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  1. Hello all, forum newb here. I am a fisheries biologist in Washington state and work primarily with Salmon in river and nearshore marine environments. I would like to find a video camera that will allow me to take videos of fish behavior both during daylight and night hours. Much of the behavior we observe occurs at night, so I will be focusing quite a bit of effort during the hours of darkness. I was hoping that you all could point me in the right direction of what product(s) I should be looking at for my purposes. I am leaning towards the use of IR lighting Vs. visible spectrum lighting so as not to (a) attract fish or other organisms to the light and (b) potentially deter fish or other specimens from entering the frame. I am hoping to observe the natural behavior of subjects in the environment whilst disturbing said behavior as little as possible. The camera will be deployed primarily in fresh water in a river (flowing) environment. I would like storage capabilities, so that I can start filming, and leave the camera to store footage over a set period of time (or until the memory is full). Having real time viewing capability is not a must, and I would prefer the memory be stored in the camera, rather than in a viewing station as it will be frequently heavily raining and or snowing whilst the camera is deployed underwater. I hope this information will help guide me towards the appropriate camera(s) for me needs. Budget is not necessarily an issue, but I would like to keep things within lets say 200-1500$
  2. Hello, I am a fisheries biologist from Washington State. I found this site via an internet search engine and would like to ask a few questions regarding the best underwater video platforms that I may be able to use for research in our riverine environements here in Washington. Thank you, I look forward to using this forum. M
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