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  1. Accessories? You mean Video cameras need accessories? I've got a decent tripod already and I'll just make the wife carry the camera if she gives me too much grief. WA lens might be interesting. This is also why I'm so interested in the new Canon 5D since I already have lots of nice fast glass for it... Also, 5 lbs seems heavy to me but I guess that is what HD takes...
  2. OK, < $3K USD Lenses? I didn't realize that video had options there My main concern is balancing image quality/weight/storage. Please forgive my video newbiness My still camera is a Canon 5D and I've got a bit of glass for that one so one of my options is the new 5D but I cannot tell when that is really going to be available. (B&H says approx December) I'm really torn on whether to spend a grand or so on something that I'll want to ditch in a year or so or to step up to something I'll be happy with for 5+years. I also don't want to schlep this thing to Africa and then be disappointed with the quality of the output, but I'm using Apple products to build my DVDs so more resolution/quality than iMovie or Fin al Cut can handle might be overkill.
  3. Since all the gear experts are here.... I'm kinda moving away from diving and doing more land stuff. This means that instead of all my dive gear I have more opportunity to schlep camera gear I'm now looking for a reasonable Video rig suitable for travel (like safaris and stuff). HD is not a requirement (but is always nice) and cost probably isn't too much of a concern either...but I'd like some opinions. Were you to buy a camera that is available right now which one would you buy? Oh, nothing "Red" thank you!
  4. Actually that combo with the 15mm would make a sweeeet P&S
  5. interestong article in thw Wall Street Journal on Fuel Surcharges and the airlines... http://blogs.wsj.com/middleseat/2008/09/04...charges-follow/
  6. Half the boat I was on dove dry. They were form New Jersey and most brought their "warmer water" dry suits. all left with tears in them so if you go dry, bring repair stuff and be prepared to deal with a flooded suit while diving.
  7. http://gallery.me.com/HooverMarkD#100087 I don't know what the rules ended up as but if you get chance the land stuff was spectacular! The biggest issue there was not stepping on the criters! I took an 85mm as well as a 135mm (w/ 1.4x extender) and the wife unit took a 24-105 for the land. Forget the macro lens for UW it just isn't worth it. My UW choice was a Canon 16-35 WA zoom and I was happy. We dove wet in our SoCal gear. It was cold and currenty but a whole bunch o' fun.
  8. Ive got the 500D diaopter and it is sweeeeet! Needs only about a 12mm extension on the port.
  9. This was taken with the 100mm macro and a 1.4x Canon extender on a 5D (cropped the snot out of this one!)
  10. recursion 6 dictionary results for: recursion Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This re·cur·sion /rɪˈkɜrʒən/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ri-kur-zhuhn] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –noun Mathematics, Computers. see recursion.
  11. I can't believe that Apple bailed on their "own" FW800 on the Air. Were it not for tis faux pas I would be buying one right now (before momma gets home)
  12. After a decade of diving, we have decided to spend out vacation time (and $$) doing some other things like safaris and whatnot. So, this means that I'll be selling some gear. Here is what I have: UK-Germany 5D housing with 1 S6 and 1 N5 port plug Custom built Ring Flash (also from UK Germany) that does TTL on the Canon. Misc bits and bobs (like extra o-rings, circlips etc) I've got about <100 dives on this since Dec of 2005 when I purchased it. The gear is very well maintained and almost pristine. $5000.00 for the set. Here is a review I did of the housing for WP: http://wetpixel.com/i.php/full/review-of-u...ng-for-canon-5d PS, I'll also be selling my dive kit soon. This is mostly Halcyon stuff like Stainless Steel Backplates and wings.
  13. There are many who consider the kelp in SoCal to be world class. San Clemente Island is really nice.
  14. This is what I do. You can find some really crapped out luggage at garage sales or I'll bet even at the Goodwill.
  15. I throw out the obvious crap in the field and make most other decisions at home
  16. All this discussion has left out one important item: painkillers I was at Waktobi and one of the guests had a pretty nasty lower back injury. On of the doctors on our boat started asking around to see who had what. Fortunately I had some Darvocet or something like that. It is exceedingly difficult to get a doc to prescribe stuff like that on a preventative basis but I always get these filled completely even though I know I'll never use 'em. Almost everyone has some stuff like this sitting around the house. Controversial I know but... My kit is typically: Malarone Cipro Zithromyacin Some generic painkiller like Tylenol 3 Robaxin (a muscle relaxant)
  17. It is nice that everyone can have their own opinions irrespective of the facts.
  18. I'm interested in how y'all would go about pricing used equipment. There are four main categories I see: 1) Modern UW Gear still relatively up to date stuff like housings and strobes but just not used any longer. 2) Ancient Gear stuff like my Nik V 3) Misc useful stuff Strobe arms, Pelican cases etc... 4) Cameras and Lenses Ancient stuff it easy to find on eBay. Cameras and Lenses are also relatively easy to price and I can probably find alternative uses for stuff like Pelican Cases. It is the modern gear that is tough to price. Like housings for newer digital rigs and the like... any thoughts?
  19. Sorry, I'm still here (and relatively happily I might add) and believe that SOMEONE has to lead. It does work. Look at the Emissions of automobiles in the US. CA took the lead and as a major economic power we have the market share to make a difference. I don't always agree with draconian policies but...
  20. I have also used the : "I'm sorry that is not my interpretation of the rules." Ether let me in, or put it in writing and deny me entry into the country.
  21. Pygmy seahorses (saw 3 varieties) The pipehorse is really cool of you can get the right angle. Really had a nice time there.
  22. I've got 2 Pioneer Wings. Great stuff so much so that when one got snakebit in some luggage I bought a third as a backup (amazing what AquaSeal can do) from a dive shop that still happened to have one in stock. I guess I'm lucky. Both the wife & I have about 150 dives each on ours and absolutely no issues on the seams.
  23. And as a consequence of all this I lost my eMail for almost the entire day because apple decided to do "maintenance" o the me.com site. totally hosed thos of us mac.com users. All this for a crappy non-computer piece of hardware.... Taht said, I'll probably be getting one for test drive later in the week...
  24. Sure, www.uk-germany.com I'm really happy with the 2 housings and the ring flash we purchased. BTW, here is a sample photo of a blenny taken with the UK ringflash You can clearly see the flash tubes in the blowup of the eye: Other than that it is a wonderful TTL unit.
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