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  1. We have a ring flash from UK-Germany and it is TTL for the Canon 5D. You can get very close to the critter and the only drawback is that you can see the strobe tubes reflected in the little buggers' eyes. I don't have a photo handy to show tho...
  2. My workflow is similar.... Day of the shoot: Copy the card onto a second drive. Import into Aperture Trash the "obvious" trash. I rate shots I have looked at with 1 star (this way I on't look twice and I don't miss reviewing any either) Shots worth tweaking get 2 stars Really nice ones that only need a crop get 3 stars Later I go back to the 3 stars and look closely to see if they are indeed so. I then rate the good ones 4 stars Now I go back down the rankings. As I tweak/crop these get 4 stars In the end anything under three stars gets thrown into the bit bucket. The best ones end up at 4 stars and any exceptional one or two (yes that is all I get form a day) end up at 5. Then I burn the project onto a DVD. My goal is to keep no more form a single day than will fit on the DVD.
  3. Not really. Just an interesting number that I had on hand form a treadmill test.. I guess it means that at 40% my CuFt last longer
  4. Actually, the numbers I have are actual O2 consumption. This number is used by Athletes. SAC is another measure that is typically used by divers.
  5. SpareAir is better than no air but... In a perfect world I'd be diving a small set of doubles with isolated manifolds using 32% and running my computer on air settings. Unfortunately, that isn't possible most places I dive so basically more air is better air. If 3CuFt helps you stay alive then OK but as has been mentioned earlier this is a pretty contentious issue. Here is a question for you: do you know your max 02 consumption rate at the surface? Here is what I know about mine (mind you this is absolutely Max) Feel free to correct my calcs since I did them in a hurry If my heart rate is topped out my Max 02 consumption is 46.8 ml/Kg/min Now I weigh 70Kg so at 32% mix 1 CuFt will last me about 25 seconds So, the 3CuFt tank would last me all of one minute. Now, hopefully I'm not maxed out heartrate wise, but one must also then account for the consumption rate at depth. Trust me, if you do run out of air at depth, your heart rate will most probably skyrocket and so will your breathing rate.
  6. I have 2 8Gb cards and and typically swap them once per day. This leaves the housing open only long enough to change battery and card. No fogging and less chance of a flood since I typically am more fresh in the AM than between dives. I don't change the lens that often.
  7. Personally I feel that 3CUFt is not enough air to be truly useful. I would look at a 10-13 CUFt bottle myself. Of course there is significant dispute/discussion on the issue of a "bailout" or "pony" bottle.
  8. Every year, we plan the next years trip based upon who we meet at the Show. Mostly aimed at consumers for sure but we typically enjoy a Sat morning there. Unfortunately, I'll be out of town this year
  9. Here are 2 examples of the softness problem. This is certainly not due to the lens, but rather the dome and water:
  10. I own the "older" lens and the 14mm is so wide that it is impossible to get sharp corners at most reasonable UW apertures. I have since moved on to the 16-35mm f/2.8 L USM Lens
  11. The MicorFix/ResQfix unit have the best of all the worlds: 406 MHz (COSPAS-SARSAT) and 121.5 MHz (SAR homing frequency). 100 meter position accuracy when GPS coordinates are present. I had cannisters made for a reasonable amount of $$
  12. I'll post a photo and costs at: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=24926 Seems that I remember I paid about $100 each fr the cannisters.
  13. Not "real" PLBs. The challenge with the current set of PLBs is thst you have to get a cannister to take them to depth. I imagine that this will remaon the case for quite a while. My cannister was custom made by a guy here in SoCal that makes custom lights. I gave him the PLB and he made the unit to suit. It is clear polycarb so TSA doesn't give it a second look. Tested to almost 600 feet I think!! It is almost neutral in my case I'm interested in hearing about the laser. I've read about them but I cannot believe it is better than a flashing strobe. Used to carry dye packs but moved on to the Rescue Streamer. It is really simple and longer lasting.
  14. Saw this post after the Komodo one, so here is my Emergency kit: ACR MicroFix PLB (with GPS) and homemade cannister Signal Mirror (a real glass one) 2 (or 3) meter tall SMB (with SOLAS radar reflective strip on top) FireFly plus strobe RescueStreamer (Aviator model) Dive Alert Seems a bit overkill but I don't cheap out on my camera or other dive grear so it is just crazy not to carry this stuff.
  15. Well said. As an American, I am often embarrassed at some of our policies but c'mon... I effectively "register" with many of the countries to which I travel. It is a fact of life. What really bothers me is when I have to give all my passport info (and sometimes my passport) to the hotels when I check in...
  16. A 406 GPS Personal Locator Beacon such as the MicroFix form ACR is well worth the investment. I purchased 2 model PLB-300 and had cannisters made for them. Every diver should have one of these. I admit that I don't carry it when I dive locally but...
  17. I have no financial stake in any of these transactions but I can vouch for the ruggedness of the T42P I have owned 2 of them, and one of my clients recently moved from IBM to Dell and none of the T42P folks would give theirs up. Most are still being used even today.
  18. One of my favorite dives locally here. Viz can be from 1M to 50M depending upon the day. Eureka, Elleen and Elly See some info her: http://diver.net/bbs/posts001/59954.shtml
  19. I like that. disclosure is always best.
  20. First of all, we are all benefiting from rock bottom airfares here in the US. When folks stop choosing an airline because the ticket is $185 instead of $200 on the competitor, then most of this crap will stop. If you don't like the bag charge, write the Airline CEO and tell them you will no longer fly their airline. Then don't. It may seem tough, but voting with your Dollars/Euros/Pesos/Bhat, or Rupees is the only way to win. Personally, I'd like to see the airlines charge a fee by total weight of Passenger AND Bags. Step on the scale, slide your credit card in the machine, show your ID and you are off! Fair for everyone
  21. Well, I guess I'll have to stop calling it a "Double Standard" and start calling it a "Doubilet Standard". Can't wait to see this style of image showing up in all the UW galleries in the future ;( Agreed that these guys are pretty hardy, but still the example being set is wrong. I have some of DD's work and it is indeed beautiful, but I also hold him (and NatGeo) to a higher standard.
  22. This is so unfortunate as I found all the Balinese we met to be very appreciative of our Tourist dollars.
  23. Still, two standards don't seem right. Seems it depends upon who you are. I really don't see these images as "scientific" but rather commercial. Slippery slope. Kinda like hunting whales for research IMHO.
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