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  1. I noticed that last night when I got the photos on the "big screen" too. I'm using a 6" dome with a 25mm extension and cannot seem to get the entrance pupil location (seems to be a trade secret or something) so I'm having a difficult time locating the dome central to that. If anyone can tell me the answer to these two questions I's appreciate it: 1) Do I want the entrance pupil location to match the center of the dome? I think Yes. 2) Does anyone know the location of this point on the Canon 14mm? Seems to be somewhere near 20mm behingd the front edge of the lens face...The engineers in Japan have flat said NO to my requests... I understand that there are a few ways to find this point it is just that I only had 2 days between getting the dome and leaving for the trip...
  2. 14mm at 1/320 f2.8 (CC20 Red filter + Cyan Strobe CC filters)
  3. Well, I just had my first experience with the 5D and my bag o' lenses. They are all Canon primes. I absolutely LOVE the Canon 14mm. Following are are some sample shots (sorry can't figure out how to get them into the one post): 1) 14mm at 1/320 f2.8 (CC20 Red filter + Cyan Strobe CC filters) 2) 100mm macro at 1/80 f32 + flash (Night dive) 3) 85mm 1.2L at 1/125 f5.6 4) 85mm 1.2L at 1/125 f5.6 5) Previous image w/o crop or edit I've added the last two images as an example of how much you can crop with this camera... I am still struggling with the one/two strobe issue. I like the lighting better with the two strobes but geeez what a pain to push thru the water. The 100mm Macro is tough to focus as everyone has said but I'm hoping that when the ring flash comes in it wil make life easier. The 85mm was a wildcard. It fit the same flat port as the 100mm Macro but the body of this lens is so large in diameter that the manual focus gear got in the way. An extension ring solved this for me. I really like the 85 for portraits. I took some "head shots" of several divers in our group and they were really nice. The bokeh on this lens is super. I think that this would be my choice for Sea Lion shots at the Oil Rigs. Pretty boring otherwise but maybe with better fish (and a better photogapher) it might be more interesting.
  4. I have also taken to loking all cases (except one) and simply stating that I would like to be present and offering to unlock the case should they desire to inspect the contents. I just checked in both at LAX and MIA (doesn't THAT sound like aplace to lose gear) and not only had no issues, but never got asked to open anything!! I have found that the one item that always gets opened is the flash batteries fro my IKE200. I have 4 of them and simply wrap them in bubble pack with a address label stating: "Delicate Potograpic Equipment. Quesinots?? Call (999) 888-7777". I place them in my unlocked bag and viola! I must say that each trip is getting easier WRT the TSA You just need to be firm, but polite and you will get your way. I carry on my camera and lenses.
  5. Maybe I'm just anal. but I have a Suunto Cobra console clipped to a D-ring on the BC and a Mosquito on my wrist plus an analog pressure gauge clipped to the top right D-Ring as well. I like to see the depth and time at a glance so the Mosquito is great. My eyes have gotten worse so I find the analog gauge great for a quick pressure check. For more detailed info I will glanat my console. "Two is one, and one is none"
  6. Does anyone have an opinion on whether 1st or 2nd curtain is best UW? I'm shooting shooting full manual (5D w/ Dual SS200's)
  7. I finally got my housing port and extension rings all packed and will be testing them out this week. I hope to have some data to report on two prime lenses: Canon 14mm f/2.8 L USM (recilinear) and the Canon 85mm f/1.2 L USM I purchased the 14mm for WA specifically and have had such good lusk with the 85 on land I figured what the heck, I'll try it UW. Hopefully Curacao cooperates next week.
  8. I dive with a Halcyon SS Backplate and a 1st generation Pioneer bladder (http://www.halcyon.net/mc/pioneer.shtml) I find the weight distribution to be perfect (near the middle of my body) and end up with no ectra weight. Most times there isn't even much air in the bladder so a roll is never a problem.
  9. I'm new to the Digital thing. Just got my Canon 5D housed and was wondering about strobes and diffusers. When I searched the forums viola this interesting thread showed up. My question is more simple that what is discussed here but I figured rather than start a new topic I'd add my query here... I've got 2 SS200's and am shooting a Canon 14mm WA in a UK-Germany housing. Previously I'd shot a Nikonos w/ 15mm. I'm wondering if I should simply mount my flash diffusers permanently? Seems that dual 200's throw plenaty of light and most of my Nknons shots never used full power anyway... Any thoughts on the wisdom (or foolishness) of this scheme? Also, is there any value is using a cyan filter on the flashes full-time?
  10. Nikonos V + 15mm lens +10 rolls E6 (still sitting in my 'fridge) = decent backup rig Cost is $0 since I can't seem to part witht hem yet
  11. I use the Halcyon 2M marker bouy myself. It has a Coast Guard approved SOLAS reflective tape across the top. I also carry the OMS Dye Marker (Item # SD - DYE). The Dye marker seemed to take on H2o after 100 dives or so so I just replaced it. Also, a powered air horn is a necessity.
  12. I use a couple of different HTML viewers that support tabbed viewing. I'm also typically connected via a T1 or better connection. I have determined how to see all the replies on a topic by setting the user preference to a large number but I cannot seem to solve on issue... Whenever I hit the "search" button to get the posts since my last visit It seems to limit the number of results displayed on the page to 25. " Wetpixel :: Forums > Posts since your last visit" "6 Pages « < 1 2 3 " I understand that there may be some SQL advantages to doing it this way but what I'd like to do is to get the complete list on a single (albeit long) page. Then i can simply tear thru and open the "interesting" ones in a new tab. Then I can simply view from my tabs and dismiss the main search window. has anyone solved this, or is there a solution that I'm simply to ignorant to locate??
  13. Wow. We here on the Left Coast think of this area as being downright balmy Plan on doing any Cave Diving while in Florida? I understand it is awsome!
  14. Not a wasted, the genie gave me three. Sometimes just finding out the detail is worth it. The only problem I see witht his is that the ASMP arrangement is NOT published on the TSA site in any way. I've had issues before that were solved by simply brandishing a printout of the "official" TSA document. The public version of the camera policy should state what the ASMP deal is. The there is no dispute when dealing with the "knowledgeable" TSA screeners. I travel a ton (fortunately or unfortunately without my camera most of the time) and I cannot believe the number of screeners that don't even know the regulation on shoes, let alone pony bottles or cameras
  15. Here is an interesting TSA tidbit: http://www.tsa.gov/public/interapp/editori...torial_1147.xml The interesting statement is: "If screeners determine that it is necessary to open a rig for complete inspection, then the owner of the rig must be present and will be allowed to assist." Unfortunately the "rig" they speak of is a parachute, not a camera. Also of interest is: http://www.tsa.gov/public/interapp/editori...torial_1666.xml This reg states that firearms must be transported in a LOCKED hard case and that you may be present for any required inspection thereof. Here is another one: http://www.tsa.gov/public/display?content=0900051980069ab5 This is about musical instruments. It is really interesting So, all you have to say is that your M-16 Oboe is packed in your locked hardcase wrapped in a parachute. That should gain you the right to watch it being inspected! Why cannot the Photo industry lobby get someting in place to at least allow us to watch our many $$$$ equipment while it is inspected??? How 'bout you industry guys putting your collective muscle together?
  16. Just got back from a wedding in New York and the photo pro was packing his stuff in one of those hard golf club bags. He said it was definitely the way to go! Lotsa room with wheels to boot. Definitely didn't scream Camera...
  17. This is one thing that was confusing me when I first started participating here.... everyone was saying how "high iso" was a bad thing. I couldn't understand for the life of me what the issue was. Silly me, the 5D was my first digital rig! High ISO stuff is pretty impressive on this camera Here is an untouched shot (cropped a bit though) using a 135MM at f2 and an ISO of 1600. Not UW mind you but I needed a shutter speed of 800 or better and I was indoors
  18. We went on the Ocean Rover and would go back in a heartbeat. Way cool stuff, nice H2O temps. Macro heaven.
  19. I've got both the Sandisk Extreme III and a Hitachi 6Gb. My plan is to use the Solid state card for my UW stuff because in the unlikely event of a flood, the microdrive would be more at risk. I very rarely fill the cameras buffer (Canon 5D) so the speed of the card really isn't something I notice. Only on 2 occasions have I noticed the wait... the first was taking some surfing pictures (and I can't remember which card I used) and the second was at the Professional Bull Riding competition last weekend. I was shooting with the microdrive and found the wait a little too long. I think the speed of the Sandisk would have been nice but I chose capacity over speed for that event. As an aside, shooting at ISO800+ didn't turn out too badly. I had hoped to stick with 400 but when those cowbos go flyin' they are really moving!!
  20. I've got a dual 2.5 Powermac and lusted over the lrge monitor. I chose the 23" and opted for 5Gb of RAM instead. I use a single monitor and am considering a second one now that I'm using Aperture. Maybe if I'd selected the larget monitor I'd not be looking for a second one but who knows...
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