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  1. Yes, they are threaded. Thank you. Will give it a try. Thank you. I'll give it a go.
  2. Hi Everyone, Ran into a small problem getting the caps off of my housing (caps that cover the strobe sync cables when the cables are not attached). The same caps that cover the connectors on my strobes are also stuck. I got one off but it took a ton of forceful turning. I can't get the others off. On the one I got off, it looks like there is a little corrosion on the treads so maybe a little moisture was on these threads. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get the caps off without damaging the connectors? Thanks! -JenFu
  3. Thank you, everyone, for all of the helpful replies. We will definitely use the ferry instead of flying. We'll be staying a few days in St. Marteen too. Really appreciate all the help. Cheers, -JenFu
  4. Hello! Heading down to Saba in August for 3 days of diving. I know the Pinnacles are nice and the visibility should be better than St. Marteen. I have to keep the kit light because of luggage restrictions. For those who have been there, if you had to take the wide angle vs. the macro set-up, which would you recommend? Thanks for the help. Best Wishes, -JenFu
  5. Maybe it is just my bad luck but I fly out of Newark, New Jersey and I've had 5 TSA locks cut off of my bags. The bags arrive without the lock or the lock hung back on to my hard case...broken. Each time, I found one of those little notes inside my bag letting me know that TSA has opened my bag. Only had stuff missing once...set of ear bud headphones and my high-speed firewire card reader. I've given up on the TSA locks and use cable ties now. Sometimes they are cut off but cheaper than $15 TSA locks being broken off. Well, except for that time the tore my zipper-pull off rather than cutting off the cable tie.
  6. Thanks everyone. The housings and cameras have been sold.
  7. Hi Everyone, Just an update. The Nikon D70s and the Ikelite housing for it are sold as well as the 6" dome port. I still have the Nikon D200, Ikelite housing for the D200, 4" fish-eye dome port, and Ikelite strobe arms still available. Email me at jenfucheng@hotmail.com or PM me if you are interested. Thanks! -JenFu
  8. Hi Everyone, Moving on to housing my Nikon D700 so I have for sale a used (but in excellent condition) Ikelite Housing for the Nikon D200. Also, I have a used Ikelite housing for the Nikon D70 or D70s. If possible, I would like to sell each housing with the respective camera as a system. I also have a 6 inch dome port (with a scratch) and a 4" fish-eye port available. I have a bunch of extra 0-rings I'll throw in. Will prefer to ship within the U.S. if possible. I can accept PayPal for payment. Shipping and insurance to be paid by buyer. Please email me at jenfucheng@hotmail.com if you are interested. Thanks! -JenFu
  9. Hi Subnovix, I have a Ikelite housing for the Nikon D70/D70s. It is in perfect working order and just came back from Ikelite for service. I have the camera as well if you are interested in both (or just the housing). I now house my D200 so I don't need both. PM or email me at jenfucheng@hotmail.com if you are interested. Cheers, -JenFu
  10. Thank you very much for everyone's advice. I will try to service it myself with the excellent instructions provided by you guys. If I can't manage, I'll send it over to Ikelite. Got my fingers crossed! Have a Great Day, -JenFu
  11. Hi Everyone, I flooded my Ikelite housing a few weeks back (I know, dumb user error!) and had it repaired by Ikelite. It was for a Nikon D200. They replaced all of the TTL circuitry. I'm about to head out on a trip and noticed that some of the knobs for the controls are a lot stiffer (and make crunchy sounds) when I turn them. They are useable but I'm concerned that this is due to salt crystals not cleaned out which are damaging my seals. I don't want to be without my rig on this next trip (by sending it back to Ikelite now) but don't want to be doing more damage. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! -JenFu
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