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  1. @dreifish I think you missed the entire beginning of my post. I stated the specs aren’t necessary imo. I’m not saying there’s other cameras with comparative specs for similar or less money. I’m saying there are other cameras that can achieve professional quality images for less money that aren’t focused trying to pad a spec sheet.
  2. I think the specs on this camera are “cool” from a pure technical perspective, but practically I don’t think it’s necessary, even for professional applications, and there are much better cameras for the money.
  3. Hi Everyone, I recently purchased Sola Pro 15K video lights at a pretty substantial discount making the lumen to dollar value far better than Keldan. Unfortunately, Light & Motion doesn't have any sort of cyan filter like Keldan has for their lights. Has anyone made their own cyan filters for video lights and if so, what are using for the filter? Thanks!
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