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  1. just trying to save money and keeping the total weight of the equipment down
  2. thanks craig, yes, i am aware of the fact that i won't be able to zoom. i might just give it a try ... i buy the extension and the TC anyway for my 100mm macro (canon EF). was just wondering if people use the TC with fisheyes only for close focus or also as a normal (less wide) lens for sharks ... serge
  3. I am planning to get a 100mm Macro and a 1,4TC for my 30D. Up to now i am shooting with 60mm Makro and 10-17 fisheye. Now i asked myself if i will be able to use the TC with the Port-Extension also with my fisheye behind my dome? I love the fisheye, but with sharks i often wish i had a little less wide lens ... will it work? how will the result be? i know focussing is not very fast with the TC, but i would put the focus on the *Button, prefocus on something and then just shoot ... as the DOF is quite big with the FE ... or will the DOF be not enough with the TC? Thanks for sharing your experience with that, Serge
  4. i am completely fine with normal fins. even in strong currents (which we have in maldives). but yes, i also don't like booties (they are desgusting when they dont dry properly) ... i just dive my open heels without boots. works perfect. but i had a work mate who used freedive fins ... i tried them once in the chanel. it's nice ... but only in strong current. other than that (i think) they are in the way. serge
  5. sorry carol, what is the patima BC? thanks, serge EDIT: AHHH ... sorry. i just found the link
  6. hi pat, why not just weight it on land and then measure how much water it displaces. with these two information you can calculate the exact wheight for salt (1 liter saltwater=1,03 Kilo) and freshwater ( 1 liter freshwater=1Kilo). so for example if it weights 3,6 kilo and displaces 2,9 liters, than it will be 0,7 negative in freshwater. hope i remember that well ... it's been a while serge
  7. hello, actually i am a photographer, but the dive center i am working in has a video camera with housing. whenever customers want a video, i am doing it. so i am kind of a mini videographer ... the camera is a small hc96. on the dive shopp PC there is the Pinnacle (10?) software and a firewire port. since a while, the computer does not recognize the camera anymore, when connected via Firewire. So i have to capture via USB into Moviemaker and then import into Pinnacle. i tried to connect the camera via fire wire to my mac. also no connection. when i connect5 (mac and PC) i can see the iLink (or dLink?) symbol on the camera screen ... but nothing happening on the cpu. as it is also not working on my mac and i tried already another cable, i assume it is the camera ... one of my colleagues connected the camera to her computer, installed the pinnacle there as well an played around a bit. since then we had that connection problem. what could that be? an specially: how can i get rid of it? (beside from buying a new kit) ALSO: when i capture the little images in the clips are not the ones of the clips ... so the little images that represent the content of the clips are not equal to the content ... why? thanks for any help ... i am lost in editing problems ... and soon high season is starting here. i want to use capture in pinnacle and have a proper clip preview ... serge
  8. the first one does not really benefit from the high format. so i prefer the second ... even though it would get more impact by shooting the goby a little more from the front. nice shots serge
  9. nachoman, i am also very happy with my inons. i use two inons with optical cable and the sTTL works perfectly fine for macro. for most of the WA i use manual. no need to wire the inons. actually i see many people having trouble with wired inons (focuslight constantly on). so basicly you could have 2 inons for the same money as the subtronic ... and the guy from the cam-shop will be happy as well greets, serge
  10. stunning! i love the flounder and the second octopus. maybe a trip to bali is not a bad idea ... looks great. serge
  11. dont worry nige, we've had the first sightings of odd manta already last week. usually the first ones arriving end of november. if you know madivaru already, check the channel between Himendoo and Maalhos island. good manta diving there. 20 meter deep thila, strong current. a bit more challenging than madivaru. but more rays, less people. serge
  12. @nige: panettone is a nice place. but not specially for manta. they are there in that period ... but the better places for that are the thilas in the channels a bit more north (donkalo thila ... plus our manta point ... dont know the official name). or a bit south next to hilton (madivaru mantapoint). but bathala and villamendoo are on the eastern side and not good for manta encounters in that specific period. good islands would be (i have never been and dont know the dive base but from the geographic point of view): madoogali, meerofenfushi, athuruga, Moofushi, Thundufushi, Mirihi, Hilton, Angaga, W Maldives (=Fesdu), Nika greets, serge
  13. hi pakman, there is no question: best atoll is ari atoll. in winter season both is good: north and south ari. mantarays will be on the west side of north and south ari . and diving conditions very good. i personally like the channels in the west of north ari a lot: gorgeos softcorals, good fishlife (lots of schooling fish) and MANTA nonstop. so any resort in the middle of the atoll or in the westside is good. i don't know your budget ... but the resort i am staying (W Retreat, Maldives) is very good: we go frequently to the channel, do double tanks and care a lot about photographers. we are in the western middle of north ari and go to all the western channels plus to the two most famous dives in maldives: fishhead (big napoleons) and maaya thila (very close sharks, whitetip, grey and occasionaly juv. silvertips). but any other resort in that region will do just fine as well. hope that helps, serge
  14. like the first one best. more impact than the others. \greets, serge
  15. Hello everyone, currently looking at some new ports for my X2. as all the old ports of the film housing X1 fit as well for the x2, i wonder if anyone still has some old INON ports he wants to sell? would be interested in basically any port .. just send me a message. greets, serge
  16. hmm ... that sounds not normal. in manual mode there should be a difference in output.
  17. hi mike, i am not quite sure about the 2000s ... but i think it should be the same as other inons ... there is a little magnet that you can screw in a little hole on the backside of the strobe ... did you put that one? on my z240 i put the magnet in for sttl and leave it out for manual strobe. when you are in manual the power does not change? do you have the left button on "M"? and when you turn the right wheel nothing happens? greets, serge
  18. hi luiz, i also finsihed my RB training 2 months ago and i am diving now frequently with the Draeger Dolphin which we have in our dicing center ... only semiclosed, but still lots of fun. which one are you diving closed circuit or semiclosed? (and yes, they are very heavy and bulky) greetsw, serge
  19. the best is to have your camera always in your hand! on safety stops or surfaceswims etc. you can clip it if you want ...
  20. "Aperture EATS machines" yes, that's what i heard ea well ... that's why i decided to spend the extra bit on a macbook pro (and for the resolution) and give aperture something to EAT. but with the money i save with buying the 2.2 instead of 2.4 i can maybe still get a new lens ... thanks, serge
  21. thanx alot for your answers. so it looks like i don't need to spend these extra $ ... i think with only using it for photo and email i should be fine with the 2,2 serge
  22. Hi all, my images are getting more and my old iBook to the limit of its power (900mhz!!! / 640 Ram) ... i cannot use it anymore to handle all the RAW files. So i decided to upgrade to a Macbook Pro to use with aperture. But i don't know yet if the 2,2 or the 2,4. as far as i see: - one has a 2,2 core 2 dual and one a 2,4 - they both have 2GB Ram and can both be upgraded to 4GB. - one grafic card runs on 128 MB and the other on 256 MB My question: will i NEED to have the 2,4 or is the 2,2 fine? is the only difference for me the 0,2 of precessor capacity? how big is that difference? and what means that difference in the grafic cards (128/256mb)? will that also be important for me? i must admit, that i am not very good with computers ... so please if anyone can tell me ...? will i regret having taken only the 2,2? thanks for helping, serge
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