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  1. Well, I just purchased mine and set up the jig to calculate the entrance pupil. Does this number look reasonable to anyone else who has played with the lens?
  2. How did you find the extra task load of having the camera to be? I know this is technically "deep air" diving and many folks have discouraged cameras in tis scenario.
  3. I've been shooting my 5D with "older" Substrobe 200 handheld. EOn the boat everyone is looking at me like I'm crazy (especially since I own two strobes) but I'm kinda finding that I enjoy the dive much more with a single strobe. I'm still learning but I think I'm liking this better than having the two wide strobes out there looking like a UFO. I am heading out tomorrow to pick up the new Canon 16-35 and since the minimum focus distance is 0.28m/0.9ft I'm hoping to do some portrait work with the single strobe. Time (and practice) will tell...
  4. We are headed to the Galapagos at the end of October on the Peter Hughes boat. After the trip we are taking a short trip to Machu Picchu so we will be needing gear for both land and sea. Typically we simply pack it all but since this is not exactly a warm weather trip I'm afraid I can't do that I'm also packing 2 sets of SS backplates we've spent some time collecting a nice set of glass but I've not been to either of the locations before and am paralyzed by the options. So, the question is this... if you had to select from the options below what would you pack? There are two camera bodies (both Canon 5Ds) and it is a given that the wife will shoot her 100MM macro and ring flash. For the second body the choice is most likely the new Canon 16-35mm zoom. First question is should I pack two Substrobe 200s for my WA? I'm leaning yes unless someone can convince me that I don't want to be pushing a rig like this thru the currents. For land we also have available (all CANON) EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM - definitely packing this EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM- definitely packing this Other candidates: EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM (this is also useable UW albeit in a limited fashion) EF 14mm f/2.8L USM (this is also useable UW) EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM EF 135mm f/2L USM EF 300mm f/4L IS USM Extender EF 1.4x II What would you pack assuming that there are two people hiking about the ruins after the dive trip? Also, would it be worth having a EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM in lieu of any of these?
  5. Always. Practice "Safe Shooting" Now the questin you SHOULD be asking is: "how many of you dive with your LENS cap on?"
  6. i had an interesting conversation w/ my insurance provider and they indicated that once equip was take out of the US there was no coverage... Anyone else heard of such an exclusion??
  7. I was crazy enough to try the Canon 85MM UW when there was no WA. I had a blast taking pics of fish, lobster and octopi. Not ideal mind you but 'twas fun! I also experimented in Curacao with a CC20 red filter ans Cyan filters on the strobe. I may play with both these combos again someday.
  8. We were extremely fortunate to have been our on the Cayman Aggressor over Christmas on year. The weather was great and the best part is that there are no Cruise ships allowed in port on Xmas so the crowds didn't exist. We woke up moored just off Stingray City and were the only ones there There was a downside to this though... it seems the critters are used to a regular feeding and we were attacked by what behaved as a pack of hungry dogs! Noone got hurt but there was quite a lot of bumping going on. I think that all the feeding has definiely affected this particular ecosystem.
  9. I agree on the SMB thing. Mine is 40+ lbs of lift on a 100 foot sinfer spool. Nice in an emergency situation like a BCD failure or so but I typically also carry another SMB that the boat provides and I will use that in any non-emergency situation. Practice does make perfect.
  10. This issue is really starting to tick me off. Canon absolutely will NOT reveal the correct entrance pupil location for any of their lenses. I had to make a jig to find the location on my 14mm Wa and I guess I'll be using that jig again. We as UW photogs should band together and convince Canon that is it in their best interests to provide this info. what it means to me right now is that I cannot make my decision to purchase this lens because I don't know what extenson ring length I'll be needing. Come on Canon... the entrance pupil location isn't the formula for Coca-Cola!!!
  11. Here is a goby shot by my wife w/ the Canon 100mm macro on the 5D (slightly cropped)
  12. These were shot w/ a 5D. The way this came about was simply a set of circumstances... 1) The 85mm is my wife's favorite lens topside. She never travels without it. 2) The UK-Germany port diameter is HUGE (so is the lens diameter BTW) 3) I shoot WA mostly 4) There wasn't much WA that day. Everyone on the boat thought I was nuts. After all, the min focus distance is around 3 feet. I shot both with and w/o a single handheld old school Ike SS200 and I think I had more fun that had I taken the WA setup that day due to the lack of scenery. Here is another shot. ISO 160 F8 1/125 shutter Manual flash
  13. Not altogether practical but not a total loss either given the right conditions:
  14. Oooooh... I couldn't wait and had to buy mine from te Apple store Therefore I only got 2Gb and a 120Gb drive. I'm relatively happy with this since we only really use this machine for travel and everything gets transferred to the G5 tower wen we get home.
  15. Our experience with Indian airline travel was that there are no "real" rules. Each person we dealt with had their own interpretation of things and only when I asked for them to show me "in writing" where it said thus and so was I able to make much headway. The upside is that we felt very secure once we got on the plane but it is a challenge when the rules vary form airport to airport. I do take issue with Drew though... it really doesn't matter what your airline says... when you get to the man in the uniform his interpretation rules the day. You should have seen my discussions about batteries in Chennai
  16. We just got back from there in Feb... Diving was great although we were on the Ocean-Rover and got out to a few places even further off the beaten path. I dove in a 2mm and my wife dove in a 3mm (both fullsuits). We both wear hooded vests though. The water was 82-83 in Feb and even with 4 dives per day we were planty warm. Since she gets cold pretty easily I'd say your shorty will be fine. Several divers were in shorties although one was from Canada so he doesn't count Can't help you on the plugs though. They have an interesting setup and we didn't have a need to charge anything until we got on the boat. A word of advice here on luggage... they say one carry-on and sometimes they mean it. The restriction is enforced at their security point so it is a crapshoot. They seemed to indicate that batteries were banned but this was not enforced everywhere. Anything that is powered and could "make a sound" seemed to be an issue as well. Fortunately they didn't realize that my dive computer could beep or that would have needed to be checked. Never had my carryon weighed though. In fact they hardly looked askance at my large pelican when checking in. Customs was interested tho' and tried to prevent our entry because we had "too much expensive stuff". We managed to get in without paying a bribe at any rate. Oh, and each flight transfer (like in Chennai on my Port Blair to Chennai to Mumbai leg) means another visit thru security with your carryon. The young ticket agents are quite suseptible to a smile
  17. I shoot WA and when there is no WA scenery I find that shooting WA closeup is interesting. Plenty of time to play when the wife is firing away with her macro rig. Like this picture of a sponge where I put my strobe up against the base for an eerie effect. DOF was not quite enough but were not for the really soft edges I would have been really happy with this one Also I've been playing around with WA closeup in other places like Curacao: All these were shot with a 14mm WA Canon. Still unsatisfied with the corners bit the Curacao shots were at f2.8 so I guess I shouldn't be too picky. Personally I feel that Macro is easier than WA. Seems that a macro shot kinda composes itself (and you don't have those annoying bubbles/backscatter/divers to deal with.
  18. Color me paranoid if you must but I only trust non-magnetic media for my trip backups. I'm a computer professional and I can tell you the formula is pretty simple: Forget about Mean Time Between Failures and all those other supposed measurements about reliability and remember this one simple measure: The chance of a disk crash is in direct proportion to the irreplaceability of the contents. I use Aperture and have resorted to setting up a separate project for each day. One folder for me and one for the wife. At the end of each day I burn the project onto a DVD. 4.7Gb is quite a few images even at 13Mb per...
  19. Interesting that the 24-105 has been mentioned... I already have this lens. Nice all around lens but I've never thought about trying to house it. The 1.5 foot minimum focus distance doesn't quite seem close enough but perhaps it is because the 24-70 is about the same and the 17-40 is only about 6" less (as is the 16-35). Any thoughts on the 24-105? This would probably be a PITA to house because the front element(s) move quite a bit meaning the port would be a challenge to get correctly positioned So far for the price difference the 17-40 seems to be winning!
  20. Actually my housing is the UK-Germany one I am actually able to squeeze the Canon 85mm lens into this. Uwe's ports are pretty large diameter. Since the 24-70 is smaller than the 85 I'd probably be able to squeeze this in. 85 3.6" dia x 3.3" long 36 oz. 24-70 3.3" dia x 4.9" long 34 oz. Your comments about the 16-35 are exactly what I'm afraid of given my 14mm experience. Steven Frink also commented on some softness when he tested the 14mm also. This would be a pretty expensive solution to still have soft corners IMHO.
  21. Looks like they are geting 1 signature a minute...
  22. I'm currently shooting a Canon 5D with the Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L USM lens on it. Nice WA coverage but both a bit soft in the corners when wide open (probably due to a variety of issues) and this lens is REALLY wide and therefore somewhat boring to use when the WA scenery just isn't there. Also, I'm headed to Galapagos at the end of October and am considering other choices. Here is my quandry: spend $800 or spend $1600 ? Make the wrong choice and I'll never get authorization to buy another lens Also, this lens might become my primary land lens. Here are my choices: EF 17-40mm f/4L USM (about $800) http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controll...mp;modelid=8940 EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM (about $1100) http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controll...mp;modelid=8503 EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM (about $1600) http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controll...p;modelid=14907 Pros? Cons?
  23. In the case of my 14mm (1.2 pounds) and dome port the unit is slightly negative but the balance isn't optimal since the dome wants to be "on top". this is a function of the compact housing (UK-Germany) and a fairly heave camera (Canon 5D) I also travel with an 85mm Canon lens which is 2.3 pounds and when I put that inthe housing it is much less likely to tip. The same camera and housing with the ring flash is nicely balanced and very slightly negative. Most of the folks I meet are in the "slightly negative" camp. I've tried to offset some of the negativeness of my heavier setup and did notice the difference.
  24. Seems like it is time to escalate... I would now begin contacting each and every manufacturer that advertises on the site starting with AGIR. http://www.agir-brokk.com Seek to speak with/contact the Marketing and/or Legal folks at these manufacturers. If the site starts to get pressure from their suppliers then they might rethink their practices. The EU has pretty strict IP protections and I'm sure these manufacturers wouldn't appreciate THEIR IP getting appropriated. Who knows, there may even be some EU law that exposes the advertisers to some liability after they have been notified.
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