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  1. I'm an It Professional and a bit of a gadget freak, so have to say what a nice unit this is!!

    What a sweeeet device the Colorspace UDMA Card Reader is!

    So freakin' fast! and it rune almost forever on a single AA Li/Ion battery.

    I went 2 weeks without recharging and this little nugget didn't have a single glitch!


    Kudos to the Hyperdrive folks!

  2. I've always wanted to use HazMat stickers, but airline might balk. ...




    I made some stickers stating: "Caution: Fragile Sewage Monitoring Equipment...Handle with Care"

    The wife made me strip them off the Pelican 1650 cases....

  3. I'm with James. I have the HyperDrive ColorSpace and have been very pleased with it. A standalone unit in case my laptop craps out.


    My process:


    1. Copy card to HyperDrive

    2. Connect HyperDrive to laptop via USB and copy files to laptop

    3. Bak up laptop to external WD Passport drive.


    Like Mark wants, I end up with 3 copies.


    That is exactly what I would do... this looks like a sweet device. Too bad no FW800 ;(

    The nice thing about this unit is that it functions as a backup card reader as well as a drive.

    Just ordered the 500Gb unit!



    I also am curious about their Mac External battery....

  4. What is the current wisdom on external devices for storing RAW images separate from a computer?

    I'm needing a second storage method (I already have a external FW drive) as a backup for my data storage.


    I usually like to store my images on three separate devices while on a trip and am thinking about one of those devices that doesn't require a computer but can load my Canon RAW files from the CF card without a computer while oo a trip with limited access to power...


    I think i need a 500Gb size or so.

  5. I'm giving up UW photography and moving on to more terrestrial pursuits.

    Would really like to delete my WP account since I'll not be using it any longer.


    Is this possible to do on a self-service basis or is it a moderator only function?

  6. I use standard, non-TSA locks and stand by while the 4 bags go through inslection. About 1 of 5 times, I have to unlock.



    I use standard "real" locks.

    If you ask/wait for TSA and offer to unlock the bag upon request 80% of the time I never have to open them.


    The other 20% of the time I am quite happy to explain what they found and politely ask them to put it back carefully and away we go!


    I have started packing a single small Pelican with all my batteries and this seems to help the other bags sail thru... Helps keep the larger bags under the weight max also.

  7. I'm an IT professional - I LOVE saying that :lol: Kind of like being an internationally renowned embezzler :D


    At any rate... I trust no one technology.

    My photo data is backed up to a mirrored set of hard drives using Apple's Time Machine, to another disk using Carbon Copy and to an LTO2 tape using Retrospect.

    Once a month a tape goes to the bank safe deposit box and once a year a hard drive goes there too.


    Call me paranoid but.... :)

  8. I've used good ol' neoprene cement.

    Done right, it is stronger than the material. I tore a hole in my 7MM gold core arm pulling it on and cement worked great!

    I've also used it to make neoprene covers for equipment.


    We re also fortunate here in SoCal to have a population of cheap surfers so we have folks that will do more major repairs quite reasonably.

    My wife's favorite Henderson vest ended up with a split seam and for about $10-$20 we got it all fixed up.

  9. Brian,


    Not many people are using the 14mm 2.8 II (I assume you're talking about the II, not the old 14) uw from what I can tell, but I bought one and used it for quite a bit of the WA shooting ...


    ...I was very happy with the results, and I think it's a great lens!


    I was never able to get sharp corners on my 14mm. Actually bought the original Canon 16-35 as a replacement.

    were you using a diopter of some sort??

  10. I've got a Stylus 850SW that I use for Mountain Biking and other Outdoor activities.

    I like it OK as far as picture quality and reliability but unless Oly has changed some things on the new camera I'll bet these issues still exist:


    Proprietary USB connection (one more cable to keep track of)

    Does not charge from the Computer while plugged into USB (must carry the charger with)

    Expensive storage media. (there are other more "standard" forms.


    I'd be interested to hear if Oly has changed any of this.

  11. Very much interested in the flash. How did you get them separated, I thought they were one piece?



    Perhaps I'm not clear... I mean I'm willing to sell the Camera Housing and the Flash unit separately.


    The flash mounts to the housing just like any other port...

  12. $1200 including one S6 cable


    Originally this was only available as part of a housing/flash combo but now it is available separately.


    Custom built Ring Flash (from UK Germany) that does TTL on the Canon.

    This is essentially a housed MR-14 EX flash.


    The port mounts directly to a UK-Germany housing and I have no clue as to whether it will fit any others.


    PM me if you are interested.




    More photos of the unit are at: Ring Flash Images

  13. Well I've decided to wuss out and purchase an "old skool" rig.

    I've read and read and read and determined that the next 24 months should bring some interesting products to the market.

    Unless someone can convince me otherwise (you guys are all full of opinions :P ) I'm gonna purchase a Canon Vixia HV30.


    Small, light, seems to have good image quality and it uses tape.

    Other than the linear characteristics of the tape I cannot see a downside.

  14. I'm noticing that SDHC memory seems to be quite a bit cheaper than CF.


    I'm wondering about the possibility of using a SDHC card like the 16Gb Sandisk Ultra II in my Canon 5D with some sort of a card adapter...

    This card is around $90 and the same capacity Extreme III CF card is $150 and I'm contemplating buying a dozen cards so the difference is price is significant.

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