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  1. Yes I see your point troporobo, I have already had this issue to a small extent after trying a few different programs out. I have decided to give the trial version of lightroom a go prior to making my final decision, although I imagine after trying that out it will be difficult to settle for anything less! Thanks for your input!
  2. Dear Wetpixel community, I am a newbie to the world of underwater photography, I have recently bought an Oly tg-4 with pt056 housing. I have gone on a few snorkelling trips and after reading in several forums decided to shoot all my pics in RAW. As you can probably tell from my choice of camera I have decided to go for a not too price heavy introduction to this world. I would now like to fool around with some post processing, I have tried out the program that comes with the olympus camera (olympus viewer) but I have found it to be quite slow and not particularly good at balancing the colours when compared to what I have been shown by friends such as photoshop. My pictures were shot between surface and 20 meters, without any stobes lights or filters in the med, so I am sure you can imagine just how blue they are . I have done some research online and have found many sources making a case for adobe lightroom. As I understand it this would be very much on the higher end in terms of quality of tools for post-processing. My issue is that being very much a beginner and only managing a few photo trips a year, I am not sure that it would worth it for me to buy such a program. Otherwise, Gimp looked interesting but it seems that it is not compatible with .ORF (olympus raw format). What do you use? Do you know of any program that is more affordable or dare I say open source, while still having a decent range of functions and not being too slow? Also if you have any tips for someone that is new to post-processing, I would be very grateful to hear them! Thanks in advance, Giuliano
  3. Heya, In case you were wondering, I'm Giuliano. First of all I'd like to say that I found it disappointing that there was no flag available for Seychelles. I am sure many of you would agree that this is especially surprising for a underwater photography forum! In any case, I am new to underwater photography and not especially experienced in general photography, so I am hoping to be able to learn a lot from some of the more experienced members as well as contribute in any way I can.
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