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  1. Hmmmm... didn't know sharks could tell colors
  2. The force fins look like kiddies fins to me I've been contemplating replacing my Atomic Splits. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE these fins. Comfortable nd work really well in open ocean. If you have to swim any distance back to the boat, these are the fins for you. However, for tight space ptoto these suckers are simply waaay too long. I'm grazing (or almost grazing)stuff too often since I've now got a camera to worry about. So, any thoughts on fins that are short? I'm thinking of the Scuba Pro Jet (adding the spring straps) http://www.scubapro.com/prod/fms/Jet%20Fin/Jet.htm They seem to have been around quite a bit. Most of our diving seems to be tendered. Also, there is a planned trip to the Galapagos on the Aggressor boat so I'd hate to pack the wrong fins there. I'm quite comfrtable with frog kicks and find myself using this kick 80% of the time right now. I've learned how to back up in my Atomics too but I'm looking for the better solution. I'm typically pushing a dual strobe rig and the wife is a macro grrrl. Naturally, Fins are a personal choice, but I'm interested in opinions. Stuff like "my calves always hurt when I used this fin" or "Only use these if your legs are in shape" or even "I hate F'in Scubapro because ..."
  3. Interesting topic but no one has mentioned the one skill I feel is most necessary: self-rescue Whether or not we want to admit it as soon as we take a camera underwater we are no longer diving with a "helpful" buddy, nor are we as a photog a suitable buddy for others. I am continually amazed with the boats who insist upon pairing divers up with folks unknown to them simply for the convenience of the dive operator. I no more want to be responsible for someone than I want them to be responsible for me. Will this person be able to help me should I need it? Will they panic and grab my regulator out of my mouth (why I have a 2M hose and a second reg around me neck) Self-rescue and UW problem solving skills come only with experience. Not just UW experience but life experience too.
  4. The cavers have a saying... two is one and one is none! I'd definitely have a backup battery, but then again I have 2 SPGs, three flashlights and two primary regulators.
  5. already did 2 Xmas holidays there. Didn't get across though.
  6. Not a Typo. 2007 is already full with Galapagos & Andaman Islands.
  7. I'm planning my 2008 travel schedule and would like to go o Cayman Brac. I'm seeking recommendations on the best time of year to go as well as land based operators for lodging and diving. I shoot WA and wifey shoots Macro so something for everybody would be nice. I'd like to get to Little Cayman too. We would be planning 7-10 days and would probably do 4 dives a day (or night). There would probably be some too. Oh yeah, food is important also.
  8. To William's point, even if you take the time to find the "right" point you may not get what you hope for. I have a Canon 14mm that I calculated the lens entrance pupil as 53mm from the mounting face. I did this by focusing on a distant point and swinging the lens until the point did not move. This is apparently how the pano guys do it. I then centered my dome (A UK-Germany Housing for a 5D) and the corners still were fuzzy. I'm no expert but the dome seems to really mess with the virtual image (plus the 14mm is rectilinear) and I'm at a loss to explain it. Perhaps someone else can help out... pretty frustrating all in all...
  9. This type of thing is only understood by Industrial Suppliers Need a "Plunger fot my loo" and you might find it at a Hardware Store...
  10. Here are three shots taken with the 14mm. Un cropped and un-edited. you can see that there is no vignetting but on the shot with the silversides in the cut you will see softness in he corners. also, if you look at the brain coral you see it in the right hand corners. This is puzzling to me and I'm such a rookie that I can't explain it... The other photos are in separate posts following.
  11. Not sure which "setup" you are referring to but I just got back from Belize with my 5D and the Canon 14mm. I have no vingnette issue with my UK-Germany housing and the dome but I still apparently have some issues with the dome centering. I did the calculations to determine the entrance pupil location (53mm from the face of the lens) and UWE provided me the calculations for his dome and we centered the dome very very close to that point. I take quite a few WA closeups when there ain't much else and I have significant blurring in the corners. I haven't done any "real" testing at smaller apertures in a well lighted pool but the issue may indeed be more to do with the depth of field, virtual image and the recti-linear character of the lens.
  12. This is actually one of the reasins I made the tongue in cheek Linux comment... Linux ix killer for machnes that are too "old" for Windows. It is relatively cheap and pretty robust. I'm using a Mac for my photos but also have a Linux box available. I was wondering if there is anyone else out there thinking about, trying to ues, or using successfully any flavor of Linux for their photo work?
  13. What color strobe filter are you using with the Magic? I've been using a Cyan filter on the strobe in conjunction with a CC20 Red but have a Magic on the way.
  14. Hey, what about us Linux users? Sorry, couldn't resist.
  15. I told my wife that I was making some official looking placards that said: CAUTION!! Sensitive Sewage Monitoring Equipment. Open with care. She nixed the idea for fear that the airlines wouldn't accept the bags
  16. Casino Point is one of our favorite dives. It is a really nice place to go if the crowds are not too thick. I would avoid it during the day on Saturday as it is a popular place for OW certification dives. I've seen close to a hundred divers there on a weekend! Also, be aware that many of the hotels have two or three night minimums during the peak season. Our favorite thing to do is to take the high-speed shuttle over in the AM on Friday and then spend the afternoon diving. If you plan your dives on the "off times" you may indeed be the only one in the water. We typically enter the water about 10:30AM when most of the divers are doing their surface interval. Air service there is pretty good although I like to take my Nitrox tank and then have it topped off with air and they won't do it at the "air trailer". You can get "clean air" in your Nitrox tank if you go to Scuba Luv downtown (10 mins walk wth a tank). We enjoy the sandwiches at the place just across from the Casino (cross the street from the restrooms). Be aware that certain locations near the wall smell like piss so make sure and bring a tarp for the ground. Also, I've stashed a tank or two in the lockers for a night dive and they smelled less than appetizing as well At least it wasn't my regulator B) I highly recommend this location for diving most non-weekend days. I never get bored of the park and you can find stuff from 10' to 100' simply by moving form corner to corner. There is typically some really cool bull kelp just past the North side at about 80'. In my opinion there isn't much to do beyond diving. If you are on foot you can cover the whole town in about 2 hours (longer if someone wants to shop). There are inland excursions but I've never been there long enough to check them out.
  17. Agreed! I'm no pro and I pitch many more than I keep and this tool is super. the ability to auto-stack based upon a time gap is invaluable. This helps me separate the wheat from the chaff quickly. I'm no editing expert but the tools provided do OK fo rme. Afterall we all only crop our photos anyhow right?
  18. FYI, I calculated the entrance pupil location for my 14mm canon WA lans and it appears to be 53mm from the mating surface Now to get the dome center placed correctly
  19. I have a couple of the 500Gb LaCie drives on my G5. I can attest to the issue of RAID failing and becoming unrecoverable. Happened to me once. I now have a tape drive that uses LT02 Ultrium tapes (200 Gb native). http://www.quantum.com/Products/TapeDrives...-2HH/Index.aspx I now use one of the 500Gb drives as my main, with a daily backup to the other 500Gb drive and a weekly backup to the tape. Tapes go off-site to the safe deposit box at the bank. May seem like overkill but the value really is in the data in the end
  20. I stand corrected. I also understood that you were speaking of the big boys... I'd be really careful with postings like this. Perhaps you might want to edit the original before is gets crawled too many times. It really is unclear to whom you refer.
  21. I travel with my buddy. She also doubles as the "Designated Driver" in a pinch While we both are photographers but while my thing is WA, hers is Macro. Anyone who feels that the two of us are "dive buddies" in the traditional sense is fooling themselves. We do have some signaling system between us, but sometimes all we see is the bubbles of the other behind a piece of the reef. Often I might be at 100 feet and she at 25. I believe that any photographer is essentially a solo diver and should be trained to behave (and gear up) as such. I find it offensive that dive resorts insist upon buddying up divers without concern for the interests and/or experience of each. Not that I don't enjoy getting to know other divers but I do not enjoy taking responsibility for another diver and especially when the ability of that other diver is unknown to me. How do I know they can function in an emergency? Will they panic? If I require assistance will they be able to come thru in a pinch? Let's encourage dive operators to support solo diving. This solves everyone's problem, not just the Photographer. If a Diver is not comfortable diving solo, then it should be their responsibility to bring a buddy or stick with a divemaster. This may seem harsh, but the reality is that we are all responsible for our own safety UW in the end. So, I can highly recommend Easy Divers at Habitat Curacao since they provide 24hr/day access to the water and Solo diving is also allowed. I also can recommend the Thai boat Ocean Rover.
  22. Perhaps this would be better titled "Fraudulent Distributor"?
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