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  1. ... i think backscatter is a big issue. and lighting creativity is pretty limited.
  2. the minimal focus distance does not change with a tc ... so it is the same as with only the 100mm. but as it is measured from the chip it is actually a little bit closer to the port, than without the tc, because the port with the tc is a bit longer.
  3. i use it with the: - ef-s 60mm macro (working distance quite short there, but easy for small nudies, flatworms etc). -100mm macro (very easy to use) -100mm macro + 1,5 kenko teleconverter (little bit tricky but nice magnification) this pic is taken with 100mm + 1,5 tele + ucl 165 ...
  4. hi pak, yes it's x2. my INON ports also have a m67 skrew and i use the ucl 165 frequently. i am very happy with it in supermacro ...
  5. i also use the 240 optically ... when ich switch in between ttl and manual, i just change the mode and the magnet button. in for ttl out for manual.
  6. west of north male has manta as well. in the boduhithi region there is a mantapoint in just 3 meters depth with lots of rays ... they do also snorkeling and discover dives there ... i dove it already ... not bad. also i saw them in december on boduhithi thila ... thats about 45 mins to 1 hour from banyan tree by dhoni and even faster by speedboat ... so should be alright pakman ... have fun there.
  7. i think you should also write some emails to the diveshops there ... velidu for exemple is not really on the west, but quite in the middle and on the tip of the atoll ... so not toooo far to the west ... so just ask the centers, how regularly they go to the spots, you wanna see. i think velidu is not too bad. neither is kandholudu ... my sister wanted to come here in summer and had a offer for 2200 euro for two weeks ... ok, that was low season ... but still ... 900 a night sounds quite expensive ... thats almost like here in W Retreat ... i think you can get it cheaper.
  8. ¥es, this is what i meant and yes, i meant adjusting it on the surface for different ports. sorry, if that did not come over clearly.
  9. i would pay for it. i'd love to see that bastard swimming around in that pool, regretting what he did to the dolphins. and i'd put him in pink speedos
  10. HI LASSE, jANUARY IS PERFECT. i dont know filitheyo. but i would prefer maayafushi over helengeli. because ari atoll is much nicer than north male. just next to maayafushi you have maaya thila, which is good for sharks and schooling fish (batfish, jacks, banner, barracuda ...). i'd contact maayafushi dive base and also ask how regularly they go on the channels on the west of the ari atoll (thats where you will find softcoral and manta) greets, serge
  11. cool. i just fell in love with a float ... then i dont need to open my stupid plastikbottles after every depth change to let pressure out or bubble air in ...
  12. i got a fisheye as first lens for my 30D ... now i also have the 60mm and 100mm macros ... but i startet with the 10-17 tokina fisheye ... i use that one as my land lens as well ... quite extreme to use the FE on land but also very funny. under water it is definately to prefer over the two lenses you mentioned. for UW use you either want macro or wideangle. at least to start with. if fisheye is too extreme what about the ef 10-22? that one you could use on land as well.
  13. @ elbuzo: so you can also open the float? that means you could also fill them partially with water to trim for different port set-ups? that would be great ... empty for supermakro and with some weight for WA or 60mm port.
  14. what kind of philinopsis is this? is this the philinopsis pilsbry? found that this morning in maldives on a sandy slope in about 12m ... about 1cm long thanks for help, serge
  15. thanks jean. i will get one of those. then i can finally take the 2 x 0,5 liter plastikbottles off my arms (and they are buoyancyarms already ... i dont know why they call them buoyancy arms if they are just neutral with two clamps and a ball ...)
  16. Wow, that float looks finally like something with enough lift. anyone knows how positive it is? and when it will be available?
  17. hi adrian! welcome here. so where is the rest of the digideep.com people? serge
  18. hi arjen, my camera is insured with a insurance from www.kameraversicherung.de ... it covers also for flooding, theft, dropping, stupidness ... just not for nuclear accidents and terrorism if i remember right. and it covers worldwide. check it out, serge
  19. the middle kid in the first picture reminds me of the young "Enzo" in "The Big Blue" nice shot. i really like that first one. very funny.
  20. apparently there will be a aggressor maldives running from 2008 on. then there is the four season explorers ... don't know so much about the different boats but there is many others ... just make sure it's one with nitrox ... very usefull in the channels and on the deeper thilas. i work here: www.downunderandwave.com ... it is on the W Retreat. we have a very good housereef and i personally take care of photographers. but it is a little bit pricy (actually a lot ...). other places would be: madoogali, meerofenfushi, athuruga, Moofushi, Thundufushi, Mirihi, Hilton, Angaga, Nika. never been there but geographicly good ... mabe do a little goolge session check also this thread: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...amp;hl=maldives greets, serge
  21. hi lasse, jan/feb is 100% perfect. it is the best time of the year. 1 week resort and one week liveaboard is a nice combination. try to get something on the west side of an atoll, because this is the side where the mantarays will be. i know the spots here in different atolls and am quite confident to say, that ari atoll is the nicest one. so you cant do anything wrong with ari. but make sure, that you don't end up on the eastern side ... there will be no mantas ... and when they do daytrips once a week, the boats will be packed. have a nice trip & feel free to ask questions, serge
  22. ... the inons are heavy as well. they have a low volume ... and so they are quite heavy under water. or are you talking about weight on land?
  23. the poll should be more specified. are we talking macro or WA? i use TTL for macro and manual for WA. serge
  24. very strange tim, i use my z240 in sttl with the magnet IN and in manual with tha magnet OUT. on a canon dslr. i also use the d2000w ... there i dont put the magnet at all (because of fiddly). both are working.
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