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  1. Cheers. Excellent info! I have the Nikon 105vr and sigma 15. Will post images from its “baptism” next week.
  2. Haha true story! Been working out my arms in the gym
  3. Hello Internet Just upgraded from a Sony RX100mk2 (Nauticam + Strobes, etc) to a Nikon D850 + Bells and whistles. Pretty much read everything out there and been shooting the camera topside (mostly macro). Any advice, tips, settings you can give will be appreciated!
  4. Anyone attached an external flash/strobe to the Meikon Housing for the Sony RX-100?
  5. Got the housing and tested it over the weekend at a local fresh water site - no issues! I got the plastic housing as I don't think they make an ally for the Mk2 camera? maybe they do. I tested the camera without the wide angle lens. I would say that the controls were easy - my challenge was camera setup...I plan to spend the next few days before my next trip (Tobago) to play with the camera in the housing (learning how to navigate the controls). I'll get a pic of my rig and post it soon. Cheers!
  6. Hello! Brand new to the forum (newly registered). I've been shooting underwater for about a year now, primarily with my GoPro Hero 3 Silver and Sea-Life DC1400 (with Video light and strobe). On my last dive trip, I signed the Sea-Life divorce papers and bought a second hand Sony RX-100 Mk2 and a brand new Meikon housing. I test the new Rig next week at a fresh water spring here in Texas. Any one else using this or similar setup? I plan to rig the housing on the Sea-Life tray so I can use the video light and possibly the strobe.
  7. What did you decide on? I just bought a Sony RX-100 Mk2 with Meikon housing. I'm "upgrading" from a Sea-Life Dc1400 (video light and strobe)...
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