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  1. Not knowing much about studio lighting...it seems that if you attached a UW strobe to your camera and placed it above the pool that you could then use the studio strobes as slaves based upon that flash.
  2. Lambis, I understand your frustration. I just spent several months tracking down info on Port/Ring Stobes and Housing options for my Canon 5D. I did go into this with my eyes wide open and expected the typical delay getting the information. You would think that living in the US would have made things easier but it did not. In the end I selected the UK-Germany housing. Uwe doesn't even have a distributor in the US so I bought this unit sight unseen from a distributor in Canada. I purchased my housing based completely upon the reputation of the manufacturer. I'm sure I'll have some issues getting parts/service at some point but I hope they are not too major. Only time will tell. Distributors have their place in the food chain for sure but the Manufacturer alpys a large part in the purchase decision too. BTW, your English is better than my "other" languages!
  3. The photo you see was shot using ISO50 slide film. Actually, this one is my wife's since she is the "macro girl". What you see there is un-retouched digital scan. I'll get around to tweaking is someday. I've noticed that most of the 35mm scans look underexposed when scanned even though the film looks good. Probably need to work with my scanner a bit but up until recently we have been boring our friends with a "true" slideshow.
  4. I'm looking forward to trying a ring flash. Hopefully the images won't look too "flat" witht he all 'round light. As you can see it is possible to get nice macro shots using a single strobe:
  5. FYI, this lens is the Canon 14mm. As to the flare I can attest to the issue above water for sure!
  6. I hope that the 14 isn't so UW. I certainly notice that it is a challenge on land. If the sun is in my face.... well you know how that goes If the sun is at my back I'm constantly fighting my own shadow!
  7. I've also got the 5D. Rumor has it that my UK-Germany housing is on its way. Can't wait!! We (the wife & I) settled on the following: Canon 100mm Macro with the manual focus capable port Canon 14mm Aspherical WA under a dome Hopefully I didn't pick the wrong WA but what the heck, we'll find out. I measured the 14mm and I think the 85mm 1.2 might fit the dome too. I'm really interested in the 85 for use with Alex's Magic Filter. It is pretty fast and using a high ISO seems altogether possible with the 5D. I can't promise a review of the UW performance as the water is in the high fifties and I'm a wuss but I will post a review of the Housing & Port fit, finish and ergonomics as soon as I get the sucker unpacked. BTW, the 24-105 that folks are mentioning is probably way too slow for UW. It vignettes above water at its widest setting so I'd imagine you'd not be happy with it. The 100mm Macro looks like it will be a really nice lens for portraits as well as Macro.
  8. We have signed up for the same course in Belize and are also seeking info on the course/instructors
  9. I'm digital now but up until last year it was Fuji Velvia 50 for Macro and Fuji Velvia 100 for Wide Angle I find the color saturation better on slide film and it ends up being cheaper in the long run for me. I scan the best and save thoe digitally. From there you can go to pront or you can have enlargements made from the slode itself. I've heard rumors about the Velvia going away but I haven't tried to buy any sine last year...
  10. And the inverse is true. Nothing ticks me off more than allowing the non-photo divers to look at the critter first only to have them silt it up on their way out!
  11. The simplest way to solve this would be to reverse the process. A vacuum chamber would be the ticket but I'll bet there isn't one on the island...
  12. Personally I enjoy such a spirited exchange. I'm a "modified" vegetarian and am married to a "real" vegetarian. I added fish back onto my diet after several years travelling to places in the US where they thought vegetarian meant fettucini alfredo or cheese pizza. Have you ever heard of a tuna melt coming with bacon on it? Neither had I until I had one served to me... but that is another story There are several organizations that support "sustainable" seafood harvest (as has been mentioned by other posters). Here is one of ur local links: http://www.mbayaq.org/cr/seafoodwatch.asp Not to seem overly zealous but those of you non-fish eaters might want to visit this link to read some of the impact that beef producton has on the environment. Remember that pesticides used to grow the grains that the cattle eat are more than likely finding their way into the ocean.... remember DDT? http://www.panda.org/about_wwf/what_we_do/...pacts/index.cfm
  13. I just bought a Canon 5D and would do it again. The quality of the pictures is amazing. 13mp allows one to crop the crap out of a photo and still get a good looking pic. That being said, housings were/are an issue. I just placed an order for 2 UK-Germany housings that should be delivered by mid-Feb so I haven't had it UW yet. The plan is for one to be set up with the Canon 100mm macro and the ring flash that UK makes. This wil yield a basic point & shoot macro rig with TTL. The second will use the Canon 14mm WA. Santa brought a f1.2 85mm that might fit in the dome so I might monkey with that. No TTL on this as my plan is to use my old dual Ike 200 setup (and potentially Alex's Magic Filter). I'd like to promise a review to y'all but it is really cold in the California waters this time of year so I cannot promise anything before early May.
  14. I have the Ikelite handle with the strobe mount and like it very much. It is contoured and fits my hand well and it is really easy to remove from the mount using one hand. I used it as a hand held fill just as you arer intending but I had a Nikonos V and the 15mm WA lens. Mark
  15. Actually was able to check side by side. Wifey and I work in the software industry and were wary to update both The screen brightness set in the center is now looking like what it looked like at the high setting. The new dislay is definitely brighter although I wonder at what expense.... you just don't get sumthin' for nuthin'!
  16. Having just ordered 2 UK-Germany Housings for the Canon 5D I certainly appreciate that the Manufacturers have a place here. It is really important for there to be a place where the mfgs can have their opinions and defend their products. In the US we have this News organization that touts "Fair and Balanced" reporting. Pretty funny actually since they cleraly have a conservative bent, but at least the concept is sound. I love having the reps here and I'm really glad they are both identified and encouraged to participate. Look forward to my review of the new UK-Germany housing! Mark
  17. 150mm Macro on the 5D? Are you useing the Sigma 150mm f2.8? Have you tried the Canon 100mm on this camera yet? Mark
  18. We haven't been to both resorts but spent a few days at KBR while waiting to get on Ocean Rover in July '05. The house reef was healthy, and the guides helpful. Food wasn't too bad and the room was basic but comfortable. We would return. Mark
  19. I have a PowerSlide 3600 from Pacific imaging. It uses a carousel of 100 or cartridges of 50. I've scanned about 3000 slides this way. Mark
  20. Maybe I'm nuts, but I cannot see the differnece above water between ISO400 & 100... I just shot some low light pics inside the chapel at the Santa Barbara Mission on my Canon D5 and cannot for the life of me see a difference.... maybe it is my old eyes but am I the only one who can't see the difference??
  21. Ah yes, but the only housing that never leaks is one that is never opened Besides, you gotta drink sometime.
  22. This may not be the correct forum but one could argue the finer points forever so here goes... Does anyone else think it is silly that we can get 12MPixel cameras, 6Gb CF microdrives but noone puts a USB2 or firewire port in the housings? I can shoot several hundred RAW pics on my Canon 5D using a 6Gb card but when I want to download these I am forced to open the camera to get to the card! Short of rolling my own (certainly possible using an extra flash port) has anyone else found a commercial solution to this problem? Am I crazy or doesn't this seem like sometjing we all would want? Mark
  23. I've just acquired 2 Canon 5D cameras and am now shopping housings. If price were no object I can see that Subal rates pretty well.... but alas, I shot my wad on the Cameras and both a 100mm USM macro and 14mm 2.8L wide angle. Can't get momma to blow the dough on TWO Subals So, I'm looking at the Ikelite and UK Germany housings... Any opinions on the UK housing would be appreciated. I also see that they have a ringflash port for macro and was wondering if anyone has any opinion about this as well. Mark
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