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  1. I'll have mine coming in January (hopefully)! ... can't wait to try it out.
  2. You can also pop out the flash when you swith to Automatic mode and hold you hand infornt of the port ... BUT: Do you have a Button to put the popup flash back in? this is essential if you shoot wideandle and want to make a sillhouette shot ... because with the pop up flash out you are limited to 1/250s as the fastest shutterspeed ... this is one feature of my housing i would not want to miss ... does the housing have that button? Serge
  3. Another difference between the 180mm and the 100m with a tele is, that the 180mm will also do just 1:1 – just like the 100mm by itself. So you just change the working distance. The 100mm with a Tele will go beyond 1:1 ... so you have more magnification.
  4. Wow, finally. I want to have it But looking at that link i wonder, wether this is a wetlense or not. Because you can clearly see O-Rings, where it is connected with the port ... i have already many INJON Ports and don't really want to buy a new one ... Anyone knows more about this? Serge
  5. Hi Joaquin, Nice shots! Were we not diving together in Maldives? Did i see you in W Retreat? Greets, Serge
  6. you cant put a tele straight on a EF-S Lens, as the EF-S Mount will not fit with a Tele. You can connect Kenko Teleconverters only to EF lenses. I don't know if it would work with an extension. serge
  7. hi rich, i have tried the tokina 10-17 with a 1,5 teleconverter. it works fine. but maybe you should consider a diopter to improve the sharpness of your 10-22 ... instead of buying a new lens, just to re-convert it to something similar, that you already have serge
  8. i have used both and would generally say, that i prefer the 45° viewfinder. you get used to finding things in the viewfinder pretty quick (in the beginning you always aim too high) ... and i find the 45° also very suitable for wideangle. i shoot exclusivly 45° with all lenses. i tried the straight viewfinder for one trip ... i could not see any advantage in it except for quick and easy changing to verticals serge
  9. Thank you Yoko!!! That's exactely the news i was waiting for as i want to upgrade from my X2 for 30D to the 50D! But i did not want change manufacturer, as the inon housing offers the perfect ergonomics, optical ttl and buttons to pop out AND back in the strobe. i was about to give up and looked already at other housing. your post came just in time hopefully the housing will be out in summer. Do you by any chance remeber if the new X2 housing has button(s) for the cursor? thanks for infos, serge
  10. Hi All, Finally it happened: One of my loved Inons let me down One of the two strobe bulbs (not the focussing/aiming light) blew and so the strobe does not fire anymore. It is not the cord (tried switching fiber cords with the other strobe ... also the aiming light still reacts and shuts of, when the stroe should fire.) and to me it looks thaty the upper horizontal strobe bulb blew (there is black smoke marks visile in the bulb). Now my question: Can i replace that myself (i think so) ... and WHERE can i find a replacement bulb? What model am i looking for? I am based in Sumatra and could get it from KL or maye singapore or Jakarta. But i am very remote here and need the exact bul model, when i ask someone to bring me one. anyone can help? Thanks, Serge
  11. all very great shots! the sunball with the grouper came out really nice! but i think my favourite is the grouper with the cleaner shrimp. very nice composition and DOF here! serge
  12. Hi Adam, i have seen this one as well in Maldives a couple of times – but i don't know its name. My guess is, that it is just the juvenile of the common reef octo we see in maldives normally. greets, serge
  13. @ craig: are you sure about the macromate not being achromat? i actually thought it was ... otherwise why would it be so expensive? serge
  14. i tried LV on a borrowed EOS40D but did not like it at all. there is just no use in making it more complicated just to get live view ... focussing takes so long ... basicly you're out of focus again until you get to take the pic ... at least if you shoot macro with a small DOF like i do. i prefer the 45degree viewfinder.
  15. I am very happy with wet diopters. you can take them off during the dive and so you get way more flexibility. i have used the INON skrew on diopter and the Macromate. you see a big difference, as the Macromate is made of different glass elements (like the ones mentioned above) and so produces a better image quality. So if you go for a wet diopter, then choose a acromat (more elements) diopter like the macromate or the seacam ones (as you have a seacam housing). Serge
  16. Great work on both pics ... love them
  17. don't know about aquatica, but hugyfot definately has these optical bulkheads already available. i tried them recently with a hugyfot 40d housing and was very satisfied.
  18. hi patrick, nice ones! so you dindn't like the teleconverter? strange. i am gonna get an x2 tele in addition to my 1,5 now ... if you wanna get rid of yours, you can contact me ... i am also in germany for summer holidays ... greets, serge
  19. thanks guys. the problem is, that when i shoot in jpg, that i cannot whitebalance anymore. it is a pity, that aperture cannot take over the picture styles, like the breeze browser can do. so i have to make presets for aperture and then adjust the pictures back to how they came out of the box i just thought, that maybe i missed something serge
  20. Hello all, i finally have my new MBP and Aperture 2 running on it. I feel very exited as this is a big step from my old and slow G3 iBook where i only could run the canon "DPP" software. Speed, foldersystem, tools ... everything is sooo nice in aperture. BUT: I am very unhappy with the imported images ... all the settings in the "picture style" of the camera disappear, after i imported the RAW files. So i don't get the blues i get on the LCD. And if i set the camera on black and white, aperture will import color RAWs. This is really annoying in WA-Photography, because i have to do a lot of setting, to come back to the image of the camera. Is there not a way to import the image "like preset on the camera"? "DPP" can do it and Breeze Browser can do it as well ... why not aperture? Anyone has the same problem or a solution? Serge
  21. The easiest would be to just take the Tele and a port extension and move your AF on the *Button. Works just as good as manual focus. The 100mm works very nice with a Tele ... i tried the combination on a 30D and a 40D and AF works faster, than i expected. So it should be even better on your 5D. greets, serge
  22. I am flying out today to Curacau and wonder if any other members will be around for the festival or the days after ... good opportunity for some beers or dives. just drop a line. greets, serge
  23. ron, the diving in maldives is mostly about the number of fish. you will find lots of schooling fish. from red tothed triggers, to fusiliers, banners, sweetlips, surgeons, jacks ... lots of schooling fish. the number of species is not as high as maybe in indo-pacific. but the numbers are stunning. Coral is getting better since el ninjo. in the chanels you find nice softcoral. hard coral is mostly faster growing acroporas. but still nice. you will also get lots of big-fish oppurtunities like napoleon, manta, sharks (mostly whitetip and greys but also nurse. evtl. hammers at rasdhoo. sometimes silvertips and leopard ... rarely something else ... but i've seen also threshers). you will get also turle, barracuda. there is "macro" ... but by far not like in indonesia. there is nudis, flatworms, Ghostpipe, frogfishes, juveniles ... but mostly its lionfishes, morays, mantis etc. it depends a lot on your guides. the real critters are rare here. but there are also things like the maldives anemonefish, which is endemic to maldives and you will not find anywhere else. so all in all it is good to take a fisheye, a wide zoom and a macro (a 60mm will be fine ...).
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