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  1. My favourite shot of 2006.... I love macros and Christmas tree worms are some of my favourite subjects.... I love the colours, DOF and composition here and it even got published in a magazine!
  2. Droool, that sort of speed is just mindblowing
  3. Giles, It was just like that here in Jamaica until we got some competition and the industry was deregulated. More or less the same price range. Rofl C&W is known region-wide for their monopolistic characteristics..... and a quick perusal of the C&W Cayman site confirms it. Anyway re the bandwidth I think a huge bandwidth pipe is set to be completed in your end of the world in the very near future...
  4. I'm pulling in about 50k on my 512kpbs connection, should be upgrading shortly to a 2Mpbs connection . Or maybe even 5Mpbs with a competing ISP's offering.
  5. For those who have used the Cressi Big eyes mask and the Atomic frameless mask, how do the two compare? I have a Cressi Big eyes mask which until recently I had felt was the cat's pajamas, but after reading some of the rave reviews of the Atomic mask..... I have to wonder if it's better........
  6. Wonderful shots Pak, they look even better the second time around . Oh and don't worry you've got plenty of talent, no need to buy it
  7. Many faces of Mr. Moray.... Laughing.... Yak, yak, yak.... Feeed me.... Rub my tummy! B&W Soldierfish Christmas Tree Worm Reefscape
  8. 'This is my better side' Ok, now one from above.....
  9. Thanks for the kind words all :-). I suppose there's a big difference in my shots, but don't think that is hard to do when you start off as an absolute beginner . I suppose the challenge is to keep improving, which I hope to do . The photos you see here are what I could salvage from a really bad day out, photographically speaking........ trust me on that! Cheers.
  10. Some shots from a recent dive... Blue Chromis Flamingo Tongue Macro of Brain Coral
  11. Great shot basslet, particularly love the varying patterns, textures and colours on the scorpionfish. Quite like the camoflauge, nice lighting also and good composition .
  12. BSAC Ocean Diver BSAC Sports Diver PADI Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) Started shooting with an underwater camera at around 50 dives.....up to about 90 dives now.
  13. Thanks for the corrections kriptap it looked like a balloonfish in my ID book. The dive side (trident wall) was littered with those crinoids, I counted a dozen at least. Here are 2 other shots, not particularly good...
  14. Shots from the weekend... Port Antonio, Jamaica. Balloonfish Juvenile Blue Tang Pillar Coral polyps Christmas tree worm Crinoid Black Coral seafan & sponge Brain Coral
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