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  1. Hi Everyone, I recently purchased Sola Pro 15K video lights at a pretty substantial discount making the lumen to dollar value far better than Keldan. Unfortunately, Light & Motion doesn't have any sort of cyan filter like Keldan has for their lights. Has anyone made their own cyan filters for video lights and if so, what are using for the filter? Thanks!
  2. I have the Airport International roller so I do lose the space from the wheels and handle. Good to know the Accelerator gives you back some of that space, but seeing as how I already have a backpack that I carry and how heavy the ThinkTank is now, I'll probably just stick with the roller. Yes, I agree here. I wish there was a hard cap for the 230mm similar to what Nauticam sells for the WACP and WWL.
  3. @phxazcraig seeing your packed ThinkTank bag actually made me question if I couldn't fit all my gear. This is where I'm at so far: ThinkTank Airport carry-on w/ a7ii housing, n100 to n120 extension, zoom gear, 230mm dome, 2x Sola Pro 15K (only one pictured) and (maybe) arms. My carry-on backpack holds all my camera gear (camera, lenses, drone, etc) as well as my 70mm extension. All dive gear goes in my large roller bag. I will have to get a proper padded case for my regulator and dive computer since they won't be in my ThinkTank carry-on anymore.
  4. Thanks Phil. That's great feedback. Right now, my shoulder bag is usually a Peak Design Everyday backpack because I do quite a bit of topside shooting on my non-dive days. The 230mm won't fit in there, but you've brought up a good point and maybe some of the things I used to be able to fit in my ThinkTank roller (port extensions, etc) can be moved to my backpack. I feel like I spend more time trying to figure out how to travel with my gear than actually traveling/shooting with my gear.
  5. Have you thought about renting the lights just for the trip? Reef Photo rents lights and will credit your rental purchase toward a future purchase, if you're looking to upgrade your S&S strobes in the future.
  6. Hi Guys, Previously with my my Nauticam 180mm dome, I was able to fit my dome, A7II housing, port extensions and even my regulator into my ThinkTank Airport International as a carry-on. Now with my 230mm I can barely get the dome and housing (no port extensions) in there. I am also adding 2 video lights soon. How are you guys traveling with the larger dome? I'd really like to keep my entire kit together and not have to separate it across 2-3 bags and I don't mind checking it. Pictures of your setups would be great! Thanks!!
  7. White balance only goes up to 9900K. I use a red filter and "Underwater White Balance" mode and get decent results with my a7rII. I've heard the newer models are better at custom white balance.
  8. Nauticam Extension Ring 90 w/ lock - $300 Nauticam N1635-Z Zoom Gear for Nikkor 16-35mm F4 - $140
  9. Not selling zoom gear, only focus gear. Thanks.
  10. Like new focus gear for Sony 16-35 f2.8 GM $140 shipped
  11. That's actually great to hear. I just picked up a Zen 230mm that should be arriving Monday. I don't shoot fisheye as of now, mainly 16-35 (switching from sony f4 to 2.8gm), but glad to know I can in the future.
  12. Well, I ended up getting a really good deal on a Sola 15K so I will give my feedback in a few weeks. If I like the light and find the battery life/external module cost aren't prohibitive, I will purchase a second one. Thanks for your help!
  13. Selling my Nauticam N100 to N120 35.5MM Port Adaptor (#37303) w/ zoom/focus knob. Perfect working condition. Normal wear, no visible scratches. Need to upgrade, which is why I'm selling. Includes original o-ring, spare o-ring and rear cover. $400 (plus PayPal & shipping)
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