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  1. february is perfect. and the boat is very nice. whalesharks are seen along the eastern outside reefs of south ari atoll. all live aboards pass by there. chance is pretty good on a live aboard, because they cruise by slowly and then you can jump in with mask and fins (and camera). so even you don't see one diving, chances are very good, that you get one snorkeling. the whalesharks in maldives are often a bit smaller. many of them are just around 3,5-4,5 meters long. but also bigger ones. have a nice trip. serge
  2. yes. they are expensive. i think they were even a bit more pricy when we got them here ... i also heard the chargers are better now ... we had some issues with the chargers before. with the new ones it works better.
  3. hi wagsy, we have 4 seabobs here in the resort i am working in. they ARE big fun! and they are fast. you have to close your boerdshorts well ... or you will loose them. i go out once in a while with them. some weeks ago we had a pod of dolphins in front of the island and we joined them with the seabobs. absolutely amazing. the dolphin came behind the bobs under water ... you definetly want to try them. they can go to 40m. we have them electronically blocked on 2,5 for the customers eardrums. but luckily i know the code to unlock greets, serge
  4. very nice martin! these are some stunning pool shots.
  5. hi bruce, i use the angled inon viewfinder for a year now and also looked through other angled viewfinders underwater (seacam) and also checked the straight one. inon straight and angled give the same image in the viewfinder. in the beginning finding things through the angled finders is much more difficult compared to a straight one. but after a while the advantages of the angled one beat the straight one ... you are much more flexible and can take images you just can't take with a straight one (at least not without destroying the reef). also you get used to the angle very fast and when i tried another straight finder a while ago i had the same effect again ... i was looking on the wrong spot, because i was so used to the angeld one. compared to the inon finder the seacam finder is a bit more comfortable ... i must admit that. harald from seacam let me try his viewfinder on a dive and we swopped cameras. after the dive i told him, that his viewfinder is much more comfortable and he told me, the inon is better than he thought ... so the seacam is (as expected) the better one, but the inon offers good value for money. if you decide betweed the two inons and shoot mainly macro: go for the angled inon. i dont know about other viewfinders on Nexus housings. i think inon is the easiest way.
  6. you might wanne give telecopnverters a try. they keep the working distance and increase magnification. i am very happy with my 1,5 kenko and the 100mm on the 30D. another good alternative to diopters are wetdiopters. (woodys, inon ucl, macromate ...) specially when using with lenses like the 60mm ... because as gerard said, a 60mm gets close to useless under water, when using with a diopter, because you have to be toooooo close to the object. but with a wetlens you alway have the choice to take it off under water and use it where it is possible. greets, serge
  7. Hi Vance, i postet one exemple with 100+tc+diopter here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22966 some other supermacros are in the recent albums on my website (from november on i basicly only used that combo for macro). Yes, DOF gets shallow. Extremely shallow, when you are close and use open apertures. But this can result in very nice images. the diopter on top of the tc is something you rather use rarely fr things that barely move. but you can always take it off under water ... a 100mm with a tc is definately a nice combination. greets, serge
  8. i use a little cosmetic bag (not a joke ... it is a little cotton bag from my GF) that i clip to my bcd ... i also have a inon lensholder that i never use ... the bag is just better ...
  9. hi mike, yes i am using the ucl 165 with the ef 100mm. and also with the 100mm plus x1,5 teleconverter. it works quite well. here a example ... greets, serge
  10. hi stew, i did the same step some months ago and am more than happy. but i took a 1,5 tele with the 100 mm ... which is actually enough. you get some awesome magnification ... but it is still quite easy (or less PITA) to find things trough the viewfinder. also a x1,5 will eat less light compared to a x2 and still you can add your woodys ... greets, serge
  11. oh my god ... i still have HD/HM as some of the nicest soft coral in my memories ... sad to hear, that this is no more ...
  12. hi yoko, thanks for the info. any idea if there will be the opportunity to upgrade from the 30D / X2 with a new backplate? greets, serge
  13. some nice shots there. well done. makes me wanna go there as well ...
  14. when is easter this year ... middle-end march ... yep. should be still fine.
  15. fisheye and manta mix well. for cleaning stations take the fisheye ... you're gonna be happy for the wideness, when they almost bump into you. see for yourself on this one ... even the fisheye might not be wide enough ... not a keeper, but i think good to make my point
  16. @pmooney: depends which atoll you're going to ... check the threads in destinations and trave ... there have been some discussions about the best manta spots and so on. more pics coming soon. @hamish: all the shots are done with the tokina 10-17 (mostly at 10mm) where are you going to?
  17. hi nige, thanks no rays for you? sorry to hear about that ... yeah they were a bit late this year. dunno if it is the temperatures or something else ... the dead triggerfishes have been an issue already in september if i remember well for some weeks and then now like a month ago again for a while. no its fine again. the fishery ministry here says, that it has to do with an algae they are not used to, which drifted here. we had about 2000 or something dead fishes each morning on the beach ... but these red tooth triggers are so common here, that they are still too many ... anyway, the dieing semms to have stopped.
  18. hi guys, just wanted to share some impressions of my first dive with camera this year on the manta point. numbers are increasing slowly ... last week we had up to 12 rays together at a time. unfortunately only some were there, when i had the camera. hope you like them.
  19. ... got the same problem. shall i grab a MBP now or should i wait ...?
  20. very nice. i love the portrait of the three pipefishes in the star dancer album!
  21. then have a good trip and lot's of good shots! where is it now, that you're going to? (sorry if i missed that somewhere in this thread) full moon is good, yes. more tidal movement (=current). more plankton growth.
  22. just as a little update: season changed a little late this year. mantas were still a odd encounter in the middle of the atoll these weeks. now the current has changed ann is outrunning on the west side. this morning i've seen the first rays standing in the current on top of the reef (instead of just passing by like the last weeks) ... so they start gathering in the channels from now on. in other words: season is starting. i will update this thread
  23. Alex, Larry & Martin: your shots are awesome! wow. here is my favourite ... for sure not my best shot this year, but definately my favourite. i just loved the moment, when i found this 3m guitarshark together with 3 juveniles just infront of our hotel jetty ...
  24. also consider, that the 10-17 will be too wide for sharks in maldives ... there is no shark feeding, so they will rarely be close enough for the FE. the fisheye is perfekt for the manta, napoleon and specially for the schooling fish in maldives. but for sharks you'd like to have a midrange zoom or something like that. i dive here in maldives all the time and have only the 10-17 ... and a midrangezoom is what i really miss for sharks. for the rest of wide, you'll be fine with the 10-17.
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