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  1. Not really directly related to your questions but maybe of interest for some thinking of connecting Seacam strobes to Nauticam Housings via Bulkhead: I installed two Seacam 150 strobes to my Nauticam Housing this year after bringing them back from the Dive Show in Germany. I got them with the Seacam Bulkheads as the Nauticam ones were not available at the booths of the various dealers at that moment. So i decided to go with the Seacam ones and use the M16-14 step down adapter that Pavel mentioned above. The bad surprise: The Seacam M14 Bulkheads don't fit through the Nauticam Step Down Adapter as the thread is too long. I had the adapter milled out and filed off the front part of the bulkhead to make it work.
  2. UPDATE: Not for sale anymore ... thinking to keep the setup for another season
  3. Selling my Nauticam housing for 7D Mark 2 and Canon 7D Mark 2 body. Less than 2 years old, in great condition and well taken care of (camera body always in dry cabinet when not in the housing). Housing comes with port cap, spare o-ring, vacuum sensor and everything like on the picture – spare for the vacuum valve. the valve can be purchased separately if you want. Camera comes with battery, charger, strap, data cable, originally packed manuals and the canon cable clamp. Housing is in Indonesia but i could ship anywhere. I will also be in Europe in early January (BOOT show in Germany) and could bring it to there. Asking Price: 3250 Euro for Camera & Housing Also available for sale if interested (these items are only for sale with the package or if housing and camera are sold): - EF-S 60mm Macro - Tokina 35mm Macro - Tokina 10-17 Fisheye - Nauticam Compact port base - Nauticam compact port 30 & 15 - Zen mini dome for tokina 10-17
  4. The group is not visible to me anymore. I was completely blocked from it … so unfortunately i cannot find that thread. Maybe Bent can remember the exact dates.
  5. I hope i won't be kicked out of wetpixel for answering here Because this is exactely what happened to me after i joined into Bent's thread on the Underwater Macro Photographers Group (UWMP) on Facebook. As Bent i am not angry to not be a member anymore … but also seriously concerned where this policy will lead. It feels more like a North Korean regime than a internet community to me. I am really scared that there are more than 30.000 members seeing clearly manipulated images and nobody is allowed to point it out.
  6. I have shot the original 7D for several years and am now shooting the 7D mark 2. Both in Nauticam housings. And i must say, that the quality of the housing has almost improved more than the camera itself. Besides the AF i think the major improvement is the custom controls of the camera and the quality and controls of the housing itself. I liked my old Nauticam housing but the new one is just so much better. So i am with megtooth on this one: the nauticam is well worth a look.
  7. I was speaking to Subal on the BOOT Show this January. Having the Nauticam Housing already i was interested in comparing. They sent me an Email Mid February saying that the housing should be ready within 4-6 weeks.
  8. Selling due to recent upgrade … thought i would keep it as a Backup, but never end up using it. The housing is about 4,5 years old and well used. But works fine and has never been flooded. All gear is in Lembeh Strait / Indonesia. Going to Europe next week and can also ship from there. Items for Sale: - Nauticam NA-7D Housing for EOS 7D w. standard viewfinder - Canon EOS 7D Body Would ask for 1750 $ for housing and body - INON 45° Degree viewfinder adapted for Nauticam >> for 400$ - INON Port Adapter >> only selling with the ports - INON Dome Port II - INON MRS 60 Port for EF-S 60mm Macro and for use with the Insect Eye lens - INON MRS 100 Pors for the 100mm USM Macro 800$ for the three ports with adapter and Magnet rings. - Canon 100mm USM Macro Lens >> 300$ - Canon EF-S 60mm Macro >> 300$ - Tokina 10-17 Fisheye >> 300$ 3500 $ for the whole package.
  9. Remember to bring a suiting focal length when you come in two weeks David Won't work with your special 5x lens.
  10. thank you, yep, that's it
  11. Hello, really would appreciate some help on a Nudi-ID. I photographed this Thecacera Nudibranch last week and have no idea what it is. Firsat i was thinking it could be a Thecacera picta variation with just the orange/red parts missing. But then i realised, that first the black lines go all the way through and don't form the typical dots like on the side of the pica, second the red is completely non-existant and third the "ears" of the Nudi are very pointed and not rounded like on the picta. Photographed in Lembeh Strait in about 15m depth on a sandy patch. Anyone has an Idea? Cheers, Serge
  12. Hi Dustin, thanks for your review ... and nice to hear, that you enjoyed your stay. specially looking forward to the Hairy Frogfish footage with our loughter in the backgraound As for the food: we are working on some more western dishes and have now spaghetti back on the menu and are testing pizzas and burgers at the moment (in fact i am right now eating a home made pizza ...). Greetings from Lembeh and hope to see you again here soon, Serge PS ... we found a small pinnate & zebra batfish the week after you left
  13. A little update: I tried to mount the magnet of a friends strobe and it is perfectly fine. so the reason for manual mode malfuction was the corrosion of the magnet. serge
  14. Hahaha, was big fun diving with you Eun Jae. We have been seeing this green Phycocaris Shrimp now since about half a year, when one of our guides found it for the first time. They have been our "big secret" for a while, but two other resorts are finding them as now as well.
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