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  1. As of August 2010 I am no longer associated with Marine Visions / H2O Photo Pros.
  2. Unless there is a third party solution, the GP32 is the widest port available for that housing. The fathom ports like the wp25 and swp25 that Gates uses on their other small housings are not compatible with the Canon optics on the HFS11.
  3. It looks like a cool little monitor, but unfortunately there's no way it's going to have a strong enough signal to transmit from in the water to someone on the surface.
  4. I really like the way Gates utilizes the cameras open LCD screen. The body of the housing becomes a great sunshade. I've used this style housing in a lot of different conditions and have never had a problem with glare on the screen.
  5. Hey Ryan, I'd love to get to talk to the Canon "guru" that made that change. It was a lot easier with the old "memory" function.
  6. 14 steps? I have been using the HF S100 and the HF S21 has the same functions for white balance. It can be setup up to do in three steps. Func.....WB set.....Func/close. This of course assumes that you have already placed the function menu in the custom white balance position, which I always do because its the most common function I use on the remote.
  7. The WP32 is a glass port. The GP32 is Acrylic.
  8. The Gates GP32 port is acrylic and can be buffed out as long as the scratch isn't too deep. Novus Acrylic Cleaner and Polish is what Gates recommends.
  9. I emailed John Ellerbrock, over at Gates, and he's not positive it will fit. The citidisk is a pretty tight fit and the FS-100 is a little larger, which could cause issues. Are you in the U.S.? Gates is great about checking stuff out like this for customers. If there's a way you could send the unit to Gates, they could do some testing to see if it would actually fit.
  10. Gates designed a mount for the citidisk for the HVX housings. It mounts the citidisk under the handle of the camera. Looking at the size difference between them, it "might" work. I have emailed Gates to get a definite answer. 1.59" x 5.6" x 3.74" (40mm x 142mm x 95mm) for the firestore 3 x 5.6 x 1" (7.7 x 13.6 x 2.5cm) for the citidisk
  11. Here's a picture of how the nano mounts on the camera for use in the Gates EX1 housing.
  12. They are doing a documentary on Herbert Nitsch. He broke the world record today in Free Immersion Free Diving. 114m!!
  13. We are currently shooting in the Bahamas. Several days of this has been with the BBC. They had some very specific settings for the shoot in regard to the EX1 footage. The required the Gates housing with SWP44C with external monitor: EX1 shooting at 1080p25 (PAL) nanoFlash: recording quicktime at 1080psf25 The other cameras they are using on the shoot are a Panasonic HPX2700 and a Phantom v640.
  14. Most of the major video hosting providers are working on compatibility scripts to play videos on the iphone/ipad. Right now it largely depends on the file type that's being played. .flv's cannot be played on the iphone/ipad at all, but any "flash compatible" h.264 file (typically .mov's and m4v's) that plays in flash will be able to play on these devices, with a small work around. Here's a basic breakdown of how it's currently being done, with examples. Players are being made to work both in full browsers and on mobile devices. When you open a page on a website a script is run to determine what browser or device you are using. Based on the results of that script the player is served to your device in a compatible format. Example 1: David Ulloa's feature page has a flash video player on it. When opened on an iphone you will see a thumbnail with a small play icon. Click on that and the video opens up on the phone. On the ipad (just went and played with one at the Apple Store. Drew...I will need specific instructions on how to get the wife's approval!) The player will actually play the video without going to full screen, but still has the full screen option if desired. Where it gets really interesting, and somewhat frustrating at this point, is when the page has a player with multiple videos. In this case, the only video that will play is the first one in the playlist. Example 2: On the homepage of http://www.underwatervideography.com is a player with multiple videos. If you visit this page on the iphone/ipad, you only see the thumbnail from the latest video and there's no way to scroll or look at the other videos in the player. The 2nd problem is something that is being worked on, but no working solution as been found yet.
  15. You should be able to get a firewire cable that has 8 pin on one end and 6 on the other. I have had to do this in the past, just can't remember which system I was using at the time. Depending on your location, I have seen them at Fry's and Best Buy here in the U.S.
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