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  1. Hello, my name is Bryan. Been into photography a long time, but never underwater. I live in South Florida now and got the itch a couple years ago, but the cost of the underwater gear didn't seem justifiable. My underwater fever has been getting a lot worse lately and I finally found an affordable used Ikelite setup for my Nikon D700 camera -- housing, extension, and 8" port, that I can use with my Sigma 24mm f1.4 ART or my Nikon 18-35mm f3.5-4.5G. (My main camera body is a D750 but just couldn't find an affordable housing for one at this time). Hoping to use this new setup on snorkel trips with friends, to expand my dog photography into the water, and to hopefully find some interesting over/under shots to take (like I wish I could have taken at Alligator Reef in Key Largo last month). Between local waters, the FL Keys, and the natural springs like Ginnie Springs all within a few hours drive there are a lot of easy options for me to incorporate this into my adventures. Don't have a Scuba cert. but maybe will progress to that sooner or later and get setup for a 105mm macro lens as well as some lighting. Excited to start the journey!
  2. I'm interested in the 8" dome port -- it seems like the part number you listed for it is incorrect but I'm assuming the 8" dome port is what you have. I'm brand new here and I don't see a way to message members so I either don't have permissions or I'm just clueless. edit: now that I have 1 post it looks like I can message -- so I sent you a message!
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