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  1. I think it is amazing that we do not see wholesale condemnation of these images. Were I to enter one of my photos in a contest here at WP, and the critters were so obviously handled/posed you guys would have my head!!! Why is this case any different???
  2. Arrived in Bali on 12 April. The folks from Wakatobi met us prior tp customs inspection. We sailed thru with only a brief explanation of "diving and cameras" The only thing in our bags were housings and strobes. The camera bodies were separate from the lenses and packed in our carry-ons (small backpacks). Much easier that Mumbai, India IMHO.
  3. I'm not too thrilled about my eMail address showing up on the link. I get enough crapmail already. Any way to mask that?
  4. I know we all hate to have our carry-ons weighed, Especially since the latest round of size/count restrictions have been placed on checked baggage but remember: Unlike the massive cargo hold, each overhead bin does have a very valid weight restriction. Therefore, weighing the carry ons does make sense. I also think that if the passenger can't place the bag in the bin without help then perhaps the bag is too heavy and should be checked I've seen plenty of bins come crashing open due to heavy bags.
  5. Just got back from Wakatobi... can't say enough positive about it. We are mostly liveaboard divers so are pretty spoiled. Sure, folks can find something to bitch about anywhere but here are the major positive points for me: 1) 70 mins off a boat is plenty. Remember that there are other folks on the boat too 2) The reefs are so healthy it was hard to find a safe "finger spot". 3) The house reef is available from 6AM-10PM It is nice for photos when the current isn't ripping. It is a really fun ride when it is! 4) Viz was decent to good Took only Macro lenses so as not to be disappointed. 5) DMs are great. If you want to follow, do so... if you want to go off with your buddy you can do that too. The function of the guide is "critter spotter" not baby sitter. 6) Boat Crews were happy and helpful Cameras were handled professionally and with great care. 7) Camera room was secure, comfortable and had plenty of space. 8) Diving was on a civilized schedule. Briefings for the 2 AM dives at 7:40AM and the PM dive at 2:40PM 9) The Jetty Bar was nice, and the booze was not too expensive when you consider that it is a small island. 10) The locals at Wakatobi (and Bali for that matter) were soooo happy to see us. Not too common nowadays given the shitty U.S. Foreign Policy. 11) Critter life on the reef was pretty good. 12) Few biting bugs Even the mosquito lure wife unit didn't get too many bites The bites I got didn't itch much (not at all like the Peruvian mosquitoes) Don't bother packing gloves as they are not allowed. Now for the negatives: 1) 110V power is clean but somehow funky. Batteries took a long time to charge My Maha charger fully charged batteries only on the refresh cycle, not the charge one. 2) The concept of vegetarian is understood but the variety leaves a bit to be desired The resort is comprised mostly of Swiss & Germans and veggie isn't a big culture there It was hard to get a complete protein mix each day but they try to accommodate If you like Tofu and brown sauce you can have that each day if you like. Would I go back? Probably so, but there are so many places in the world to explore Here is one of the shots we took:
  6. Just returned from a trip LAX->SIN->DPS 2 persons, Economy class 4 checked, 2 carry-on bags Each checked bag 50lbs (one was 70 on the return) Carry ons were 12-30 lbs each (small backpacks) Here is what I found: No carry-on weighing at LAX No individual bag weighing outbound from Bali Only slight queries form Balinese Customs about the cameras. I only had 2 bodies total but several lenses.
  7. So, can't wait to hear... are your corners soft???
  8. I particularly like the "Doom cover 170" Now THAT should solve ALL my problems
  9. I must agree with Bryce. Not all of us get the opportunity to shoot hundreds of UW photos each year. Certainly it is better now than when I started with 1 roll of 36 exposures (maybe even got them developed same day). However, many of the high-end photo mags ALWAYS include the camera, film, lens and exposure info with each photo. This type of info is invaluable to the newbie like me.
  10. I live in a SoCal beach community and I'm always surprised to see someone toss a cigarette butt into the gutter 1 block from the sand. Although not as surprised as they seem when I make them go pick it up
  11. Agreed that the fins are the most likely but I've also seen planty of folks using their hands in the sane ad well. They try the one finger trick and all but just don't realize how little sand it takes to make a shot un-doable (or doable with a 20 minute wait).
  12. The "Lembeh sticks" are used to anchor into the sand so as not to silt up the bottom. If more folks would use them, I would be happier. Nothing pisses me off more than waiting patiently for the non-camera folks to look at the critter only to see them silt up the bottom on their way out...
  13. Had an interesting conversation with my lawyer regarding a single line on my website... I am an IT consultant specializing in some really obtuse software. My website home (www.hoovernebrig.com) page said simply: "Your source for Teamcenter Consulting" seems that I can't say that for some variety of legal reasons. It now says: "Your best source for Teamcenter Consulting" Seems that simply adding the qualifier makes it an opinion, not a statement of fact and now all is legal funny IMHO
  14. I've worn gloves ranging from nothing to tropical to 5mm at Catalina. I find bare to be pretty tough. Tropical is nice. Thin enough to feel things but adds just enough insulation to keep the fingers from getting numb.
  15. so, do your other pieces of equipment say Catsup, Relish and Mayo?
  16. I've always wondered about the contact cleaner spray. safe for use on the port?
  17. I'm needing a Cellphone with similar capabilities. My boss needs to get hold of me... also I might need to call someone.... The conversation might go like this: (yelling into the phone of course) Uncle John? Guess where I am. Yep I remember that too. No really, guess where I am? You'll never guess. I'm in the Cayman Trench. Yep and guess what? I just peed in my wetsuit! I'm sure you have all heard this type of inane conversation in an airplane, train or while you are eating dinner. Can't wait for the last peaceful sport to be interrupted by all the man made noise.
  18. I'll never purchase another LCie drive!! 'Nuff said.
  19. Actually I find that if you have the time and take the time to be really pleasant, act ignorant and ask them to show you the printed regulation it can be helpful for everyone... In India I find what works best is to simply ask for a written and signed letter note stating which regulation you are violating works realyl well also.
  20. I've taken to simply purchasing an extra set of locks to place inside the luggage. I attach a note to TSA asking them to relock the case with these when they are finished "inspecting" This seems to work well for me. I'm more concerned with them "repacking" the contents than I am with them opening the case.
  21. I've got a Canon 100mm macro on a 5D body and am considering the Canon 500D Close-up Lens on the front of this for super-macro. Any opinions???
  22. Well, I was in the same boat this year when I moved my Business over to Mac. I had a contact manager (Goldmine) that I had used for over 10 years. I initially evaluated VMWare's Fusion for the Mac (http://www.vmware.com/products/fusion/) as well as Parallels. I was quite impressed with Fusion and since I was familiar with VMWare from my Server exploits I purchased a copy. At any rate id idi solve my immediate issues and allowed my to move forward. I have since moved on to Daylite (a native MAC contact manager) and don't need to run Fusion any longer, but it still sites on my mac just in case. Give Fusion or Parallels a try. Maybe it will work for you.
  23. huh? Did you mean to write: "I'd be surprised if you didn't shoot Macro 2/3 to 3/4 of the trip" ?
  24. How about using one of those "tubie things" I saw someone mention in a past posting... this could help narow the beam I'd imagine. Interesting. I experimented WA in the past with a cc20 red filter and a cyan filter on the strobe. Do you think a filter on the stobes to cool down the light would be helpful? Or do I simply adjust the Raw image after the fact?
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