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  1. i have been working on Pulau weh previously and agree with david: Don't miss out the housereef on Lumba Lumba. lot's of macro stuff.

    other places to see are batee tokong, the canoyn and pante peunateung. lots of seafans and coral + schooling fish.


    Lumba Lumba and Rubiah Tirta are the two Shops one could recommend. But Lumba Lumba has the better house reef and the owner couple did a fantastic job to make the dive shop a nice place ... it is a little bit like an athmospheric Guest House


    have fun there,


  2. I would check with Hugyfot or their dealer and see if the housing has an optical bulkhead.


    You can have a optical Inlet installed on the Hugy and it works flawless ... i tested a Hugy 7D with that inlet for a month and must say, that it is a very nice housing and the optical inlet worked flawlessly.



  3. I upgraded to 7D and am selling my INON Housing with EOS 30d.


    For Sale:


    - INON X2 Housing (No Ports, no viewfinder)

    - INON Tray and Handles for X2 housing

    - Eos 30D

    - 2 Batteries & Charger


    This housing can be used with the INON "Insect Eye" and the INON MRS magnetic Focus System without adaptors.


    Price i am thinking of: 1300 Euro for all.


    Housing is here in Indonesia, but i am going to Europe next week and can ship from there ...



    Please PM me!



  4. Hi David,


    this is what i also realised on my setup ... the vigneting on land is not symetric ... i also disassembled my housing and put it back together. but unchanged. unfortunately i have no play on my housing to play with. i will try to figure out something ...


    what I do, (this is my recommendation) is to mount first the lens on the housing, then the camera without the back.


    how do you mean that? how can you put the lens without the housing?




  5. The insect eye is a really tricky lens to set up properly. I have the original INON 50D setup here as well, and have been comparing both Nauticam and Saga adapters. In all cases, the lens was pointing just slightly too far to the right. Because there is some play on the Nauticam camera mount, I was able to twist the camera and lens slightly to the left, centering the setup. This resulted in much better corners.


    Julian was shooting an INON port on a Zillion housing, and was utterly unable to get a sharp image. A batch of insect eye lenses were just recalled, however, and his is probably one that was assembled incorrectly.


    I should probably do a full article on the insect eye, now that I have shot both stills and video with it attached to multiple housings.


    Eric, do you by any chance know, how to find out, which Insdect Eyes are the rec alled ones (serial numbers or contact information) ... because i finally have my Insect eye (with original port on original INON housing) and am absolutely unable to get sharp images. My shots are just fully blurry ... and i can only get something that you can compare to focus, when i come closer that 1cm to the subject (which equals touching ...).



  6. If you are only talking about distance shots like garden eels, the 180mm is probably the better way to go. But still i would also rather recommend you the 100mm with a 1,5 Tele. This is what i use to shoot gobies and garden eels. The AF is slightly slower, than with the 180, but you have a shorter minimum working distance and a higher maximum magnification ... the 180mm does only 1:1 just like the 100mm. So you can also do classic Super Macro with the 100mm with tele ... you cannot do that with the 180 ...


    when you shoot shy gobies and garden eels a lot and spend lots of time with them ... you will sometimes have occasions, where they let you in really close ... and then you will be better off with the 100 and tele ...



  7. HI,


    You can use the Tokina 10-17 (just as any other fisheye lens) with just one strobe. But not in any situation. You can light single isolated objects, or if you get close, also the whole picture. But it is hard to light a complete reefscape.


    Often even one strobe gives a nicer effect than two. It is just a question to use that one strobe effectively ... here a image i shot with the 10-17 and one INON z240 ...


    Greets, Serge


  8. in my opinion the biggest difference is the "feel" ... the hugyfot is a round housing that you hold in your hand, and the aquatica has levers, that you reach from the handle. take a hugy in your hand and see if it is comfortable ... Hugycheck, latches, Portsystem are less important in my opinion ... the main thing is how the housing lays in your hand. and there hugy has just a different approach

  9. I used to use them all the time, but during the last year i started to leave them off more and more. Now i mostly shoot without and only use them, when i really want the effect. And that is less often, than i thought. Most of my recent macro is without diffusers. Wide with diffusers .. but i leave them off in CFWA ...

  10. Does anyone know, how this shrimp is called? The Eyes, Bodyshape and its small arms in the front remind me a lot of Harlequin and tiger shrimp. So i think it should be somehow related with them. But i cannot find it (or anything similar) in my shrimp book. I found it here in Lembeh in 18 Meters depth in a rope with sponges. It is maybe 3mm long ... so quite small.


    It moves a little bit like a tigershrimp and after shooting in went back in the sponge.


    Anybody a idea? For the time being i will call it "Mandarin Shrimp" ... as the colour paters looks a little like a Mandarin Fish.



    Greets, Serge


  11. Hi Simon,


    i have seen that kind of colour before here in Lembeh. They often tend to get strange colours when the dive guides flick them too much with their hand (they flick their fingers at them, to provoce the blue ringed defense reaction). The guides around here really do that very intensivly, which is not good i think ... and after a while the octo gets really dark. and sometimes also reddish like on your picture. i also saw that coloration on mating blue rings ... one of our customers filmed it with red filter and MWB ... and it looked a bit redder, than it did UW ...


    but i promise you, that this is the normal blue ring here at lembeh. sometimes they take that colour.



  12. hi nathanm,


    you say Reef has an adapter to use the INON port with Nauticam? Because i asked nauticam and could not get an answer.

    Because i am getting the INON UFL MR130 for my INON Housing ... but i also want to get a 7D ... and i am worried about not being able anymore to use the INON Fisheye and all my MRS Ports properly?


    Are you sure about that Port Adaptor?


    Greets, Serge

  13. I found this painted frogfish yesterday and was confused when i looked at it and realized that ... it has 2 antennas – one going on each side of his head.

    Has someone seen this before? I checked all my frogfish pictures an could not find another bi-antennarius ...


    What is that? Just a one time Deformation/Mutiation?





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