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  1. Interesting discussion... I have moved into a SS backplate for ALL my diving. Warm water or cold. I've also moved into a small 18# rear bladder. Not much lift I agree but enough to get the job done. The upside of this is that the majority of the weight is rignt next to my body and is distributed evenly. in cold water I dve with a Steel 80 and 2lbs more weight and in warm water I have no extra poundage. Very little air is required in either case to trim me out. The downside of this is that with my steel tank I tend to "turtle" a bit if I am horizontal and completely relaxed and the extra travel weight is a bit of a pain but the simplicity of a single strap and backplate are worth it. I'm sure many of the DIRers out there will point out that In the case of a bladder failure I may end up heavy at the bottom and without any weight to ditch but my SMB has about 60# of lift for such an emergency.
  2. I agree that the key is to be as neutral as possible without air in the BC then a simple full breath in pushes the "up" button and the opposite to go down. I find myself exhaling when I need full control for a shot.
  3. TTL seemed to work well. after all it is using original Canon electronics. While the unit seems bulky when added to the housing the whole rig is only slightly negative. Easy to handle UW...
  4. Yes, the flash inside the UK-Germany unit is a MR-14EX. We just completed a trip to the andamans and this unit was used pretty heavily. I will write a review (with pics) in a couple of weeks when I get back home. Please send me a PM with any specific details you might like covered in the review.
  5. While no expert on deep diving I do enjoy the option to "clip off" my camera just in case I need my hands free. I went the the local climbing store and prchased some tubular climbing webbing (http://www.rei.com/product/610111) Sewed this onto two bolt snaps and it makes for a nice relatively tangle free setup that hangs below my fins. I guess i don't have much concern over the tangle hazard as my scissors can solve most any problem like that. Given the chioce between my camera and my life the answer is clear
  6. Really? I'm not a video guy, but to me it seems that any slowness in the 1+0 would be due to either the drive or the RAID card. I recently rolled out three new servers for some engineering applications and they used a relatively new drive solution and i'm really impressed. Pretty much off topic but the solution was a Dell MD1000 drive enclosure+ a Perc 5e RAID controller and the chassis is filled with 15 each 149Gb 15,000 RPM SAS drives in RAID 1. all this for about $8K. I purchased 6 of them. 3 in Raid 1 and three in RAID 5. That is 1.9Tb in level 5. This is a 3Gbps solution and I cannot believe how cheap this stuff has gotten!!
  7. I have thought about that but given that the original drive died, i just don't have enough confidence to use it any more
  8. CA diving is close enough to cold for me to wear gloves. I dive wet and my fingers do get chilly in So Cal.d I've compromised by chopping off the tip of the index finger and thumb on my right glove.
  9. RAID 0 is fast, but there is NO redundancy. This means if one of your drives goes, you are lost. Raid 1 would be my choice ig I only had 2 drives to work with but it is not going to be as fast as level 0. If I were to choose and I had 4 drives I'd be inclined to choose lavel 1+0 (sometimes called RAID 10) but this doesn't work out too well in a portable syatem. There is a REALLY good discussion of RAID from IBM at: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/e...0_cselraid.html It may be a bit too technical for some but it really lays out the advantages/disadvantages of the different choices. also, be aware there is a difference between "hardware" and "software" RAID. Hardware support is always preferred. On a related topic... I've recently (over the last 2 years) gone through several (3+ of 7 purchased) LaCie 500Gb drives. Seems that these cases contain two 250Gb Western Digital drives in RAID 0 and they are failingtoo often for my liking. Granted I'm not easy on these but... as with all RAID 0 setups if one of the internal drives go you are hosed. Seems that LaCie won't warrant these for over a year. They treat them as disposable. I'll not be buying these any more. Thank god for tape!
  10. Cropped: Uncropped: As you can tell I'm no pro... but when it comes to boring the frineds silly with our Vacation pics the choice is clear
  11. Ansel Adams cropped: http://frontiers.loc.gov/learn/collections.../langarts1.html If it is good enough for him it works for me too He also did quite a bit with exposure and post processing his negs! A computer is just a tool. I wonder what Ansel would have done had he had the option....
  12. Don't know about Adobe products but I've got a 2.33 Ghz (Intel Core 2 Duo) Mac Book pro w/ 2Gb of RAM and it runs Aperture seemingly just as well as my dual 2.5Ghz Power PC G5 w/ 5Gb of RAM. I'm sure there are some differences but I can't readily tell I'm sure when I actually start making the MBP work a bit I might notice but so far, it isn't annoying.
  13. Yes, all camera functions are available. Yes, the flat port is class. The dome is Plexi
  14. We own two UK-Germany housings. Mine is for WA (with a 200mm dome & 14mm lens) and I shoot with twin Ike Sub-Strobe 200's. Non TTL My wife shoots macro and we are anxiously awaiting the ring flash from Uwe for her to try out. I'm pretty happy overall. No complaints about the housings at all. I can get to all the controls and even my wife (who has small hands) has no complaints. Uwe was the first non-plexi housing out of the gate for the 5D and if I had it to do all over again I'd still buy the UK-Germany housings. Since the 5D and Canon's 100mm focus so well, I'd would skip the manual focus capability on the Macro port. Language issues definitely exist dealing w/ the company since they are in Germany and there is no U.S. distributor but the housing is really nice. Also, I don't think anyone else would have been able to fit a port to my Canon f1.2 85mm. I am getting tired of pushing the dual strobes thru the water tho and am considering stepping back to one. Two strobes is nice when the water is calm, but swimming up-current is more work than I care to put up with. So, off to 400+ ISO and we will see what that allows me to do. i hope to use the flash simply as fill at that point
  15. I would definitely be interested since I'm shooting a Canon 14mm... however, I would anticipate that I'll not be able to afford such a beast and since I'm shooting a 5D I'm learning to simply compose for cropping I'm most disappointed with my WA close ups as the Nikonos 15mm was such a beauty for that. Even when there was no suitable WA (like lembeh straits) I was able to get some decent shots. My current set up just doesn't do it for me the same way...
  16. Any opinions on the OMS Slipstream fin? I see they have a new material and have slightly changed the design...
  17. I suddently feel better about my issues with my 14mm and the 5D. I'fe built a jig and done the math on the entrance pupil but still have soft corners like I see in everyone's examples. My next plan is to somehow build a "extendable" extension ring and shoot a set of test images.
  18. Really love it. Nice workmanship and the balance is pretty nice. I can get to all the functions of the camera. I'm having a heck of a time getting the port centered because friggin' Canon refuses to tell me where the entrance pupil is for my 14mm. I built a rig and did the calcs but the edges still seem soft. I need to get in a pool in the daylight so I can make sure it isn't aperture related. Uwe is one of the few folks making a flat port that is large enough diameter for my 85 mm F1.2 L glass. I played around with that and can't wait to try some seal lion portraits with it. I actually have 2 housings. One for me and the other for the wife. Insta-spare I mean the camera not the woman.
  19. I stand corrected! As an owner of a 7/5 "Original" Gold core and also some Hyperstretch I don't see how they did it. Seems like the lining would be incompatable witht he outer skin. Oh, forgot to mention that the Hyperstretch suits that we have look pretty ratty once they have come in contact with any velcro
  20. I'm a bit confused... I didn't know that Henderson made a hyperstretch gold core... At any rate we are CA divers and wear the 7/5 Gold Core. We also wear a full hooded vest underneath. My vest is also a gold core and my wife's vest is a Hyperstretch We find this to be just barely tolerable some days here in CA. The Yukon and Point Loma are too cold for this IMHO. The Coranados are quite nice with this rig. We did spring for the gold core boots and they were a definite upgrade from our original ones. The Gold Core lining dries pretty quickly but can be tough to get on if you sweat at all. Particularly the calves and arms. I've torn my right sleeve twice. The wife liked her hyperstretch vest so much that all her warm water suits are hyperstretch. Mind you that she wears a 3mm with a 5/3 hyperstretch hooded vest in warm water. I'm happy in a 2mm or just my vest in the warmer climes and even I find the CA water too cold. Good luck in your quest... I definitely recommend a full overjacket for surface intervals.
  21. This is a shot of my rig w/ a single SS200 strobe floating freely (well actually sinking a bit). I find the propensity of the dome to twist like this not at all annoying. I do agree that two handles would make things easier to handle though...
  22. I'm having difficulty with the latest luggage restrictions. Particularly with the 50# limit on checked bags. I would like some recommendations on wht you would take to the Galapagos for a week... I'm shooting a Canon 5D and so is the wife so we can have 2 rigs topside... Here are my choices (all Canon): 85mm f/1.2L - This is fast becoming our favorite topside lens 14mm f/2.8L USM - This is my UW lens so I'm takin' it 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM - The wife's UW lens so this one is coming too! 24-105 mm f4 L IS - Nice range but maybe too slow?? A little soft? 300mm f/4L - Heavy but... what about those critters... 135mm F/2 L USM - Fast lens. Great for Bull Riding shots! EF 1.4x II Teleconverter The 1.4x fits on the 300 and the 135 So as you can see if I bring all of these plus two bodies plus.... plus... Is the 24-105 worth bringing? The 300 seems to be a definite front runner. Current thnking is that for land the 300 would be mounted on one body and the 85 on the other... bring the 1.4x extender.... The 14mm doesn't weigh too much to pack to the mountains Or do we bring the macro? It is a nice 100mm lens too. Tripod seems to be way overkill. Monopod maybe though. Oh yes, we will be going to machu picchu the week before the dive trip. I'm soooo confused
  23. Interesting but my original query was looking for SHORTER fins than my Atomics However, it seems that folks would recommend my Atomic Splits for Galapagos diving due to currents??
  24. Has anyone thought about/experimented with large zip-loc bags that might allow a simpe giant stride w/ camera in hand? Seems that the bag would mitigate the significant pressure encountered when entering the water. I know that I'd feel better with my camera in-hand and relatively untouched by other humans
  25. We used to really enjoy the Coranados. Our favorite boat was the Blue Escape, but alas they are no longer in operation. San Diego is 100 miles south of San Pedro/Long Beach. From there Catalina is a 25 mile boat ride. If you are comfortable in open water (I mean really comfortable and really open), the Oil rigs are an experiance not to be missed. October is the best month when you factor in vis and H2O temps. Hollywood Divers (http://hollywoodivers.com) has a monthly trip. Reef Seekers (www.reefseekers.com) also has a trip almost every month. You may experience vis from 3' to 100' depending upon the week. Also, many boats run from San Pedro/Long Beach to Catalina. Really nice diving but it does make for a long day as the travel time between LB and Sd can be really nasty. If you are up to really cold water you vcould try Lois Ann (www.loisann.com) to the HMS Yukon. California Kelp diving is a blast and unlike anything you will find any where else ao there is the Point Loma kelp beds. Beware though... my experience in SD made me wish for a Drysuit. Coronados were warmer, clearer and more fun IMHO. Here is a Red Urchin shot from the Coranados:
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