss some picture opportunities due to lens restriction as long as I get a few pictures, as sometimes I feel like one's become so obsess with taking a picture that one's forget to look around and just enjoy watching. Thanks Sylvie
  8. Nexus You can see pictures in Yoko's post on PIE 2008 Nexus housings Sylvie
  9. Hi Everybody, I just wanted to thank everybody who had the kindness to answer my questions. At this point I'm hesitating between the nexus and the sea and sea. I guess another part of the equation is addressed in the strobe subforum. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23857 I was intending to use inon Z240 strobes and I must say that the fiber optic connection is tempting (thought it is interesting to see that light reflexion fom the flash could be a problem for WA). Now can I get a nexus housing before the 8th of June in time for my trip to Cocos and Malpelo is another question, they are slow coming, not even here yet. If one wants inon strobe with the sea and sea housing, will the TTL system work? Thank you Sylvie
  10. Hello all, I’m trying to choose a housing for my D300. Yoko gave me a head start with his wonderful reports on PIE 2008. Being in the states, the contenders are in no particular order: Sea and Sea, Nexus, Seatool and Aquatica. Subal and Seacam I’ve removed because of the price tag. (unless you tell me that with those housing I won’t have to think and every image will be perfect, LOL !!!!!!). May be some questions are basic but this is my first housing (besides PS), be kind I’m still learning how to use the D300, coming from an all manual SLR setup (too many buttons, those DSLR must be made for guys, LOL !!!!) Anyhow joking aside, What can you tell me about: * Housing lock and O-ring systems, pros and cons for each of those housings. * Port system ( will it accept fat lenses or not, port lock available or not, apparently many people are flooding due to port getting loose so may be it is a must, compatibility between brand; can lenses be removed from the port side, ………) * Housing size, pros and cons of the smaller seatool housing (weight UW, can it be easily compensated with floating arms?) * Ergonomics: Card and Battery access, does the camera needs to be removed from the housing to recharge or exchange card? Can one take a picture with one hand (I have fairly big hands for a girl (wear size Large in Lab gloves for those of you familiar with them)? Are all camera controls accessible or not? * Strobes option: fiber optic connection option for nexus and seatool, when you hear about all the problem of flooded cord is it the answer? but is there a huge down side as far as sucking camera power for the internal flash?; what are the TTL options for each of them? * If you own one of this system, what do you love or dislike (wished for) about it? * What about the little extra of each system: e.i.: sea and sea focus light shut off when strobes fires, seatool macro diffuser to use with internal flash, What about the missing accessory shoe on the nexus housing? ………… If you don’t want to go public on criticism, feel free to e-mail me. Every system has good and bad. I just need to find which one will fit my needs. Anything else you want to add, please feel free to do so. Thank you Sylvie P.S.: I'm in Mississippi, so short of flying to the west or east coast, touching the housings is not an easy option
  11. I can't wait to get mine friday I know it was adressed a while back with the D200 (my search was unsuccessful) but what would be a good all around zoom lens for land based travel? Thanks Sylvie
  12. Hi Carol, YES, the manateees were back when I went monday. Thanks for all the recommendations. I had the most wonderful time with those loving creatures . Sylvie
  13. It is hard to choose but here are my three Sylvie
  14. Thanks Paul. I'm the lucky owner of one of those !!!!!!! How is the water temp at the end of Sept? I'm thinking of going home at that time but never dove the mediterannee before, my coldest so far 81F, LOL !!!!! I will be on the coast for a few days (Port-Camargue). Sylvie
  15. Hi James, Hi Bruce, Thanks for the comments. James I have not decided on a housing, I have not gotten the camera either yet. It is still on paper thoughts, trying to figure which combo would best suits me. I originally had thought about getting the D200 but for some reason my eyes seem to be attracted to canon images so I started thinking that FOR ME (no debate here) canon may be better but I love super macro so I was trying to see the experience of other canon user for macro and if there is a housing for the 5D that will let me do what I like to do. I have not done much of wide angle shooting I might get addicted to it too but I know that for that the 5D will deliver the goods (if I can make it work as the user, LOL !!!!). If both of you (or anybody else) could post a few canon full frame supermacro pictures I would appreciate. Sylvie
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