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  1. Hi Guys, Have any of you tried shooting close-ups with the wide angle on the cp995? After many comments on the YS90DX I have decided to go for it. It does sound like I'll have more flexibility with it. All I have known so far in u/w photo is the Nikonos V with SB105, used the 20mm and 28mm. This has been an education since I made the decision to try digital. All the tips have been great. I'll be going to Cozumel in a week and can't wait to see how I do. One thing with the YS90DX that I see is it has a built in diffuser. Will this be good with the w/a, especially since I'll be using one strobe for starters? John, the live-a-board sounds great. I have done some live-a-boards and such a great opp for photo experience. Happy diving..... Caroline
  2. James, Good point!! I believe you are right about that... on the Fstop changing when zooming. Thanks.. Here comes the rain in Florida...... Caroline
  3. Thanks so much, John for your tip. btw- I am very jealous of your trip to the Red Sea!! wow. That will be awesome... I hope to get there sometime next year. I am off to Cozumel for Thanksgiving this year,,, not nearly as exciting as the Red Sea... I have heard wonderful things about it.. will you be doing a 'live-a-board'? I think your suggestions on the settings will be very helpful. I currently have a SB105 and I am starting to think it may be worth the investment to get the YS-90DX because of the setting flexibility. I don't want to find myself missing too many opportunities due to messing with the strobe settings and exposure settings. I am new to digital and my cp995 and am getting familiar with all the various settings.... so would be nice if I didn't have to worry about the strobe so much. I welcome any words of advice on both strobe and cp995..... I am so glad I discoverd this website..... here's to great diving.... in the Red Sea. Caroline
  4. Hi James, Thanks for the added info. I guess I did come across as being totally in the dark. One problem I have is I don't have as much opportunity these days to go diving and each time I go its like learning all over again almost. This will be my first attempt using the digital and housing. I just want to be sure I have the right strobe for my setup. I do have the Jim Church book and has been my bible in learning u/w photo. Good advice, I will study the guide number section I was getting the impression that the SB105 could be too much power if wanting to shoot macro. I am curious about the YS90DX. I see it has a built in diffuser so good for wide angle, but wonder if it would give me more flexibility otherwise, i.e. shooting macro at lower power. By the way, this is a great website,,, very impressed with the wealth of experience I have found here Thanks Caroline
  5. Thanks for all the good info... James, I have already ordered the Aquatica and is being shipped as we speak. I am not too familiar with the YS90DX. Would I have more flexibility with this strobe compared to my SB105? I do use a diffuser mainly when shooting w/a with my Nikonos. But from what you said that even if used at 1/16 power at the highest fstop if shooting macro it could still be too much light? It was easy with Nikonos taking macro, set it at f22 and TTL, and as scorpio_fish said, "fire away". This may be a dumb question, but if the TTL does not work with the Aquatica since the sensor is blocked, then whats the point of the "TTL sync cord" connection? If I want to use TTL, will I need a TTL slave sensor even with the YS90DX? Scorpio_fish, nice pixs by the way. I appreciate your tips and will put them to use on my upcoming trip. I feel pretty comfortable with shooting manual with my cp995, but just not sure how it will all work with my SB105... will be all trial and error I am sure. Thanks a lot you all....
  6. Hi I have just ordered the Aquatica housing for my Coolpix 995. This will be my first attempt doing digital underwater. I think I can use all the tips I can find. Your macro tip was good and something to consider on my upcoming trip to Cozumel over Thanksgiving. I was wondering if you had any tips on the strobe setup. I have a SB105 from my Nikonos. Guess the Aquatica does not do TTL since the sensor is blocked,so will have to practice with manual. Any suggestions as to settings etc. doing either macro or wide angle? I have also ordered the wide angle lens from Aquatica. I hope I receive the housing in time to practice. I just read about the problem some of you have experienced with the shutter spring... I sure hope Aquatica has solved the problem.... That will be a real drag if below 75 ft and I come face to face with a ray or turtle or that once in a life time opportunity and the darn shutter won't work.... you would think for all the money you put into the equipment it would operate efficiently. Thanks for all and any tips..... Caroline B)
  7. Well,,, guess I will have to learn to go manual. I have already ordered the Aquatica. Have you used this housing? I know that when using the w/a that TTL doesn't do it so would need to go manual, but what about when doing macro? I always used the TTL on the Nikonos. oooops! guess I didn't do enough homework before ordering the Aquatica.
  8. Hello James, First, thanks for the great articles... very helpful. I recently decided to take the plung and try u/w digital. I already own the Coolpix 995 and have decided to go with the Aquatica housing setup with the wide angle lens. I have used the Nikonos V for a few years with a single SB105 strobe. I know the Nikonos strobes and sync cords are compatible with the Aquatica housing. I have never quite got the hang of using the strobe in manual to achieve proper exposure and now being a newbie with the digital underwater I would like to keep it less complicated in the beginning. My question is to do with the TTL. I have read some forum discussions on TTL and the Ikelite and Aquatica housings. Some suggest that with the Aquatica you are not able to use TTL because the sensor is blocked. ??? Can you shed some insight on this please? Also, is the SB105 suitable with the Aquatica and for wide angle? Thanks
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