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  1. I have the one from divervision. It's pretty strong, but I wouldn't use it for Wide angle lenses, since you're floating in open water and the heavy lens may fall off somewhere deep. With macro ones it's not an issue as you're close to the bottom and can catch the lens, plus they're not too heavy. Only issue I've seen is the adapter makes your lens sit farther from the port, so you have to zoom in all the way. Not a problem for fixed lenses like 100mm on DSLR, or if you always zoom in all the way on a compact, but I have some macro lenses that are +5 diopter, and I use them semi-zoomed out to get wider portrait style angle on medium sized animals (10 - 15cm size). Then you'll get vignetting if lens is too far in front of port.
  2. You should look into gel color filters, like those from Lee or Rosco. The only problem with mixing lights is widely different color temperatures will look weird, but if you even them out using yellow color filters it'll look more natural like sunlight. You should be doing that with strobes as well, since they're usually too heavy on blue spectrum and when you do white balancing it sucks out all blues out of the water background.
  3. Selling my INON UCL - 100 with LD bayonet mount. This is a +10 diopter lens, and with early RX100 you can get true macro of about 35mm subject size. Glass is clean, but there are a few dings and scratches on the metal body. I'll also include some LD lens mounts for the arms. $125 + US shipping, located in central Texas please send PM if you'd like to buy it in person. check out the gallery for closeup pics: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AxBAykNcSuQUzGrZnBCvzqhqZWJTfWRo
  4. Hi there, the whole set got sold via my ebay listing late last night. If that somehow falls through I will send you message. Thanks!
  5. I'm selling a complete camera frame set from i-Das. Just plug in camera and strobes! Here's a full list of what's included and item model numbers: Six i-das clamps CL-138 (140 degree movement) Two i-das aluminum arms, 7" BB-i07 Two i-das aluminum arms, 5" BB-i05 Two i-das YS adaptor arm BM-i03 Two i-das Pistol grip Handles HD-GN One i-das aluminum tray TR-03 One i-das tray extension EX-TR03 Asking $350 for the whole set and we can discuss how to split shipping. Please PM any questions / offers! Would prefer paypal merchant type payment (I'll cover the fees)
  6. Canon is having a 15% off sale on their refurbished lenses now. They're as good as new and with 1 year warranty, usually it comes out barely any more than buying used. Macro can be had for $620+tax after discount, for example. I'm pulling the trigger if it comes into stock: https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/ef-100mm-f-28l-macro-is-usm-refurbished
  7. I'm selling my Sea&Sea YS-03 strobe....got it new in summer of 2015 and used on fewer than 20 dives before upgrading to another model. It's in mint condition except a few very small scratches on the plastic. If you'd like additional high-res photos of any part of the strobe please PM me. I'll also include a free yellow tube of Sea&Sea silicon O-ring grease. Asking US$ 200 (prefer to use paypal, i'll cover the fee) I'm located in Texas, and can split shipping cost 50/50 to most locations.
  8. Thank you for the input. How do you take wider angle photos with the kit lens? Or do you only use it for macro? I'm thinking if I'll get a dedicated wide angle lens, I might as well just get the 60mm for the rest. No need to carry the kit zoom.
  9. I'm thinking of going with this format as well, haven't used it yet but some things I figured out so far: - older Olympus M43 cameras have crap video performance, but new models are much better. Panasonic is great across most models - some lower end M43 model housings SEEM like they don't allow changing of ports. Like the PEN models. I may be wrong but that's critical for making the best of M43 - kit lenses are mostly crap and not much use for UW unless you're on the budget, so it'll be a macro (60mm most likely) and a wide/angle fisheye.....that's all you need - some of the wide angle lens reviews seem to indicate that the image quality is better when used with the body from same manufacturer. Not sure how true this is...they should be 100% compatible.
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