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  1. By the way, I'll be using this lens with an Ikelite 8" dome, so any experience with this particular dome would be especially appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the input. Too bad there's no way to switch between macro and normal mode underwater. Still seems like it has a useful zoom range. Did you have any issues optimizing for the entire zoom range? That is, are the optimal port extension and diopter similar throughout the whole zoom range, or do you have to pick one set of focal lengths to optimize?
  3. Can anyone share their experiences using this lens underwater? I haven't seen it mentioned much, but with the zoom range and the close focus ability (up to 0.7x) it seems like a useful lens for macro work and fish portraits.
  4. Hi, I'm Jacob from New Mexico. Longtime nature photographer just getting started with underwater photography and looking to learn more from this community.
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