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  1. Just got in ambient filters for the Sola Pro 15Ks. Will be testing this week.
  2. Hey Everyone, I have an extra pair of Sola Pro 15K heads. They are in perfect working condition. The domes have some scratches from normal use, but the scratches obviously don't affect light output. I am only selling because I don't need two sets of the heads, just the body modules (battery). These retail for $450 each, selling for $300 shipped for both. If you don't already have the body modules, you can purchase them for $950, which would save you about $400 (plus taxes) per light if you bought new.
  3. Worth noting that Sola Pro 15Ks also have blue and green filters available now. I have not used them yet, but will soon. @jplaurel thanks for the comment about using Neat Video for noise reduction. I almost never use my Keldan red filter because it cuts down on so much light and I hate bumping my ISO so high and also my A7SIII does great white balancing underwater. I will give Neat Video a try.
  4. Great choice. I've been shooting on the a7SIII for a little over a year now and prior to that an a7RII. White balance on the a7SIII is fantastic and having the dual gain kick in at 12800 iso really helps in low light. I don't use an external monitor and frankly have never felt the need to for video. For lights, I use 2x Sola Pro 15Ks, which are great lights. You can see some of my a7SIII stills and videos on my Instagram: https://instagram.com/robgilkestv Good luck!!
  5. I shoot on an A7SIII, which to my knowledge the FX3 is pretty close to. Underwater AWB works decently well with good natural light, but it makes for a real pain during editing as your WB is shifting between shots or even in the middle of a single shot. Recommend sticking with manual WB and setting one of your custom buttons to easily access and re-WB often. Also, I bring down a grey card to help pull good WB.
  6. Not diving related, but I know there are some video shooters like myself here that may use this topside. Selling a DJI RSC 2 gimbal -- Excellent condition, with virtually no signs of wear. Comes with all original components, original box and documentation. I'm only selling because I haven't used it as much as I originally anticipated (actually only used it once) and would rather put the money towards other gear. $400 OBO
  7. Fredmiranda.com is the best photography forum to buy/sell gear imo.
  8. @elmelodico I loved the Sola Pro 15K so much I ended up pulling the trigger and getting a second one. The ergonomics of the on/off switch and brightness lever, paired with the oled screen make it super easy to know how bright each light is and how much runtime I have left. I usually don’t run them both at full 15K brightness and run them between 7500-10K each so that I can get a full two dives in, with some spare time. I don’t think there’s a better bang for buck when you compare dollar - lumen vs other lights like Keldan. One note, I have scratched up the plastic cover on the fronts, but those are removable so I would imagine I could purchase replacements from L&M, but it honestly doesn’t affect the light output so I haven’t felt the need.
  9. This is probably normal (at least it is for the a7siii). Do you have the the "Auto Power OFF Temp" setting set to Standard or High? If you don't want to see the warning, set it to High and you should be good.
  10. If I’m not mistaken, Sealife iPhone housings don’t give you access to the touchscreen and the housing buttons are usually tied to a proprietary app via Bluetooth. If you were to attempt to use it as a monitor, you’d likely have to set your phone up topside and set it to not auto-turn off from inactivity and hope nothing changes on your screen while UW.
  11. Hi All, Looking for a second Nauticam NA-A7SIII housing and would prefer to buy used. Would need to be shipped to 33160 (or I can pickup if you're within ~50-100 miles). Thanks!
  12. I have become so used to IBIS over the years that I sometimes forget it's even on. It certainly doesn't help much in terms of smoothing movements underwater and IMO I don't think there's as much value/affect underwater as there is topside. One thing that I have enjoyed recently is that some camera manufacturers now (I shoot Sony) will record gyro data and you can use that gyro data to stabilize your footage in post. I haven't put it to test underwater yet because I don't find a whole lot of need for stabilization, but for topside it has been really impressive to be able to stabilize footage using the gyro data in-post rather than in-camera and dial in exactly how much stabilization you want to use. Note: I don't shoot macro, only WA.
  13. There's quite a few reviews with sample footage or photos already out: https://www.uwphotographyguide.com/sony-a7s-iii-review https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Sony-a7S-III-Underwater-Camera-Review https://reefphoto.com/products/nauticam-na-a7siii-underwater-housing-for-sony-a7siii-camera I usually post samples of my work here: https://www.instagram.com/robgilkestv/
  14. I'm not a spec sheet analyzer (or in the sports world an armchair quarterback), I'm a shooter and only speak on things which I've actually put my hands on. The a7SIII is one of, if not the best, video focused cameras available for underwater or topside right now. Custom white balance works perfectly (coming from earlier a7 models that had a lot of issues white balancing underwater), dynamic range and shadow detail is amazing, low light capabilities with the dual iso are amazing and the noise reduction you like to speak of is negligible. Not sure why you keep trying to put it against Panasonic cameras. If you prefer Panasonic, stick with it. They make great cameras as well. OP asked about the a7SIII and he would not go wrong in any way if he decided to start shooting underwater with it.
  15. We get it man. You don’t like Sony, despite never having used one. A quick Google search or visit to the Sony product page would have told you there are All-Intra profiles up to 600mbps, in addition, to the XAVC and HEVC profiles. MOVIE RECORDING SYSTEM (XAVC S-I 4K) 3840 x 2160 (4:2:2, 10 bit, NTSC) (Approx.): 60p (600 Mbps), 30p (300 Mbps), 24p (240 Mbps); 3840 x 2160 (4:2:2, 10 bit, PAL) (Approx.): 50p (500 Mbps), 25p (250 Mbps) MOVIE RECORDING SYSTEM (XAVC S-I HD) 1920 x 1080 (4:2:2, 10 bit, NTSC) (Approx.): 60p (222 Mbps), 30p (111 Mbps), 24p (89 Mbps); 1920 x 1080 (4:2:2, 10 bit, PAL) (Approx.): 50p (185 Mbps), 25p (93 Mbps)
  16. Selling a Nauticam NA-A7II housing. Has seen about 70 dives and shows normal wear, but is in perfect working condition. Includes vacuum valve/pump and leak detector electronics work great. $1500 OBO plus shipping.
  17. I would encourage you to test cameras before offering very strong opinions to users trying to evaluate a camera for real world use. It's pretty dishonest to tell people that the one camera you use is better than all the rest, not having tested them. In regards to the a7SIII, Sony does do noise reduction (as do most cameras), but not to the point that shadows and blacks are getting crushed, as you stated. Plenty of latitude with S-Log 3 and a dual native ISO that kicks in at higher ISOs providing a super clean image in extreme low light.
  18. Real world a7S3 user here. What "really bad quirks" are you talking about and are you speaking from experience or from something you read online? I have come across none.
  19. If you are gonna go FF, Sony E-mount is one of, if not the best to do so if cost is a major consideration. Sigma, Tamron and other third-parties have a LOT of glass for e-mount that is very cost effective and performs extremely well, in some cases better than native Sony glass.
  20. Depends on your use-case and whether you want to shoot fisheye or rectilinear. I shoot with the 16-35gm on a7RII and a7SIII (GM because I also use it topside, I used to use the f4 with great results).
  21. Hi @Phil Rudin I am really interested to hear about your experience with the a7c housing once you've been able to test. The smaller housing (and cost) for the a7C are really intriguing. In the past, have you found the functionality of the smaller a6XX housings to be lacking from the full size a7X housings?
  22. I have been shooting on an A7RII for years in a Nauticam housing. Just got the A7SIII a few weeks ago and it is such a huge improvement in all aspects (form factor, menus, battery life, video specs). Ordering the A7SIII housing likely this week so will report back once I've gotten it wet! Ergonimics is the biggest factor for me when it comes to housings. The cheaper housings (I've only had personal experience with Ikelite) don't place the camera controls in a place that ergonomically is easy to use underwater. I use Nauticam housings and that is a big reason for the premium price. I use Sola Pro 15K. You'll see a lot of Keldan posts, but bang for buck just isn't there imo. For video, I would say no, but Panasonic makes some good video cameras as well, if you wanted to maybe try and get a full kit used for less money. Not a lot A7SIII used housings on the forums just yet with it being so new. Much better. I use a Xrite grey card to white balance and my color looks great.
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