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  1. No filter or else the underside of the rays will go red on you. If you have video lights, bring them, but someone else said conditions are a bit tough to shoot in between the dive ops bright lights and the 100 other divers.
  2. Hey everybody, I'm looking to finally purchase some lights (strobes or video lights). I like to shoot both photos and videos, usually a little more video (did I just answer my own question?), but I'm wondering, which is the better purchase? I shoot with a Sony a7RII so I can shoot relatively well in low light. How well do Keldan lights work for shooting photos? Are they bright enough? Should I buy strobes and just keep pushing the low light capabilities of my camera? Thanks in advance for the advice/opinions!
  3. I have the GorillaPod SLR Zoom model, which is supposed to hold up to 6.6lbs. I've never tried to mount my uw housing on it, but I can try it and let you know if it can support it. I have a Nauticam a7rii, 16-35 and 8" zoom (don't know the exact weight of everything, but someone else here may know).
  4. I have an a7rii, 16-35 and 8" dome and I don't know that an a7 setup will be that much smaller than your d90 setup. May want to look at an a6000 series or one of the smaller Olympus's mentioned.
  5. Hey guys, Curious if anyone has made the switch from the Sony 16-35 F4 to the new 16-35 F2.8 G-Master? Obviously, for underwater purposes the extra stop isn't a huge game changer, but topside it certainly does. Also, wondering how corner sharpness is when stopped down on both to about f5.6-8?
  6. EDIT: Originally asked if this also applied to a7 battery, but Backscatter specifies that the battery only charges when the camera is off.
  7. Not listed, but I figured I'd ask anyway. You wouldn't happen to have a focus gear for the Sony 16-35, would you?
  8. Hey Guys, I am going to be hitting a few cities throughout Europe over a 2-week span and I'm looking for good bags to bring my dive gear, clothes and camera gear. Currently when I travel I use an Aqualung Traveler 850 and a ThinkTank International 3.0 and my equipment includes a SS BP and a Nauticam A7II housing w/ 8" dome. Obviously, these aren't ideal for Europe and I'm hoping to find something in more of a backpack style. Anyone have a similar setup they use? I found the Dive Caddy G3, but it doesn't have the greatest reviews. Thanks in advance!
  9. Pardon my ignorance, but how do you guys measure lbs negative?
  10. Awesome video! Great shots and I think the music and pacing of the edit really worked well!
  11. Hey All, I have a Sony A7RII and I'm looking for a strap that has a quick release that can stay on my camera when I put it inside my Nauticam housing for quick switching between topside/underwater shooting. Obviously, I'd love to have two bodies, one for each purpose, but that's a little outside my range right now. Thanks in advance!
  12. Definitely worth having for peace of mind. Also, it's not an extra cost as it comes standard on all new Nauticam housings. This was human error and though I did get water in, it was a very small amount, not enough to be considered an actual "flood". If you don't want to use the vacuum alarm, you can just always leave it off/closed. I did the rest of my dives on the trip without it and had no issues.
  13. Thanks everybody. I got a response from Reef Photo and am going to send it over on Monday. $150 for parts, $110 for labor to replace the vacuum electronics.
  14. Just finished up the trip, but saw your posting on the 8x Keldans. Will be PMing soon.
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