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  1. I was able to free up some time and money last minute, and am looking to do a trip, most likely a liveaboard, this December or January (between Dec 12-25 or Jan 1-12). What parts of the world are good to visit during our winter? Thanks, Roger
  2. I have moved on to the D200 and have a NIkon D100 as well as an Aquatica housing for sale. Both are in excellent condition, and I am willing to negotiate on price, especially if I can sell both in one go. Thanks, Roger
  3. Rain-X is dangerous becasue it leaves a film. I have no experience with RVR, but have has lots of success with a whole lot of spit. Really lay it on there and it works wonders.
  4. While I usually tend to be more drawn towards fish portraits and simple shots, the chaos in this one makes it my favorite shot in 2006. It was pretty exciting when all these fish started going after some eggs on the reef. I never really got the lighting quite right because I was afraid the whole scene would be over before I could get it right... just a factor of inexperience. Fiji, September. First trip with the D200.
  5. I have been asked to photograph a musician in a rehersal setting and do not know how much to ask for in compensation. It will probably be about four hours, and the photos will be used on his website. I have also been asked to photograph a concert by the agency running it. I was hoping someone might have some advice on how much to ask for or suggestions to good music photographers to check out. Thanks, RK
  6. I will be spending a few nights at the Matemwe Bungalows on Zanzibar in late July/ early August. Is the diving good during this time of year? I will have my camera with me, but is it worth shipping fins, wetsuit, and maybe even housing over there for just 2 or 3 days of diving? Any experience with dive operators in the area? Thanks, RK
  7. I have only been diving at Cocos Island in Costa Rica, which is way way different from Belize. You do that only with a liveaboard boat (Aggressor or Undersea/Sea Hunter). I did notice, however, that the infrastructure on land is pretty much made for tourism. Its the eco-tourism capital of the world, and so, from my interpretation, while everything is beatiful, you aren't there for the Costa Rican culture but the tourism culture.
  8. I went in August. Plenty of hammerheads, PLENTY of rain, no whale sharks, no mantas, no courting Marbled Rays.
  9. I have one 4-8-8 for reeallly wide angle stuff in the blue. This is a pretty long arm and i most often use 2 4-8-4 arms I find this is plenty long, cuts down on packing size, and you could use it for Macro as well. I guess some people would say its not long enough, but I like it.
  10. Ive been there twice with my family and am heading back for a third go this December (we fly Christmas day). Each time it has been Ocean Club West for accomodations and Big Blue Unlimited. Ocean Club West is a nice place with pool, bar, etc. for my Mom and sister who took a few days off from the diving. Big Blue is the best dive operation I have ever diven with. They are very very professional, take out small groups, and make regular trips on fast boats out to West Caicos and French Cay. I don't know about the other dive ops, but I know thta Big Blue is pretty great.
  11. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...2853&hl=lanyard
  12. Thats awesome. I sent that link to all my aquaculture buddies down in brazil trying to grow Yellowfin Tuna.
  13. I've use 12-24 and found it a little too wide. 17-55 sounds just about perfect ($$$ )
  14. Joe, I made it through a company called Outside the Box Interactive. www.outboxin.com Great people.
  15. I've had a similar problem - Im shooting and everything is fine, and then about 5 or 6 photos are just black, then the 7th is fine. Wierd but I just kind of ignored it as it only happens once in a while (just hope that its not those 5 photos of the lochness monster)
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