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  1. I have the Airport International roller so I do lose the space from the wheels and handle. Good to know the Accelerator gives you back some of that space, but seeing as how I already have a backpack that I carry and how heavy the ThinkTank is now, I'll probably just stick with the roller. Yes, I agree here. I wish there was a hard cap for the 230mm similar to what Nauticam sells for the WACP and WWL.
  2. @phxazcraig seeing your packed ThinkTank bag actually made me question if I couldn't fit all my gear. This is where I'm at so far: ThinkTank Airport carry-on w/ a7ii housing, n100 to n120 extension, zoom gear, 230mm dome, 2x Sola Pro 15K (only one pictured) and (maybe) arms. My carry-on backpack holds all my camera gear (camera, lenses, drone, etc) as well as my 70mm extension. All dive gear goes in my large roller bag. I will have to get a proper padded case for my regulator and dive computer since they won't be in my ThinkTank carry-on anymore.
  3. Thanks Phil. That's great feedback. Right now, my shoulder bag is usually a Peak Design Everyday backpack because I do quite a bit of topside shooting on my non-dive days. The 230mm won't fit in there, but you've brought up a good point and maybe some of the things I used to be able to fit in my ThinkTank roller (port extensions, etc) can be moved to my backpack. I feel like I spend more time trying to figure out how to travel with my gear than actually traveling/shooting with my gear.
  4. Have you thought about renting the lights just for the trip? Reef Photo rents lights and will credit your rental purchase toward a future purchase, if you're looking to upgrade your S&S strobes in the future.
  5. Hi Guys, Previously with my my Nauticam 180mm dome, I was able to fit my dome, A7II housing, port extensions and even my regulator into my ThinkTank Airport International as a carry-on. Now with my 230mm I can barely get the dome and housing (no port extensions) in there. I am also adding 2 video lights soon. How are you guys traveling with the larger dome? I'd really like to keep my entire kit together and not have to separate it across 2-3 bags and I don't mind checking it. Pictures of your setups would be great! Thanks!!
  6. White balance only goes up to 9900K. I use a red filter and "Underwater White Balance" mode and get decent results with my a7rII. I've heard the newer models are better at custom white balance.
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