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  1. Currently, I have not decided anything. I am still leaning towards the GH-5.
  2. I like the kit I am using. But being almost 5 years old, I would like to take advantage of newer technology. I would like to be able to shoot some 4K, better stabilized clips, and a better way of seeing the focus of the shot.
  3. I am looking to upgrade my equipment. I currently shoot with a Sony RX100 II in a Nauticam housing. I shoot 98% underwater video, 1% above water video, and 1% above water pictures. I have wet lenses, Inon uwl-h100 and two stackable Inon ucl-165s. All bayonet mount. I use two L&M Solas and a Kraken Weefine ring light. I want the ability to change lenses and shoot sharks and nudis on the same dive. Does this sound feasible for the GH5? What camera body lens would I need? Is this worth the bang for the buck or would I be better off sticking with a new Sony RX100 V? All the videos shot are just for my own memories. Thank you.
  4. 1. Phyllidia madgangensis? 2. Phyllidia sp.6 3. Phyllidia sp.6 4. 5. Prudhoe's Flatworm? 6. pustulosa or niga? 7. pustulosa or niga? 8. pustulosa or niga? 9. Thuridilla bayeri? 10. Hypselodoris sp16.? Thank you.
  5. Screen captures from video that I shot. Too many that look the same. 1. 2. This was a night dive and big as a dinner plate. 3. This one and the next look like lochi but the one looks like spots instead of lines (stripes). Or are they the same? 4. 5. Goniobranchus or Chromodoris 6. Phyllidia Ocellata? 7. Phyllidia Coelestis? 8. 9. Phyllidia Coelestis? 10. Phyllidia exquista or picta or neither? Thank you.
  6. Jerry from Ohio. Certified 14 years ago. Started shooting video about 2 years ago.
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