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  1. The next shot is taken on NAD Housereef, where a little group of Lembeh Sea Dragons (Kyonemichthys rumengani) lives on our Wreck. They stay on the upper outside of the hull and when you go in just before Dusk, you can see them letting go of the Wreck. Then the couples can be seen swimming together. f16, 1/250, ISO 160, 100mm
  2. We love Critters, we love unusual behaviour, we love night diving – and this is why we will have another Night Safari in 2012 – a week with a rather extreme dive schedule for extreme encounters! What to Expect: A Weeks stay at NAD-Lembeh Resort; with Night Diving as the main focus. In 2011 it was a great success and this year we hope to explore even further up the straights looking for unusual critters through the night. For Lembeh Addicts this is ideal as you are diving at less dived times of day. On the Dusk Dives we will look for Picturesque Dragonets, Mandarinfish, Mating Flasher Wrasse, Mating Lembeh Sea Dragons and other specific dusk behaviours. During the middle of the night we hope to see different / more critters than normally observed on the earlier night dives. There is also the advantage of having the dive sites to ourselves (more than likely) without other resorts being in the water. When: 18th to 25th February 2012. 18th Arrival Day: 6pm Night Dive 19th Transition Day. 3pm Afternoon Dive, 5pm Dusk Dive, Dinner, 10pm Night Dive 20th Dusk Schedule: 5pm Dusk Dive, Dinner, 10pm Night Dive, 1am Night Dive 21st Night Schedule: 6pm Night Dive, Dinner, 10pm Night Dive, 1am Night Dive 22nd Super Night Schedule: 10pm Night Dive, 1am Night Dive, 4am Night / Sunrise Dive 23rd Night Schedule: 6pm Night Dive, Dinner, 10pm Night Dive, 1am Night Dive 24th Transition Day: 11am Day Dive. 25th Departure Day: Departure or continuation on a different package. Total Dives included: 17 Breakfast will be whenever you wake up after the night diving nights (from last years experience, around 12noon). Lunch is usually with the other guests that are on the typical day schedule. Dinner is planned to be with the other guests at the typical time. On the Boat we serve snacks and tea / coffee between the twin tank dives. On returning from the dives in the middle of the night there is a light snack available (toast, noodles, etc – let us know what you prefer). Where: Throughout the Lembeh Straits, on both Black Sand sites and Coral Sites because we are doing twin tank Night Dives in the middle of the night we will go further and explore the less (night) dived areas. How and How much: Book directly with NAD at info@nad-lembeh.com. Price per person based on twin sharing in an Airconditioned room: $1056USD. Bungalow: $1122USD
  3. HI Lasse, if you want to get some coral diving in, then you can get that in Lembeh – no problem. Here at NAD we do Fullday Trips to the east side of Lembeh, where we dive various divesites, that offer spectacular coral as well as big fish (eagle ray, white tip shark, Giant trevallies and lot's of schooling fish ... sometimes even Hammerhead). Then we run day trips to Banka (similar to east lembeh but sometimes also other boats there). And we also do trips to Batu Kapal off the north tip of Lembeh – a cool pinnacle with lot's of softcoral, shark, schooling fish, barracuda and so on. And then there are lot's of coral sites at the end of the strait. We even have seen a Mola Mola here this month ... crazy but true. ... and of course all the nice muck dives If you are travelling with a group, you don't really need to worry about the trips ... as you will have your own boat (depending how big your group is of course ... ). Only thing could be waves stopping you from getting to particular spots. But i am sure KBR would offer trips to the other side as well if you request so ... but Lembeh is for sure worth a trip on it's own @ focker: Lembeh is good all year round Greetings from Lembeh, Serge
  4. Ok, this one is for Mike. A CFWA taken at Pulau Abadi ... f8, 1/250, ISO 100, 10-17 @ 17mm
  5. HI Alvin, yes, i changed to NAD Lembeh ... see you here in December!
  6. Hi Peter, cool, that you enjoyed your stay here with us at NAD Lembeh ... you really were not lucky with your equipment on this trip I second Steve, the Nudibranch shot stands out. Cool Angle and light ... the gills look a little retracted though. see you again and greets from lembeh, serge
  7. Here is another one of a Mototi Octopus posing ... we see lot's of cool Octopus like Mototi, Blue Ring or even Hairy lately (even though i of course never carry a camera, when we see a hairy octopus). (f10, 1/100, ISO 320, 60mm) Mike: talking of beers ... move your boat here and let's have some drinks
  8. Ok here is another one ... As we are seeing a lot of Ghost Pipe Fish recently (of all different species), i thought i post one of this female Halimeda Ghost Pipefish with Eggs in her fin poach. The Halimeda Ghostpipefish is one of the rather rare Ghost Pipe Fish – even in Lembeh – and can be found here in Green, White or even Brown (and combinationbs of those colours). Also quite cool are the red algae that grow on them. (f18, 1/250, ISO 160, 60mm)
  9. Hi Kaj, yes, the background IS blue ... it was taken on Rojos on a afternoondive, shooting up the sandy slope against the water. Here another untypical Lembeh Shot, that was taken on a morning dive at Tanjung Tebal – a nice coral dive with lots of fans and whips. This mimic filefish was posing nicely for me in between the corals and made a nice subject in combination with the blue background and the nice coral. (f8, 1/60s, ISO160, 60mm macro)
  10. Some nice shots Bent, specially like the Goby with the parasite on his head ... but i think i mentioned that already while you were here. Hope to see you again soon ... btw bent: we did another East Lembeh Trip already and it was fantastic again ... plus we are now taking a box with ice and beer for the way back see you next time, Serge
  11. Hi All, as Mike is not here at NAD Lembeh anymore to do his cool "Your Daily Lembeh Photo" thread and i took over his Job here, i decided to start a similar thread to keep everyone updated with what's happening under water here in Lembeh. To start, i wanna share this picture of a Coconut Octopus running away with his little home (f8, 1/100, ISO 160, 60mm Macro). Right now, we are seeing here quite a lot of them mating ... anyway ... enjoy this new/old thread and come over for a beer, if you are in Lembeh. Cheers, Serge
  12. Nice ones! See you soon in Lembeh Bent ... Serge
  13. i have the same corrosion on my viefinder ring ... and i also had corrosion on my locking latches after the first dives – my dealer replaced them FOC though straight away and i haven't had problems on the latches since then.
  14. Cheers Drew, thanks for that ... that saves me some time. Serge
  15. HI All, i happen to come through Bangkok on my way to Europe and want to get my Lenses (2 Canon Lenses and a Tokina) cleaned ... they have got quite some fungus. Anybody knows a (good) place in Bangkok that does Lens Cleaning in 2-3 days? Thanks for your help, Serge
  16. Me personally, i don' have a good impression of Force Fins. At least i would not reccomend them for Muckdiving. Though i have never tried them myself, i have found out, that people using force fins more often kick up sand than other people, when when diving over silty bottoms. This might have to do with the fins being bent up in the front: So the propulsion will always come from the downwards movement of the fin ... I don't say, that everybody using them will kick up sand ... but it is a way higher percentage than from the people that use normal fins (that beeing said usually force fins are rarely used by beginners). Of course that is only important if you want to dive on sand ... Greets, Serge
  17. HI Kaj, yes, the Sea Hare is very cool ... i have actually seen the same one about two or three weeks ago at Aer Bajo ... also for the first time in that colouration. cheers, serge
  18. Hi Frank, my Dealer is the German Distributor of L&M (and a friend of mine) ... when i told him, that my SOLA is broken, he send me a new one, while i was sending mine back to Europe. But i live in Indonesia ... so there was not much choice other then to send it here. He send it to some of my guest and they brought it to Indo ... so the international shipping was organized by me. serge
  19. I also have a SOLA 600 and had some problems with it ... I purchased a SOLA 600 and it flooded on the first day diving. I contacted my dealer and got a new one sent to indonesia straight away ... since then i did not have any problems and the light is just fantastic. It might have been sealed improperly or was damaged before i got it ... i don't know. But the new one works perfectly fine. But: I heard from a manager from another resort here in lembeh, that one of his guest had the same problem ... it flooded on the first dive. So if you get one: Take it under water before you go on a trip Serge
  20. Thanks Kaj I am also in Indonesia, use Safari and am suffering from the same problem ... it would be really great to be able to access WP in a normal way again. Serge
  21. Hi Chris, i use INON Ports on my Nauticam ... but i use a 13mm extension-ring when adding the Canon Ext Tube 12 II (and that fits quite exactely). I have a different teleconverter from the one you have. but nauticam says on their portchart, that the tokina 10-17 needs a 20mm extension and the tokina with the 1,4 teleplus pro 300 needs a 40mm extension. so a 1,4 by itself should need a 20mm extension ... as this is the difference between the two. so in combination of the tele and the extension ring you'd need slightly more than 30mm ... so you could either get a 40mm or better 2x20mm (because than you can also use the telekonverter alone (obviously not with the 60mm, but with other lenses).
  22. i think a good way to use the custom settings would be to put one on ttl and one on manual Flash, which makes it easier and quicker to switch in between these modes UW ...
  23. do you have the camera set on TTL in the flash menu? you can choose between manual output and ttl.
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